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File 136291589729.png - (289.37KB , 600x600 , rudy.png )
18168 No. 18168 ID: ea7de0
I know a few people from here and Mr. Q says this place is super rad with super rad people and I like meeting super rad people and I will probably only stay in this section of the board forever okay
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No. 18169 ID: ea7de0
File 136291596554.png - (281.39KB , 600x848 , amon.png )
No. 18170 ID: ea7de0
File 136291609506.png - (298.17KB , 600x848 , niggabert.png )
If you can't tell by a lot of these poses I really fucking like Jojo's bizarre adventure
No. 18171 ID: ea7de0
File 136291613968.png - (260.93KB , 640x480 , THREERIDERSHOWLINGATTHEMOON1.png )
I also really like kamen rider
No. 18172 ID: ea7de0
File 136291620396.png - (289.36KB , 622x800 , Vikingspiderman.png )
No. 18173 ID: 7f2b83
Hail, random new guy. Nice art.
No. 18181 ID: ea7de0
File 136295063049.png - (147.26KB , 600x848 , rystecommish.png )
Why thank you sir. I've heard about you and i have also followed the fuck out of your tumblr because you fucking own son

Also a friend of mine paid me for a sketch commission and I gave him an inked one instead because i strive to be as bro as possible at all times
No. 18182 ID: a68e3e
Took me a second to recognize who this is but when I did I smiled.
No. 18185 ID: 45436a
that was also a commission :v
No. 18186 ID: 45436a
that was also a commission :v
No. 18192 ID: b53faa
ANYHOW, if you want I can show you about and junk, get you situated up nice. If you don't plan on making a quest, /general and /draw are prolly yo best bets for now
No. 18193 ID: ea7de0
If I made a quest it would just be to get my writing to stop sucking considering my lifelong goal is to make cool stories/art/lots of fans and friends

I am not kidding when I say KC green is a legitimate idol of mine
No. 18197 ID: ea7de0
File 136299198655.png - (293.13KB , 600x848 , juri.png )
Sometimes when I'm at a loss to draw and my anatomy practice has gotten stale I do the next best thing and draw NSFW shit despite not liking drawing NSFW shit. Then I usually delete it but I found a sketching style I really like in this and I saved it for later reference.
No. 18207 ID: ea7de0
File 136303776626.png - (247.28KB , 600x848 , jojo.png )
Based on last nights drawing I'm trying out some stuff I guess.
No. 18245 ID: ea7de0
File 136332023627.png - (175.67KB , 600x600 , orcpelli.png )
Someone wanted me to draw them baron zeppeli as an orc and a thing happened
No. 18250 ID: bf54a8
hahaha, i like it.
No. 18323 ID: ea7de0
File 136380763501.png - (365.53KB , 800x800 , chubs.png )
I've been practicing female anatomy more
No. 18324 ID: ea7de0
I am aware the head is really tiny ;o
No. 18333 ID: bf0685
still nice, makes a change from what you could consider "the norm" without going overboard
No. 18335 ID: ea7de0
BRB launching my porn career

I'll be the next tumblr sensation
No. 18336 ID: ea7de0
File 136383863396.png - (80.23KB , 600x600 , commentcommiss.png )
also commission thingy
No. 18337 ID: f2c20c
No. 18338 ID: ea7de0
That was what he wanted and I'm getting better at inking so I am haps
No. 18404 ID: ea7de0
File 136411599479.png - (274.03KB , 800x800 , ryuki.png )
I wanted to practice some stuff and then
No. 18405 ID: ea7de0
File 136411603103.png - (157.40KB , 500x500 , damara.png )
what am i doing w/ my life
No. 18406 ID: 4224e5
Drawing girls- judging from context- asking to be buttfucked?
No. 18433 ID: ea7de0
File 136436960024.png - (257.46KB , 800x800 , antrim.png )
Tryin a thing
No. 18465 ID: ea7de0
File 136471460503.png - (313.90KB , 800x800 , diavolo.png )
More character designs to this comic I am SUPER FUCKING EXCITED TO WRITE. Seriously I literally wait for people to just explain some of the shit i have in my head
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