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File 136734505212.jpg - (0.97MB , 2184x2300 , sharkattackWIP1.jpg )
18807 No. 18807 ID: 545af2
I really have no idea how to go from a rough painting to something approaching polish.

This painting is siting at about an hour and a half of work. There is quite a bit more lighting to be added, and some semblance of a background, but past that I'm lost. What makes a piece "finished?"
No. 18852 ID: 5a4084
For me, it's just the time dedicated to smoothing everything out, adding the fine details, and having the patience to not throw it in. I heard this expression, I do not know the exact words, but it is something like, 'a painting is never complete, but instead abandoned.'

For the artwork you linked, it would be a matter of defining the forms, refining the lighting, and basically, just sticking to it. I've often agonised over my works, thinking 'how do I do it,' but every time, the answer simply has been to work on it for longer.
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