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No. 16744 ID: a19c8f
Best to start with the right foot.

BEHOLD!!! My first attempt at this thing called art!
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No. 16747 ID: f2c20c
Shouldn't you have flipped that 90 degrees?

Also, resized it?
No. 16750 ID: f1ecb7
File 135523162448.jpg - (380.83KB , 749x1002 , 135521389852.jpg )

Yes sorry, Was using my phone to upload it and I have no idea why it flipped like that.

This should be better.

God that squirrel looks weird.
No. 16752 ID: 932a20
That is not bad! study things from life more, especially animals and people. Look at references of how their anatomy works and looks like. understand how all those parts fit together and work. That will help you understand how they look when drawn!

Going to get hate for recommending this, but, srsly check out Loomis. the pdfs are easy to find. i'll dig up some of the other books I would recommend when i'm out of class. Posemaniacs is also good to practice from.

ultimately, get some good pencils, paper, and practice practice practice the basics. Always practice the basics.

oh and don't feel pressured to get a fancy tablet or anything. its a totally different beast and throws you off badly for awhile b/c hand eye coordination is a bitch. traditional media is always relevant and useful on the fly. I carry a notebook with me and doodle in it between classes all the time. very handy. just draw whatever you see, draw whatever you want. mostly, just draw!

No. 16784 ID: f2c20c
It looks a little weird but you got the gist of it. Just keep working at it, you'll improve.

A very very simple but very very effective bit of advice is to just draw something every day. Draw from life for best effect. It doesn't have to be an animal or anything difficult to draw, really. Just draw something that exists outside your head.
No. 16800 ID: a19c8f

Thanks for the words, apreciate both the advise and the encouragement.

I looked up that loomis thing you told me about and im not sure if you mean Andrew loomis? As in his books? Or did you mean something else?
No. 16802 ID: f1ecb7
File 135540431338.jpg - (236.63KB , 620x830 , basement sketch.jpg )
This took way longer than it should have. Wanted to practice a bit on backgrounds and a bit of perspective.

Possible scene from a to be named quest though seeing as how that would be done on the computer it's kind of a moot point

Hands are a bit harder than I thought they would be.
No. 16803 ID: 932a20

hands are the devil. they will take an immense amount of practice. very fiddly, very annoying.
No. 16810 ID: f2c20c
He most likely meant andrew loomis, yes. Here's one of the first results I got for pdfs of all his books:

No. 16811 ID: f1ecb7

Oh my, Thanks for that.
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