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File 136017085193.png - (29.11KB , 500x500 , ragabuny and atomic hound heel yea h.png )
17629 No. 17629 ID: 389f2b
so does anyone do any pixel art
i dont really do a whole lot, this ones the only one ive done
No. 17630 ID: 389f2b
those colors are really fuckin pretty
you should do more ouo
No. 17631 ID: 7ce619
ahhh gracious your art is so neat! c:
No. 17634 ID: 389f2b
uM NO ITS NOT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (this is so old wtf)
No. 17637 ID: 34cbef
this is... shockingly nice and clean
No. 17638 ID: 7ce619
do i need to fight you tgchan user DJ LaLonde because i will
No. 18098 ID: 389f2b
Gaddangit why do none of you guys tell me you have art threads
No. 19741 ID: ea4b0b
ignore me, bumping this so I can track it for updorts
No. 19745 ID: f29090
We prefer you not to bump old threads for any reason, unless you have some legitimate content for it. If DJ LaLonde posts art, the magic of technology will bump this thread for you.
No. 19746 ID: f29090
Also, be sure to check which field you are sage-ing. this is also important.
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