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File 137153062863.png - (415.92KB , 875x1233 , spidermancer.png )
19552 No. 19552 ID: 00f58c
I wish I'd known of this board earlier- gimme some characters or monsters to draw. No 40k. Pic related-my last /tg/request.
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No. 19553 ID: 0eef61
Drunken redheaded pirate woman with a conquistador-style breastplate firing a pepperbox into the air and riding on the shoulders of a bulky half-orc dressed only in ragged trouses and a pot helm.
No. 19554 ID: 01531c
Draw a man mummified in bandages, wearing a black cloth hooded robe, holding out his left hand with fingers splayed, summoning a golden glowing double-walled circle of power with gibberish runes.
No. 19562 ID: cf49fc
File 137157937783.jpg - (21.89KB , 280x271 , Sload.jpg )
I like your horrible bug monster. Can you draw me a Sload?
No. 19566 ID: 552d96
File 137161079353.png - (148.83KB , 432x480 , sload.png )
What are Sload anyway? I know they're from TES, but that's the extent of my knowledge.
No. 19569 ID: cf49fc
They were a race of frog monsters who released a plague that wiped out 60% of all sentient beings. In retaliation the Empire of Tamriel sent their entire fleet backed by hundreds of battlemages to raze their island nation, then literally drop it into the sea. They survived, being amphibians, but their civilization suffered greatly. Also, they have the Internet, among other technologies.
No. 19570 ID: cf49fc
Also, very nice.
No. 19573 ID: ccf689
How about Frey from Lost Planet quest:

No. 19582 ID: 79b8fd
Can I get a scarecrow wizard, horrified that he's just lit his arm on fire?
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