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File 133764849285.png - (147.73KB , 1000x1000 , SlamminJammin.png )
13145 No. 13145 ID: 049dfa
ok, guess I'll go ahead and start one of these for myself.
Expand all images
No. 13146 ID: 049dfa
File 133764854843.png - (220.42KB , 1000x1000 , SpikesbyCrowleyFace.png )
posting stream requests.

Spikesby wearing Aleister Crowley's hat and being super hyped about it
No. 13147 ID: 049dfa
File 133764864549.png - (413.97KB , 1000x1000 , KitsuneBloodbath.png )
Rottel's request for an anthropomorphic kitsune playing in blood.
No. 13148 ID: 049dfa
File 133764880979.png - (157.16KB , 638x954 , UnicornCHARMANDER.png )
Numbers' request for a male anthro unicorn in a latex suit.

Charmander willed into existence by Rottel.
No. 13149 ID: 049dfa
File 133764886171.png - (434.22KB , 1000x1000 , SergalSurfing.png )
Sharah's request for Burquina's character surfing on his character.
No. 13150 ID: 049dfa
File 133764891261.png - (157.39KB , 1000x1000 , PanjiTozzleBound.png )
Colour's request for Penji tozzle bound + used and abused.
No. 13151 ID: 049dfa
File 133764899332.png - (249.61KB , 1000x1000 , Gnollinggun.png )
Lajask's request for a big ol' Gnoll shooting a big ol' machine gun.

gun and intended WW1 style equipment obviously drawn without reference.
No. 13152 ID: 049dfa
File 133764905353.png - (375.88KB , 1000x1000 , Castlevania.png )
BritishHat's request for his Leferran character, as a Vampire Hunter, being dom'd by a Vampire Dasaki.
No. 13153 ID: f7ae22
five (5) stars (*****) would watch stream again
No. 13166 ID: ce4a4d
Aw man, sweet. Great work!
No. 13172 ID: 5347b8
Alternate text being "PEEPS" or "FOOTBALLS".

Hope this art thread gets many more arts in the future!
No. 13530 ID: 3581fd
File 133973215796.png - (253.93KB , 1092x998 , Astranian.png )
Stranner Scum: The Bandwagoning

Coming soon to an image board near you!

Decided to join in the fun and make an Astranian based off a Cacomistle. They're awesome because their tails are often times longer than their entire body length.
No. 13658 ID: 3581fd
File 134033703716.jpg - (181.56KB , 800x711 , MaranaFaces.jpg )
practice with the Lohrke from the comic I continue to pretend I am working on. Done during breaks at work over the past few days.
No. 13659 ID: 132b99
>top right face
No. 13660 ID: 1f8505

No. 14637 ID: 50b072
File 134464859281.png - (291.12KB , 1262x1500 , KyaosBodypillowtandem.png )
Kyaos body pillow which happened because of comments on one of Beakie's pictures on FA. In two flavors.
No. 14963 ID: 50b072
File 134611217383.jpg - (307.38KB , 1000x987 , Anerassi.jpg )
Someone in the Journey discussion thread had asked if there were any notable Nedynvor characters in Layridin. I didn't have any at the time, so I decided to make one. This is Anerassi of Thorenald, a famous adventurer who has traveled the world and chronicled various things she's learned about the other races and been compiling a bestiary of the creatures of Layridin.

"We Nedynvor live such short lives, I only want to live mine fully." -Anerassi of Thorenald
No. 14964 ID: 50b072
File 134611225188.jpg - (320.60KB , 898x1000 , LayridinMount.jpg )
these are all done in my sketch book over the course of several breaks at work, btw.

Riding mounts of Layridin. These things are what they ride instead of horses. They are also natural climbers and when making camp will often climb into trees if available to sleep.
No. 14965 ID: 50b072
File 134611246009.jpg - (317.70KB , 1021x679 , RepulsorGauntlet.jpg )
Been working on additional Lohrke tech and factions as well. A sub-sect of the electro-lake lohrkes (like Tav), the Magno Lohrkes use their electric power sources to power powerful magnetic weapons. The Repulsor Gauntlet can generate a magnetic field that deflects metal projectiles or weapons, blast opponents wearing metal armor way from the user with a punch, magnetically disarm an opponent, or be used as a sort of blunderbuss style ranged weapon by collecting a handful of small metallic objects and then repelling them from the gauntlet.
No. 14966 ID: 4d9400
Lucid, you are really awesome.
No. 14967 ID: 1f8505

Yes yes and yes. Please continue to post more sketches.
No. 15294 ID: 50b072
File 134813764113.png - (323.42KB , 864x1000 , LunchTime.png )
a thing for Lonely World
No. 16125 ID: 0093c2
File 135200122188.gif - (53.30KB , 400x300 , KensuyataCaramelldansen.gif )
here's a thing
No. 16126 ID: 1f8505

Most excellent!
No. 16136 ID: a5d914
I am hypnotized.
No. 16138 ID: 2f06bd

Is that... Some sort of Moth/Lictor hybrid?

...because that has some hilarious implications.
No. 16161 ID: 0093c2
File 135215406029.png - (245.48KB , 618x800 , Hydra.png )
birthday present for Lonely World

Happy birthday LW
No. 16162 ID: 70c0f2
And here conventional wisdom would have you believe using a bladed weapon against a hydra would be a bad idea.
No. 16262 ID: 0093c2
File 135294674485.jpg - (158.44KB , 650x800 , MagnoLohrke.jpg )
More work sketches

The Magno Lohrkes are a subset of the river Electro Lohrkes, using the same power system in a different way. They use the same electric batteries/ generators as the Electro Lohrkes, but employ them by powering powerful electro-magnets, such as those used in the Repulsor Gauntlet. They wear bronze armor so as not to interfere with their magnetic weapons.
No. 16263 ID: 0093c2
File 135294677673.jpg - (116.46KB , 800x574 , NukeLohrke.jpg )
Eventually I'll come up with actual clan names or what ever for the various types of Lohrke. I generally categorize them based off the power source of their technomancy. These Lohrkes discovered a crude form of nuclear power after discovering a "natural fission reactor" (which is a REAL thing people found in Africa). They have crude containment at the moment, however, and their Lohrke made reactors tend to leak, contaminating the surroundings and people near by, as well as the Lohrke carrying it (even through the suit) after prolonged use. As a result, they have a high mortality rate, short life expectancy, high rate of birth defect, and high rate of mutation. To make matters worse, their suits that they wear to shield them from the radiation are decked out from head to toe in lead, resulting in a high number of lead poisoning cases.

The helmet on the left was the original idea I was going with, but then I started to realize that it kind of looked to much like a character from Ben 10, so I went with the more diving bell shaped helmet
No. 16266 ID: bf54a8
guessing that in a fight though, they fuck everyone's shit up.
No. 16273 ID: 1f8505

No. 16300 ID: 0093c2
the Nuke Lohrkes carry weapons kind of like Imli has in Cutebold Slaughterfest
No. 16305 ID: ffbd78
What does a Lohrke mutant look like?
No. 16306 ID: 4a20fa
That's a yes, then.

Thing is, I always thought CBSF was supposed to be quest settings wound forward into the future---'bolds got a military-industrial complex, sergals got guns, and lohrkes went from crudely harnessing crab-lightning to nuclear fission. Are you saying thse guys temporally co-exist with a setting that otherwise seems pretty 17th century? (I mean, Denjold's flintlocks were both supposedly expensive tech and also unknown to Demesi.)
No. 16309 ID: 2f4b71
If Weird Geological Processes* served to concentrate Uranium (or another radioisotope) sufficiently for it to be a viable fuel without further refinement, making a nuclear reactor may be be so hard. Find a porous vein, pass water through it (acts as a moderator) and you have a reactor. Apart from the containment aspect a nuclear reactor is really just a big kettle, and not mechanically complex. If Lohrkes evolved near such natural reactors, they may also be fairly radiation tolerant.

*Or simply a younger world. The proportion of U235:U238 on Earth was significantly higher several million years ago.
No. 16310 ID: 2f4b71
>may be be so hard
May _not_ be. Accidentally a word.
No. 16349 ID: 0093c2
a key difference between the Lohrkes of Layridin and the Lohrkes of CBSF is that the CBSF ones clearly have a much more advanced grasp on how to work with radioactivity, as evidenced by Imli's capability to simply wear a tank top and some pants while carrying around a compact ghost buster style nuclear generator on her back. The nuke Lohrkes, canonically in Layridin, don't really know what they're doing so much. They know that they stumbled upon a seemingly limitless source of energy, and replicated it as best they could. What they got are large bulky generators that leak radioactive waste everywhere, poison themselves and their homes, but gives them incredible weapons that border on rivaling magic in the setting.

Denjold's pistols were expensive and rare because flintlock guns are currently the peak of surface world ranged weapon technology. Developed by the Island Engsami rather than the Lohrkes, they're more readily available on the surface than the technomancy of the, generally, xenophobic cave dwellers. Deme had never seen weapons like that because he had never left the Sky Dragon before and while those weapons do circulate among the armies or mercenary bands of Layridin, they are extremely rare, if not unheard of, in most regions of the world.

Similarly, most Lohrke technomancy is unknown to the vast majority of surface dwellers.
No. 16350 ID: 4a20fa
No. 16419 ID: 49f442
File 135347156834.png - (788.91KB , 800x632 , NukeLohrkeMech.png )
Rather than develop tanks like the other Lohrke factions, the Nuke Lohrkes used their impressive power source to run compact walking machines that are smaller than their rival's tanks, and thus more easily navigate narrower, more hostile tunnels that the other faction's vehicles would have issue traversing.

The Unt'Agare Walker possesses a nuclear engine giving it nearly limitless life, however, like all Nuke Lohrke reactors, it leaks poisonous fumes and waste as it goes and is prone to catastrophic explosions if it's engine suffers to much damage. The cockpit is left open with a roll cage to protect its pilot and allow easy escape should an explosion become imminent. Its arms are designed to be modular and easily and swiftly swapped out with tools, such as; rock drills or jackhammers for tunneling, weapons, such as; Masers or Lasers, etc, and manipulator arms.
No. 16420 ID: f2c20c
That's pretty awesome I gotta say.
No. 16431 ID: 1bc1e0
Awww yeah, Solatorobo style arms.
No. 16685 ID: 49f442
File 135494723412.png - (288.68KB , 1000x800 , IronWool.png )
I guess I'll post this here for what ever reason.

Thing drawn for Seal because he bought me Pokemon
No. 16847 ID: 49f442
File 135580253248.jpg - (153.20KB , 800x744 , CevelFaces.jpg )
more Layridin Journeys character practice with the Jungle Lazurek character this time.
No. 17401 ID: 49f442
File 135891569303.png - (419.06KB , 1000x600 , BestiarySketch.png )
Anerassi filling out her bestiary the right way.

I am considering asking for suggestions/ applications for monsters to fill out some of the Layridin bestiary. If anyone is interested in submitting a creature, feel free to let me know wherever.
No. 17416 ID: d4862f
Dude your art is really awesome, I think it's worth randomly saying.
No. 17431 ID: 1f8505

No. 18189 ID: bd1d08
File 136296771198.png - (515.96KB , 1000x800 , Deme\'s House.png )
abandoned project. Got tired of coloring because I hate it, so this is likely as far as it'll ever get.
No. 18191 ID: 12c19f
Gives amazing insight on how the view is upon the great dragon there. HERE BE NECK COUNTRY.
No. 18195 ID: 1f8505

Demesei going back to his home in The Shire.
No. 18244 ID: 48defc
The Shire, on the back of a dragon. It is like being There, AND Back again. At the same time.
No. 18917 ID: 5d5ee0
File 136815199306.png - (230.58KB , 800x800 , Hylotl Thinking.png )
No. 18918 ID: 5d5ee0
File 136815201202.png - (146.97KB , 338x800 , Hylotl.png )
No. 18919 ID: 5d5ee0
File 136815205633.png - (338.22KB , 800x800 , HylotlAgain.png )
more of a peek at Starbound than Tiy will ever give us
No. 18920 ID: 5d5ee0
File 136815219079.png - (303.58KB , 597x600 , ZaahirSmall.png )
So I've got a race suggestion for Starbound going. Lonely World colored my other picture for them
No. 18921 ID: 5d5ee0
File 136815221136.png - (208.95KB , 723x445 , LetsNotBeToHastey.png )
more bugs
No. 18923 ID: 5d5ee0
File 136815284618.png - (358.24KB , 1000x2430 , Wacky Layridin Races Compiled WIP.png )
wait, did I really never post this here?
No. 18924 ID: 9ddf68
not going to lie, I would love to see a race of this even if it's just one, as I'm sure it would be awesome.
No. 18927 ID: 5d5ee0
I had considered trying to do a shitty one shot quest with it, but I couldn't figure out how I'd make that work in quest format
No. 18928 ID: 1ace6e
i like these bugs
No. 18930 ID: 9ddf68
don't know, have us be the new team on the block where we have to build our own 'car' to race with with and you give all the other teams/races a certain personality then have us race them and they would react to us accordingly. Just throwing an idea out there no need to actually pay attention to it.

Also loving how these guys are turning out, how much more work would you say you would have to put into them before you would feel comfortable to say they're done.
No. 18932 ID: 4a20fa
That's cool.

>new team on the block

Stick /quest/ in the double-zero. :V
No. 18943 ID: 33cbee
/quest/ being the team that undoes itself through over-engineering complicated shenanigans does fit the #00 role spot on.
No. 18948 ID: 65449b
I love the last one. Clever.
No. 18952 ID: cf49fc
The "Holy Roller"? Really? You make all us amateur historians break down in tears. Of joy.
No. 19049 ID: a8fc3c
File 136875636204.png - (336.80KB , 1000x1000 , OctaryCommision.png )
thing for Octary
No. 19050 ID: a8fc3c
File 136875656076.png - (341.53KB , 1000x1000 , OhItsSadBugaddinsHitTheBottom.png )
Bug tits for Lonely World as thanks for coloring >>18882 for me
No. 19051 ID: a8fc3c
File 136875661819.jpg - (171.66KB , 1000x690 , Swift River.jpg )
Layridin Journeys character practice once more, this time with the main Tomias antagonist in her casual wear.
No. 19052 ID: a8fc3c
File 136875667397.png - (10.35KB , 320x360 , Miiverse.png )
So it turns out there's a way to save things you draw on the WiiU's Miiverse to your computer.
No. 19283 ID: dcfc4c
File 136989445630.png - (255.76KB , 600x604 , HylotlPOV.png )
Hylotl again again
No. 20264 ID: 0bc691
File 137746124871.png - (246.96KB , 503x1262 , AlopexBodyPillow.png )
so I drew a bunch of Alopex from the IDW TMNT comic
No. 20265 ID: 0bc691
File 137746128598.png - (143.97KB , 760x808 , AlopexButt.png )
and posted them all over the various places I post things
No. 20266 ID: 0bc691
File 137746130189.png - (126.65KB , 614x671 , Alopexflirty.png )
so now I'm posting them here
No. 20267 ID: 0bc691
File 137746131886.png - (385.79KB , 678x843 , AlopexOnsen.png )
last Alopex
No. 20268 ID: 0bc691
File 137746146553.png - (34.02KB , 1000x1000 , KensuyataStyles.png )
I am thinking of trying to just break my quest "The Island of Onigashima" off and just complete it as a comic, since I seem to have a lot of trouble coming up with effective ways for readers to interact with the story post Journey Quest. If I do this, I can't seem to decide what style I should draw it in. So, I am asking the internet for opinions. If you would like to voice one, please leave a vote in a comment for;
Style 1 (Game Sprite mode, the style the majority of the quest was done in)
Style 2 (Hero Mode, the style most chapter openings/ endings were done in, but not necessarily with color)
No. 20269 ID: 2f4b71
Why not both? Style-switching (or even mixing in-panel) isn't exactly unheard of in comics, 'chibi' being the ur-example.
No. 20270 ID: 5612af
I would love to see more of it in Hero Mode. I understand that means it takes more work per picture, but it looks so good when you draw it that way.
No. 20274 ID: 4a20fa
>Thighs the size of the torso
This must be a Lucid picture.
No. 20277 ID: a1ab63
If you are willing to put in the time, Hero mode looks sweet.
No. 20278 ID: 0a6933

It depends on what the tone of the comic will be. The quest has had fun goofy moments, so if you intended to keep having those, the game sprite mode would be best. If you intended to make it more a legit action comic or something more serious, then hero mode.
No. 20280 ID: 9ddf68
you could switch back and fourth. have the sprite mode for the more goofy or lax parts of the story and switch to hero mode whenever you're doing a serious/action heavy scene(s) and again at the beginning and end of chapters.
No. 22063 ID: 6e85c8
File 139166102292.png - (642.39KB , 971x1500 , Page 1Resized.png )
posting comic progress/ teasers since I've resumed work on it and once I'm done drawing chapter 1, I'll be launching the website for it.

Just the black and white versions though.
No. 22064 ID: 6e85c8
File 139166106978.png - (639.95KB , 971x1500 , Page 2 Resized.png )
No. 22065 ID: 6e85c8
File 139166112721.png - (263.68KB , 669x1000 , Page 03 Resize.png )
that's all I'm posting for the comic so far. The rest will have to wait until my site officially starts updating.
No. 22067 ID: 9ddf68
still like it
No. 22068 ID: 1f8505
You are an absolute wizard with the inks, my friend.
No. 22075 ID: 1ab2ad
Dang that is amazing. I hope you'll post the site when it goes live/starts updating.
No. 22275 ID: 6e85c8
File 139356653092.png - (129.11KB , 600x600 , Fancy Shyen.png )
a thing drawn for a thing on the tumblr thing
No. 22276 ID: 6e85c8
File 139356658266.png - (331.24KB , 800x800 , And Then They Kiss.png )
and more Alopex
No. 22277 ID: 4a20fa
Shyen is a classy lady.
No. 22281 ID: 1f8505

This is absolutely adorbs.
No. 22430 ID: 4d7c4d
hah, I got to this thread while googling for hylotl porn.

FYI, the idea of a playable Starbound race that includes centipedes is the actual thing that made me orgasm.
No. 22446 ID: dd4482
I can die happy now.
No. 22597 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638612019.png - (185.39KB , 462x800 , Contessa.png )
ok, let's post some more backlog stuff

I'm sure there are people here who remember Animalympics
No. 22598 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638615126.png - (99.39KB , 800x800 , HandleMySword.png )
No. 22599 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638617266.png - (102.19KB , 1000x666 , Tatiana.png )
No. 22600 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638622067.png - (368.34KB , 800x1280 , AlopexSummerForTheDS.png )
the top was supposed to be a request for Alopex in her summer coat, but I'm terrible at things that involve color
No. 22601 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638628243.png - (390.22KB , 864x1000 , DizzyBunny.png )
I think, maybe, three people here remember me from my Twisted Kaiju Theater days? It's where I first started drawing for the internet.
No. 22602 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638631948.png - (115.24KB , 800x800 , Go for the Gold.png )
oh yeah, forgot this Animalympics one
No. 22603 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638637673.png - (129.93KB , 533x800 , Rick and Krieger.png )
I actually think the two of them would get along pretty well.
No. 22604 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638642738.png - (239.36KB , 800x800 , Special Delivery.png )
a tuttle from Wuffle drawn for /co/ because it's not the character they actually wanted drawn.
No. 22605 ID: 6e85c8
File 139638646571.png - (367.25KB , 800x800 , Tooth Monster.png )
a monster I quickly drew for a guy on /tg/
No. 22607 ID: 578cfb
Jesus that's a blast from the past, I had no clue you did K-Girl art. Funny how you keep running into the same people time after time on the net.
No. 22608 ID: 6e85c8
I actually designed several of them even :V
No. 22609 ID: e1609c
I have no idea who this character is but I want more
No. 22610 ID: 578cfb
Looking back it's becoming increasingly obvious.
No. 22824 ID: 6e85c8
File 139778458445.png - (175.70KB , 759x875 , TavLucidCloths.png )
another thing for a thing on the tumblr thing
No. 22825 ID: 189a54
Thank you! :D
No. 23080 ID: 6e85c8
File 139931458671.png - (410.80KB , 800x800 , Peep Souls.png )
No. 23084 ID: f3b5de
out of control
No. 23092 ID: 665deb
She'll only do it while all the dolls watch
No. 23159 ID: 6e85c8
File 140009503279.png - (581.22KB , 646x1000 , LWCommishColorsmall.png )
commission for Lonely World
No. 23162 ID: 6e85c8
File 140010711923.png - (1.37MB , 1146x1500 , AsuraPorn.png )
Asura are best.

I abandoned this around 2 years ago. Decided to finish it when I noticed the unfinished version had been mysteriously uploaded to paheal
No. 23290 ID: 6e85c8
File 140082071664.png - (975.01KB , 748x1000 , Mind Bug.png )
super hero bug for a super hero RPG
No. 23643 ID: 6e85c8
File 140383920989.png - (138.43KB , 711x800 , EweLala.png )
Ewe Lala fanart from Poppy
No. 24094 ID: 6e85c8
File 140675652528.png - (299.81KB , 723x800 , Cevel Butts Color small.png )
Postan gay butts
No. 24095 ID: 6e85c8
File 140675657653.png - (161.48KB , 723x800 , Cevel Butts small.png )
line art version as well. Feel free to show me up at coloring if anyone actually wants to.

These are also all already on my FA
No. 24096 ID: 6e85c8
File 140675661091.png - (210.50KB , 800x800 , Cevel Pegging.png )
and a butt commission
No. 24199 ID: a11593
Moar Cevel femdom please. More pegging or facesitting would be great.
No. 26063 ID: bec3b0
File 142046178691.png - (385.20KB , 800x819 , jumpkick.png )
No. 26064 ID: 76da42
File 142046183162.jpg - (121.56KB , 472x574 , alopexchair.jpg )
No. 26192 ID: db2d60
who's posting these here? The second one isn't even mine :V
No. 26194 ID: 904cc3
No. 26195 ID: 7df277
No, just let this thread become about other people posting your art, and art they think is yours.
No. 26230 ID: db2d60
may as well, I don't draw things anymore anyway
No. 26231 ID: 4e5e60
But your things are good... :(
No. 26235 ID: 9ddf68
But I think your drawings are great...
No. 26353 ID: db2d60
Who wants to play a game?

I actually drew a few things, anonymously, for /co/ a few weeks ago, but apparently didn't give enough info for them to figure out who I was. The pictures are posted on e621. Are any of you internet sleuths bad enough dudes to find the pictures? I will answer 20 yes or no questions to help track them down, if you want.
No. 26368 ID: fb17e6
Did you draw giraffes
No. 26374 ID: 9dd1ee
was it fanart for an old cartoon?
No. 26375 ID: cb2307
Did it involve a Dungeons & Dragons race?
No. 26379 ID: 904cc3
why not just post the things?
No. 26380 ID: db2d60
not old (not a yes or no answer, but what ever)
because this is more fun. I'll probably post them eventually even if no one finds them. I just thought this'd be fun since no one was able to identify them as me yet. (this doesn't count as one of the 20 questions)
No. 26382 ID: 9dd1ee
are the pictures of mammals?
No. 26385 ID: db2d60
No. 26386 ID: 904cc3
Is it nsfw?
No. 26388 ID: db2d60
yes for at least one
No. 26392 ID: 9dd1ee
is the cartoon american?
No. 26395 ID: db2d60
No. 26397 ID: 9dd1ee
Is it a TV show? (in opposed to an animated movie)
No. 26421 ID: db2d60
sort of. I mean, it never aired on actual TV.
No. 26424 ID: 9dd1ee
are the characters furries?
No. 26431 ID: db2d60
Well it's on e621...

Was it initially released digitally?
No. 26437 ID: 70305f
Are the characters the size of humans?
No. 26440 ID: db2d60


No. 26490 ID: 959f03
Are the characters feline, canine or neither?
No. 26499 ID: a19cd5
is the show french and also a video game?
No. 26504 ID: db2d60

>is the show french

please don't waste questions on questions that have already been confirmed false.

No. 26542 ID: 69994e
That's not really a yes or no question

>is the show a video game?
No. 26958 ID: eb5c78
File 143150608977.png - (188.01KB , 647x800 , Clover.png )
Ok, Numbers and Lonely World finally managed to find the pictures on e621, so I'll go ahead and post them. I'm sure they were not worth the wait or effort finding them.

Most of them are not lewd, but I'm going to spoiler them anyway.
No. 26959 ID: eb5c78
File 143150619469.png - (310.94KB , 800x800 , yet more Clover.png )
The cartoon in question was "All Hail King Julian," a Netflix original spin off of the Madagascar movie franchise which, honestly, is way more entertaining and amusing if my opinion than anything related to the Madagascar franchise has any right to be.
No. 26960 ID: eb5c78
File 143150625536.png - (377.14KB , 800x800 , What am I doing with my life.png )
Last one. Everyone can go home now and resume ignoring this thread.

This one actually IS quite NSFW, but why are you browsing a site like TGchan at work?
No. 26961 ID: eb5c78
File 143150629696.png - (235.18KB , 535x1000 , Sale on Coons.png )
Also Sale from the Rocket Raccoon comic.
No. 26968 ID: b88e47
Oh my god I love that one.
No. 27004 ID: eb5c78
File 143216766888.png - (532.10KB , 640x800 , Waifu Sectonia.png )
New waifu. Never expected to get one from a fucking Kirby game though.
No. 27005 ID: eb5c78
File 143216819831.png - (170.16KB , 647x1000 , Page 4 Resize.png )
Since this is pretty much not going to be so much of a thing anymore, I'll go ahead and post the other pages I actually did, in order, picking up where I left off back here.
No. 27006 ID: eb5c78
File 143216824914.png - (786.05KB , 1012x1500 , Page 05 Resize Text.png )
Lonely World colored these pages as well. If he wants to share, he's free to do so.
No. 27007 ID: eb5c78
File 143216827242.png - (843.48KB , 1006x1500 , Page 06 Resize Text.png )
No. 27014 ID: 9ddf68
for what it's worth I really do like these
No. 27015 ID: ccf689

> Since this is pretty much not going to be so much of a thing anymore

I'm gonna come to your home and punch you if that won't be a thing no more.
No. 27016 ID: 0207a0
But Anon, that isn't how you motivate people.
No. 27020 ID: f0a5e4
He's right, man. That's not how you motivate people.
I'll get the whip and hot poker.
You bring the ballgag.
No. 27051 ID: feb864
No, no, no. You need a roll of chicken wire and a cheese grater!
No. 27067 ID: fb17e6
And then we use the ginger beer and penny whistle.
No. 27070 ID: eb5c78
what is even going on in this thread anymore?
No. 27074 ID: fb17e6
Motivation. Move along citizen.
No. 27163 ID: eb5c78
File 143337375293.png - (226.71KB , 1009x911 , Height Chart Lohrke.png )
redoing Layridin height chart.
No. 27164 ID: eb5c78
File 143337376340.png - (349.45KB , 1200x896 , Height Chart Winged Engsami.png )
No. 27165 ID: eb5c78
File 143337377310.png - (247.84KB , 1060x883 , Height Chart River Lazurek.png )
No. 27166 ID: eb5c78
File 143337381796.png - (184.57KB , 867x955 , Height Chart Human.png )
I think I can join the ranks of "furries who have forgotten how to draw humans" now.
No. 27168 ID: 696535
It's not bad. The woman's head looks a bit off but aside from that I can say you've still got the touch.
No. 27173 ID: eb5c78
File 143352958463.png - (263.16KB , 812x946 , Height Chart Ploverlor.png )
No. 27174 ID: 1f8505

You got the powerrrrrrrrrr

No. 27175 ID: ab7529
Man, those plover are a lot more grumpy-faced than our shipwrecked protagonist.
No. 27192 ID: eb5c78
File 143374419937.png - (381.05KB , 1200x1000 , Height Chart Jungle Lazurek.png )
Jungle Floofareks
No. 27201 ID: fb17e6
In the future, an industrial accident results in swiffer products becoming sentient. This is their tale.
No. 27203 ID: eb5c78
File 143380301569.png - (324.04KB , 1200x1000 , Height Chart Engsami.png )
Argonians Engsami
No. 27214 ID: eb5c78
File 143398164163.png - (207.55KB , 1200x583 , Height Chart Tomias.png )
tweaked Tomias designs
No. 27216 ID: eb5c78
File 143398746389.png - (290.38KB , 1200x576 , Height Chart Nedynvor.png )
No. 27218 ID: e114bc
Do they have usable fingers anymore?
No. 27219 ID: eb5c78
File 143400813291.png - (296.00KB , 1200x576 , Height Chart Nedynvor.png )
yeah, the first two big wing fingers are manipulators, and they still have their thumb. I just drew them stretched out to try and show off how big their wing mitts were. Also, I forgot the male's little finger claw thing, so here's a fixed version.
No. 27223 ID: eb5c78
File 143405396207.png - (223.15KB , 1200x638 , Height Chart Mountain Lazurek.png )
Mountain of fluff
No. 27239 ID: eb5c78
File 143415184349.png - (615.34KB , 1200x1200 , Height Chart Hat'kal.png )
No. 27262 ID: eb5c78
File 143424583507.png - (56.46KB , 450x392 , SnooSnoo.png )
Mountain Lazurek snoo snoo
No. 27265 ID: 1f8505

How lewd.
No. 27551 ID: eb5c78
File 143599235439.png - (235.85KB , 1200x453 , Height Chart Kren.png )
"Kren were a mistake"- Osamu Tezuka
No. 27554 ID: c8af78
But people like them, so there really isn't a problem.

Gorgeously done, by the way.
No. 27557 ID: eb5c78
it was just a joke because they're kind of a pain in the ass to draw :V
No. 27569 ID: 7b7ab3
No kidding! That detail...

Did your hands hurt?
No. 27577 ID: fb17e6
I can not believe you had to explain to that anon on /co/ what "taking requests" meant.
No. 27600 ID: eb5c78
File 143669996630.png - (410.31KB , 1200x827 , Height Chart Leviathan.png )
yes... that was... odd...

And now Leviathan Engsami completes the set.
No. 27601 ID: eb5c78
File 143670001028.png - (2.09MB , 8165x827 , Height Chart Full.png )
and the full compiled height chart.
No. 27602 ID: 04f2a3
I like the incongrousness of the Hat'kal tree in the middle, just chillin' off the top of the scale.
No. 27603 ID: 9ddf68
so quick question about the Engsami. what decides what kind of Engsami the lizard in question turns into? Is it as simple as if mommy and daddy are Winged Engsami then the kid will be one as well or is it a bit more random?
No. 27605 ID: eb5c78
it's genetics. If both parents are winged, the child will be winged. If one parent is winged, and say, one is a Leviathan, and they actually get that to work, the child will be a hybrid displaying traits from both parents. Traits of said hybrid might include crappy vestigial wing hands, articulated talon feet, and growing to a very large (but not as large as a standard leviathan) size.
No. 27608 ID: eb5c78
File 143678028142.jpg - (465.94KB , 684x1000 , Warm Embrace.jpg )
a cute pair of travelers in Layridin. I may, or may not, start coming up with more to do with these two (possibly lewd) in the near future.
No. 27609 ID: e3ab16
This is the best. A+ cuddling.
No. 28012 ID: eb5c78
File 144117417714.png - (574.39KB , 493x800 , Impending Snu Snu small.png )
another sketch started at my old job and finished later of these two. The lazurek is intended to be bursting out of a snow bank, but it doesn't read very well.
No. 28013 ID: eb5c78
File 144117425071.jpg - (314.17KB , 620x447 , Lohrke Nuclear Device.jpg )
They are large, cumbersome, and expensive to create and successfully detonate, so they normally use them only in extreme cases. They have no easy way of delivering them, using construction loadout Unt’Agare walkers, modified with large claws like the Loader in Aliens, carrying the device to the desired location. Engineers then bolt it down so it cannot be moved again without significant effort, and rig the device to explode, setting a timer to allow necessary personnel to make it to a safe distance. Because this timer could allow the target forces to discover and disable the bomb, a contingent of soldiers is left behind to defend it until detonation is achieved. These soldiers willingly volunteer to sacrifice themselves to insure victory for their comrades.
No. 28014 ID: eb5c78
File 144117432303.png - (2.06MB , 1500x930 , Page 1 and 2 small.png )
tight roughs of comic that may, or may not wind up happening. I've been doing this during my breaks at my new job which has been working out pretty well so far.
No. 28015 ID: eb5c78
File 144117434286.png - (1.81MB , 1500x794 , page 3 and 4 small.png )
and two more pages.
No. 28017 ID: a6261b
That poor tomias will never know how close he came to a religious experience.
No. 28082 ID: eb5c78
File 144213127122.png - (87.19KB , 338x366 , Alien vs Predator & Knuckles.png )
some drawpile stuff
No. 28083 ID: eb5c78
File 144213128404.png - (222.84KB , 702x649 , Random Nedynvor lady.png )
No. 28084 ID: eb5c78
File 144213131065.png - (183.19KB , 614x596 , Aggeia.png )
No. 28085 ID: eb5c78
File 144213131833.png - (137.59KB , 622x561 , DBchan Pathfinder.png )
No. 28086 ID: eb5c78
File 144213133609.png - (287.25KB , 929x840 , Mountain Lewdzarek.png )
No. 28087 ID: eb5c78
File 144213135455.png - (132.05KB , 512x450 , Shitty Kyaos.png )
No. 28088 ID: eb5c78
File 144213137075.png - (64.74KB , 578x421 , Shitty Tomias.png )
No. 28091 ID: eaf326
Still the waifest waifu.
No. 28099 ID: 04f2a3
How the dicks do you get Drawpile to behave this well? Most of us have found the stylus input to be...wobbly...compared to other art programs.
No. 28102 ID: eb5c78
oh it's still wobbly as shit for me. I just draw pretty small and do a lot of erasing/ brush correcting. A lot like what I did in Paintchat back in the before time, in the long long ago
No. 28178 ID: eb5c78
File 144336520826.png - (524.24KB , 745x1053 , Page 01.png )
trying a different style of line work than I normally do. It's a bit faster, but ultimately rougher than my normal lineart. But update speed is an important factor.
No. 28180 ID: 9ddf68
it still looks pretty damn good to me.
No. 28493 ID: 300ba9
File 144662401427.png - (48.55KB , 600x400 , KensuPortraits.png )
I decided to make new talky portraits for Onigashima in the event I ever resume the quest.
No. 28496 ID: 1f8505

d'aawwwww. :3
No. 28500 ID: 300ba9
File 144671138936.png - (7.65KB , 200x200 , Kensu6.png )
I forgot to include this one in the collage
No. 28501 ID: feef96
I have a feeling that one will be quite common.
No. 28505 ID: 300ba9
File 144679380619.png - (1.17MB , 911x967 , ANERASSI walkies.png )
walky walky
No. 28510 ID: 300ba9
File 144688383127.png - (59.90KB , 419x416 , Tomias head.png )
posting more concept art
No. 28511 ID: 300ba9
File 144688384843.png - (338.90KB , 766x1000 , Swift River conept.png )
No. 28512 ID: 0ed6e9
I remember you saying you were having trouble with the horns on the Tomias race (think that's what they're called). How's that going?
No. 28513 ID: 300ba9
File 144691698284.jpg - (237.62KB , 462x800 , more Tomias concept stuff.jpg )
I don't think it was their antlers that was giving me trouble. I've been working on issues with their body structure and eye placement lately.
No. 28550 ID: bd4058
are you DJ Lucid?
No. 28560 ID: 300ba9
I have no idea what that is, so I'm going to assume not. Sorry.
No. 28581 ID: 04a592
Forgive me if you've seen this a lot, but I just found and read your "Island of Onigashima," and I was wondering if that project was still one that you were planning on finishing.
I want to see Kensuyata's 「DEVIRU HUNTAH TSUNAMI」 kick someone's ass!
No. 28582 ID: 300ba9
File 144762437635.png - (8.31KB , 200x200 , Kensu2.png )
I have been planning to possibly start updating it again, I just haven't gotten around to it since my free time has become somewhat limited thanks to full time job =/
Thank you for your interest!
No. 28598 ID: 904cc3
porn when you dirty slut
No. 28599 ID: 0207a0
really loving onigashima mate, keep it up
No. 28602 ID: 3bb18f
"You really PISSED ME OFF!"
Fucking worth it. Welcome back, Lucid, it's so refreshing to see a quest runner who actually updates when they say they plan to.

(No salt, Weaver baby, I love you, please come back)
No. 28609 ID: 8340ec
File 144812964808.png - (17.65KB , 600x500 , Kensu Question.png )
There already is porn though. Check out Filthypally's thread.
No. 28610 ID: 15c085
Kensu's tiny tanuki tush is difficult to resist.
No. 28612 ID: a22f87
I have a non porn related question for kensu, how tall is she? I'm sure it's somewhere out there but I can never gauge how tall she actually is. I'm guessing like 4 or 4 1/2 ft right?
No. 28623 ID: 904cc3
im not saying kensuyata specifically just in general. new lewds when
No. 28624 ID: 8340ec
File 144816800879.png - (29.51KB , 600x600 , KensuVisualAid.png )
She actually answered that in ITQ a while ago. She's 1.6 meters tall which comes out to around 5'2". Ryu is even shorter cause he's a manlett.

oh, well then head over to my FA or something, there's tons of porn there.
No. 28640 ID: 8340ec
File 144834827265.jpg - (391.44KB , 800x467 , Onigashima Extreme Beach Volleyball.jpg )
dumb work doodle
No. 28665 ID: 1f8505

Any jiggle physics?
No. 28751 ID: 8340ec
File 144896210081.gif - (4.06KB , 90x90 , Kensu-Run-WIP.gif )
WIP of a thing I'm working on
No. 29352 ID: 8340ec
File 145621554996.jpg - (65.39KB , 714x800 , Zaahir.jpg )
sketch dump

Layridin lesser race: Zaahir

"lesser races" referring to sapient species that for one reason or another no longer, or were never able to successfully form an actual society.

The Zaahir were completely conquered by the Hat'kal, with pretty much all trace of their former budding civilization destroyed. Only historians outside the Hat'kal empire might have any record of their society before the Hat'kal. Now they serve in much a similar vein as Kobolds do to dragons in D&D, and they assist in taking care of the ancients, and with Hat'kal reproduction.

the females aren't actually shorter than the males, they actually slightly larger. I just didn't initially plan to draw her whole body.
No. 29353 ID: 8340ec
File 145621563861.png - (167.69KB , 419x800 , Plover Witch small.png )
concept art of a ploverlor witch who may have shown up in comic if it was ever going to happen.
No. 29354 ID: 8340ec
File 145621569151.png - (708.57KB , 585x800 , Battle Ready Battle Witch Battle Ready Battle Smal.png )
that Plover witch's combat gear.
No. 29355 ID: 8340ec
File 145621584193.png - (817.85KB , 1000x646 , Plover Anatomy.png )
Ploverlor regional anatomy differences. Both variations are biologically identical, it's just an aesthetic difference.
No. 29356 ID: 8340ec
File 145621598409.jpg - (391.26KB , 703x800 , Layridin Campsite Small.jpg )
it had occurred to me that I haven’t really drawn the Layridin Journeys crew interacting or anything since, like, 2009 or 2010 when I created them for my Character Design class. So here they are, still not actually interacting or anything, but at least sitting around in the same picture. This one id complete trash. The scaling on the characters is complete jank, the the framing is terrible, character placement is jank. I left the background mostly blank so I could try and, maybe, fix it in post with Photoshop and maybe ink it eventually, trying to salvage it. I guess we’ll have to see.
No. 29357 ID: 8340ec
File 145621603041.png - (171.34KB , 800x739 , Shitty Oboro.png )
drawpile doodle of Oboro from, what I am told now, defunct game Sorcerland. She was super cute, I really like her.
No. 29358 ID: 8340ec
File 145621605439.png - (188.87KB , 800x739 , Oboro peek.png )
Oboro again, from Sorcerland, a little more lewd this time.
No. 29359 ID: 8340ec
File 145621612286.png - (634.63KB , 578x800 , Nedynvor Monk small.png )
work sketch of a Nedynvor monk. I imagine her style would involve a lot of kicks.
No. 29360 ID: 8340ec
File 145621616738.png - (580.81KB , 467x800 , Anerassi City of Glass small.png )
Work sketch of concept I'd kind of like to make a comic of at some point, but I know I'll never do, of one of Anerassi of Thorenald's adventures.

Nearly everyone in the civilized world of Layridin has heard the legend of the mysterious city of glass in the great desert, but no one really knows anything about it. Where did such an oddity come from? Who could have built such a thing? No one's ever dared set foot in such a place and returned. Anerassi, never one to shy away from a challenge and always looking for new knowledge to share with the world set out on an excursion to solve the mystery of the city of glass. As she and her desert guide delve deeper into the ruins beneath the city, however, danger rears it's head as the sand beneath them itself seems to come alive! Is this Anerassi's last adventure!?

This actually turned out to be framed pretty terribly. I partially blame the size of the page I was working on. The rest I blame on my own terribleness.
No. 29361 ID: 8340ec
File 145621622214.jpg - (283.58KB , 517x800 , Technomancy doodles.jpg )
technomancy concept doodles
No. 29362 ID: 8340ec
File 145621632975.png - (613.43KB , 800x609 , Nedynvor Soft Shoes.png )
Nedynvor feet are very poorly designed for use on soft surfaces such as sand, snow, mud, etc. As more Nedynvor find themselves in the lower lands, they wind up encountering such terrain more commonly. So they developed these wide foot pads to distribute the wearer's weight more evenly over a wider area, thus making it less likely for them to sink into the soft surfaces.
No two Nedynvor are likely to have identical feet, so each pair is usually custom made to fit snuggly and comfortably over the wearer's lower leg. A pair of latch hooks are located near the top to securely fasten them to the lower portion of the user's leg wear. A swivel is located at the tip of the foot attaching the scabbard-like shoe to the wide flat portion, while a sliding brace allows for freedom of movement of the leg while walking while still supporting the Nedynvor's weight over the back end of the shoe.
No. 29363 ID: 8340ec
File 145621637093.png - (841.74KB , 800x725 , Anerassi Journal.png )
Taken from the journal of Anerassi of Thorenald, translated from the original Skylean.

"The university cities of the free Ploverlor are truly a sight to behold! The city of Teeravane in particular. While all the university cities tend to be built around the central magic university, Teeravane’s stands out above the rest, quite literally. Built within a massive tower, restored from a ruin discovered from ancient times, the magic university is one of the greatest and most prestigious in the civilized world. Looming far above the city below, some of the most amazing breakthroughs in magic research were discovered within those ancient walls. The terraces that dot the outer levels of tower sport gorgeous gardens allowing magic researchers and students the ability to relax and experience nature without even needing to leave the campus grounds. I certainly enjoyed the familiar feeling of standing in the winds on of the terraces during my tour. Perhaps one of the most incredible features of the tower is located deep within the basement. The wizards of the university told me of some manner of anomaly that they discovered in the ruin’s depth. They tell me that they’ve managed to stabilize it and even utilize it! The anomaly is a sort of portal that can be used to transport objects over great distances instantaneously! But they tell me it’s not safe yet to transport organic material like people. They wouldn’t actually let me see the basement, but I drew a little picture of myself seeing what I assume it’d look like anyway, because they can’t stop me."
No. 29364 ID: 8340ec
File 145621641983.png - (681.85KB , 601x800 , Mounted Patrol small.png )
Taken from the journal of Anerassi of Thorenald. Translated from the original Skylean.

The cities that form around the Magic Universities form the life blood of the campus. Without the commerce and services provided by the citizens that rely on the University for bringing in new blood and the wonders of their research, they would surely crumble. Thus, in most university cities, the university itself has sought to provide protection for the lands around it. The first line of defense; the University Patrolmen. Universities welcome non magically gifted men and women of any species to volunteer for positions within the Patrolmen...
No. 29365 ID: 8340ec
File 145621644354.jpg - (394.22KB , 800x647 , University Guard uniform small.jpg )
The uniform of an Eastlander Patrolmen (that being a patrolman serving a university located in the eastern region) is made up of thick leather, lined with chainmail. It includes a breastplate and a cowl with attached helm that is custom fit for each wearer, to accommodate any wearer’s unique cranial features. The cowl itself can also be pulled up over the wear’s face to shield from wind, cold, or airborne particulate. The gauntlets are leather with metal plates attached that extend back over the wear’s forearms, I was not able to try one on, as they do not actually make them in Nedynvor size. Patrolmen wear a fur lined vest underneath their breastplates which acts as cushioning, and helps keep them warm on those long night watch shifts.
No. 29366 ID: 8340ec
File 145621648062.jpg - (262.92KB , 800x530 , Auto-Crossbow small.jpg )
Patrol team members carry with them a melee weapon they’re familiar with, such as a sword, mace, etc, and one member of a team is usually issued a Grenadier Auto-Crossbow. This weapon was originally designed by an engsami engineer named Khaelid Mudaeni. The crossbow has a lever action that rotates a drum magazine and feeds a bolt into an upper chamber, as well as automatically drawing back the bow. The ammo drum can be loaded with standard bolts and is designed to be swapped out with a new drum when its ammo is depleted. But that’s not the most impressive part of this weapon.
No. 29367 ID: 8340ec
File 145621650389.jpg - (366.38KB , 544x800 , Legitimate Business small.jpg )
The magic university of Teeravane has actually managed to broker a trade agreement with the Lohrkes of clan Hur'Fleis. The Lohrkes provide them with devices they call “grenades” modified to be fired from a crossbow, and the university provides them with supplies and ingredients from the surface. These “grenade bolts” can come in a variety of types and be loaded into the ammo drums for the auto-crossbow. Using their transport portal, Teeravane is able to provide all of its neighboring university cities with a stockpile of these specialized bolts as well.
No. 29368 ID: 2f4b71
>Armoured Mage
The best kind of Mage.
No. 29385 ID: 8340ec
File 145650724784.png - (1.03MB , 1478x1053 , Page 01 Comparison.png )
ok, I THINK I mostly fixed the perspective on this comic page. Any thoughts?
No. 29386 ID: 3663d3
for a second i thought it was one of those parallax images that look 3D when you cross your eyes.

anyway, looks good.
No. 29387 ID: a22f87
looks pretty damn good to me
No. 29388 ID: 1f8505

The rightmost definitely looks better.
No. 29390 ID: 2f4b71
File 145652789478.jpg - (500.96KB , 2731x1181 , perspective.jpg )
Getting very close, just a bit of wonkyness with the floor planks not aligning with each other (or the left wall's vanishing point).
No. 29393 ID: 9d0790
The major thing I notice is you have two horizon lines. One at the top of the bar table which things such as the bar table and the walls seem to approximately follow. Then one at the shoulder level of the mountain guy which the people of the room and the table-tops(the round tables) and such seem to follow.

I tried to compare the relative heights/sizes of objects but without knowing where the horizon line really is or how tall things are supposed to be I could only guess. I was mostly checking the big guy's table, bar table and door, all which gave me suspicions. Are they supposed to be like 75cm(same height as the humans table, fitting average), 1m (in line with sitting human's shoulder, fitting average) and nearly 2.5m(by comparing to bar table, .5m taller than normal.)? Or I could compare the door to the mountain lazerek who would be as tall as a human when sitting on the ground and which would put the door at a closer to normal height.

Is it supposed to be sizes that work with varied size beings like the tall door and is the big guy supposed to be at a bigger table like the first image seems to suggest (it's looking the same height as the rest in the second attempt)?
No. 29394 ID: 8340ec
File 145655387435.png - (206.74KB , 1193x600 , Perspective.png )
Ok, that's weird, Manga Studio's perspective ruler auto-snaps your lines to the vanishing points, so I don't know what's going on there. With the exception of the floor boards in the front, toward the middle, which I didn't redo from the original failed attempt, and probably should.

>The major thing I notice is you have two horizon lines. One at the top of the bar table which things such as the bar table and the walls seem to approximately follow. Then one at the shoulder level of the mountain guy which the people of the room and the table-tops(the round tables) and such seem to follow.

The double vanishing points is likely a result of me trying to salvage what little I thought I could get away with from the original image because I've spent a couple months now failing to redraw the entire image from scratch and started to get frustrated/ fed up with it. As well, in the interest of just being able to say "it's good enough, let's move on" and maybe get some momentum going so I might actually get a comic made in my life time.

The tavern is intended to be a River Lazruek structure and built with themselves in mind, not the larger species. The Mountain Lazurek is sitting on the floor.
No. 29398 ID: 1f8505

This doesn't really matter much since it's much harder to extrapolate a vanishing point from a line than it is to draw a line from a vanishing point.

All in all, you did a good job and should be proud.
No. 29400 ID: 3f9dc0
also consider: this building was assembled from rough cut planks with a hammer, not a laser sliced from a plastic cube. Imperfect construction and later warping and settling could easily account for the minor fluctuations in the lines.

Lord knows if you tried to draw perspective lines on a photograph of my house, they wouldn't meet at a single point.
No. 29404 ID: 20295c
...I actually think I like the one on the left slightly more though, honestly. Even if it's less detailed and technically correct, but gut says it's got better composition and readability.

Either way, I think you've been sweating the details way too much. A casual reader isn't going to notice or care that your perspective isn't completely perfect, or if a character is slightly off-model, or any other minuscule detail like that. Strong writing, expressions, gesture, composition, and fast updates are gonna get you a lot farther in comics than technically perfect art.

...And based on what I've seen, your art's got all of those already. At least enough to pull off some decent comics.

What I think you really need is more confidence in your work, to be honest here.
No. 29409 ID: b17b81
The left one has more of a feeling of open-ness, where you see all of the people as individual people. The right one has them seem as one entity; 'the bar patrons'. Which feeling you want to go for depends on you and the story. It makes the central character seem a part of/belonging to/ feeling comfortable in the crowd. Perfect if that is their home/how they spend their time, bad if they are meant to be shunned/some sort of outcast. (In that case, you would want it even more open than the one on the left, I think) middleground would maybe be a bit more distance between the central char and the big guy; would keep the other patrons as one entity while the central character as separate/an individual.
I get the impression that he is a traveller/not comfortable. (Hat within arms length, alone at the table, tense posture, expression on his face. Honestly it's like a photograph with how the character/close surroundings are laid out)

The right has a lot more technical skill. You've always been awesome at that. I can't think of how it can be drawn better than it is.(I'm quibbling over feelings as it is)

All of this is without knowing the context behind this, and I cannot draw at all; so take it with a gigantic grain of salt. Still, I think it's better to move on a bit to the next part.
No. 29492 ID: 8340ec
File 145743189112.jpg - (329.32KB , 502x800 , Lazurek Pantheon small.jpg )
Taken from the journal of Anerassi of Thorenald, translated from the original Skylean;

The three races of lazurek all follow the mythology of the three brothers; Thom Deek and Larut, and their mutual lover Nalos, the goddess of fire and nature as the progenitors of the lazurek species. But the way the story goes is different depending on which group you ask. Each have their own interpretation of the mythos that puts their own patron deity in a more positive light than the others. As the story goes, the three brothers were quite close, roaming the old lands of Layridin making their way through life until, one day, they happened across a clearing that had recently been ravaged by a forest fire. In the center of the clearing, nurturing a patch of beautiful smelling flowers, freshly sprouted from the ashes, was a woman. The three brothers each found themselves soon smitten by the charming figure, and would begin to compete with one another for her attention. Each brother plays to their own strengths to provide for Nalos. Thom, of unparalleled strength, slays the great dragons that roam the dark unknown. Deek, cunning and a master of trickery, fools others into doing his work him. Larut, intelligent and charismatic, smooth talks his way into obtaining what he needs.

It is around this point that the stories differ depending who is telling the tale. The key points that differ are which brother obtains Nalos’ affection first, usually the patron deity of which ever race you are talking to. The other two brothers then trick, convince, or force Nalos to betray her love. This is sometimes taken to heart by the more bitter members of the species who look down on their extended kin.

Work sketch of the Lazurek pantheon.
No. 29547 ID: 8340ec
File 145800710111.png - (222.16KB , 704x933 , Cevel Flaunts his butt.png )
I assume one of you people is the one who's been sending notes on tumblr.
No. 29548 ID: 1f8505

Heckova rear end on that guy.
No. 29549 ID: 040d6a
Touch fluffy tail.
No. 29624 ID: 8340ec
File 145826240464.png - (223.57KB , 698x690 , Cevel Tumblr Ask.png )
No. 29625 ID: 8340ec
File 145826243006.png - (158.48KB , 602x699 , Ball Ticklers.png )
How is that even a question?
No. 29629 ID: a22f87
...why is this called ball ticklers?
No. 29630 ID: 891640
i think you know why
No. 29634 ID: a788b7

probably on account of the ball ticklers
No. 29645 ID: 8340ec
"ball ticklers" was the joke name Tgchan people came up with for the wiggly bits on Lohrke tail, and by extension feet, on account the proximity to their naughty bits at the base of their tail.
No. 29669 ID: acbcbc
Hey man, I'm a newer fan of yours. Just dropped by to say that I love your work, especially Island of Onigashima. I'm not so sure that I love it being relocated to tumblr, but that's not really my decision now, is it?
Only real complaint I have is that you aven't updated the tumblr since February, and while I understand that you have real-world responsibilities, it's not like the quest still has to be written. The part where the tumblr version of the story left of is a chapter behind the current event of the comic. I'm sorry, but it just seems to me that moving it to tumblr only slowed the production time for this story. Would you mind giving me a reason for this so my impatient-ass can stop being so anal about the time?
Once again, I'm sorry that I'm so impatient. I just don't want other people to be as lazy a I am, I suppose
No. 29670 ID: acbcbc
Oh yeah, and as a xenophile, the ball ticklers sound like an incredibly hot idea.
No. 29679 ID: 8340ec
Production of Onigashima and the uploading it off site slowed, largely, as a result of my job. I work a full time job to get by which eats up about 9 hours of my day. I had, until recently, been working second shift which wound up giving me a 3 hour block before work to do very little and get ready for work, and then about a 3 hour block after work where I was generally too tired to do much of anything productive. I've recently been coping with switching to day shift and adjusting my sleep schedule. It's not much of an excuse, I know.

Ultimately, I suppose the real thing to blame would be my lack of motivation and waffling between working on things. I have a tendency to get frustrated and depressed with the things I work on, or wind up taking on more things that I ultimately have the free time to do which winds up making me feel guilty for not doing one thing but wanting to do another, and I just wind up doing nothing in the end anyway. This is why I don't actually take commissions currently. I had intended, once I was more settled into my new sleep schedule, to resume uploading and trying to update the quest. Uploading is just kind of boring and tedious sometimes, and my new job has been leaving me incredibly frustrated which has kind been killing my motivation by the time I get home...

I'm sorry if my lack of production has been disappointing, and I'm sorry if the idea of Onigashima transferring sites is disappointing too. Disappointing people is one of my greatest fears. But the reason for the site shift is to try and branch out and reach a broader number of readers. I know several of my friends in real life (that being all but 2 of my friends) site the format of image board quests as the reason they haven't bothered reading any of my quests, even going so far back to Journey Quest. I've already gotten some comments from people that they prefer the more webcomic-y format.

If the suggestions don't pan out, or I wind up feeling that suggesters not getting to argue with eachother between updates takes to much away from the quest, I'll just use the tumblr as a repository for the quest, should anything happen to tgchan, and resume it here. If nothing else, think of the tumblr as testing the waters for free hosting of webcomics in general. Layridin Journeys may wind up there initially implying Layridin Journeys will ever actually be anything more than a theoretical bundle of concept art

I hope that helped clear some things up, and again, I'm sorry if I've been a disappointment.
No. 31507 ID: 36295c
File 147643234330.png - (1.11MB , 886x1000 , Marana Faces.png )
mandatory overtime and depression is a bitch. Here's some sketches I seem to have never gotten around to posting here of theoretical comic characters.

theses were all drawn on various breaks at work which tends to be the only time I can actually get myself to do anything anymore...

Marana Tok'Bel, Tav Unt'Bel's cousin, briefly mentioned in Journey Quest, was going to join the main party after seeing them as a means to achieve her dream of seeing the surface world and living to tell the tale.
No. 31508 ID: 36295c
File 147643247047.png - (1.08MB , 860x1000 , Cevel Faces small.png )
Cevel Latobo, a jungle lazurek would have been met under less than trustworthy circumstances. Chet would press him into serving as a guide through the jungle as payment for previous transgressions against the Kren Merchant Guild.
No. 31509 ID: 36295c
File 147643263874.png - (1.01MB , 1000x835 , Chet Faces small.png )
Chet'Thret'chka, or "Chet" for short, is a papa Kren who sort of adopted the main character after finding him at the bottom of the ocean. He would let Aldwin tag along on his mercantile trip in the hopes of possibly helping him find his home.

Kren facial expressions are primarily expressed through the antennae and small eyes.
No. 31510 ID: 36295c
File 147643274577.png - (1.16MB , 925x1000 , Aldwin faces small.png )
The main character, a gross human named Aldwin. With little to no memory of what occurred before winding up at the bottom of the ocean, he was just going to kind of wander around with Chet trying to figure out what the hell was going on in the weird ass world he woke up in. Also desperately try to stay alive.
No. 31511 ID: 36295c
File 147643296549.png - (1.19MB , 1000x914 , Naye faces small.png )
Naye Navas, a pariah excommunicated from the Tomias church, and one of the main antagonists planned for the story. She would pursue Aldwin in her own holy quest and wouldn't let anyone, not even the church get in her way.
No. 31512 ID: 36295c
File 147643304856.png - (1.08MB , 1000x840 , Alfeid faces small.png )
Alfeid was a mountain lazurek who was going to help teach Aldwin how to fight early on in the story. She likely would have also showed up later on as well.
No. 31513 ID: 36295c
File 147643335686.png - (1.28MB , 863x1000 , Maureen Faces.png )
Maureen is a Ploverlor witch sent by one of the magic universities to aid the Tomias in their pursuit of Aldwin. She doesn’t much care for Naye’s reckless vigilantism or heretical preachings, and would tend to butt heads with her when they encounter one another.
No. 31514 ID: ba506f
huh, could have sworn chet was a female? Must have read one of your older post wrong.
No. 31515 ID: 665ed8
Well this is all too bad, it looks like they could of been interesting characters
No. 31516 ID: 36295c
You might have been thinking of Thro'ten'chkak, the Kren that showed up in Journey Quest, which was female.

I mean, I'd still really like to be able to get around to doing this comic, I just don't feel like I really have the time thanks to work and other obligations to ever work on it. I also feel like I wasted to much of my life and it's too late to even get started now...
No. 31521 ID: 36295c
File 147654784639.png - (1.30MB , 1000x867 , Anerassi Demesi interview.png )
more work sketches that I never got around to posting here. Here's a familiar face.

Taken from the journal of Anerassi of Thorenald, translated from the original Skylean;

“When word reached me that a fellow Nedynvor from the small, rural village of Angoldas had recently returned from some grand adventure on the lands below, I hurried inland to the quaint little town. I wanted to interview him, hear everything he could remember of his adventure in the lands below, it’s not every day a Nedynvor that leaves the island returns. Asking around, I was able to find where the young adventurer lived, though sadly he was out. When he returned, I apologized for letting myself in, hopefully the tea I brought with me would make up for it some. His name was Demesi. He seemed somewhat uncomfortable with my presence initially, he’d never actually had a lady friend over before, let alone a famous one, he later explained, but he eventually warmed up to me and regaled with his adventure and his friends ‘Tav’ and ‘Aggeia’…”
No. 31522 ID: 36295c
File 147654809454.png - (968.82KB , 704x800 , Lazurek Journal Entry small.png )
Excerpts from “Native Lowlanders of Sullan” taken from the Lazurek chapter. By Anerassi of Thorenald.

The Lazurek, or “Lazuhrek” depending on region, are one of the more diverse species of lowlanders in Layridin. The three known races of Lazurek appear to be native to the northern continent of Sullan, spread across their varied habitats. While all three are quite different in appearance, with River Lazurek being small and thick, Jungle Lazurek being tall and lithe, and Mountain Lazurek being very large and broad, all possess several similar features across the species. Common attributes are a complete lack of eyes, 2 pairs of hands with one where you likely expect to find a pair of hands, and the other where one would normally find their feet. They also all possess an advanced form of echolocation which they utilize to “see” as it were and perceive their surroundings. All four hands on a Lazurek have a set of pads on their palms which assist in gripping objects or surfaces, this coupled with their long hooked claws make all three races adept climbers.

All three societies also appear to share a common religion which I’ll go into more detail about elsewhere in this book. However, I will mention that a common practice among all of the Lazurek villages I visited was a ritualistic cremation of their dead. When a member of their tribe nears the end of their life, they rested upon a bed of flowers. I am told this is symbolic of their perceived after-life; that being, an endless garden where they are reunited with their loved ones, and live along side their patron deity and Nalos, their goddess of fire and nature. The smell of flowers seems to soothe the mind of those at death’s door. Once the afflicted have passed, their are ceremoniously immolated, and their ashes given to their next of kin to be tended to. While attending one of these ceremonies, I observed that, while Lazurek cannot cry, lacking eyes and therefor tear ducts, they express sorrow through a mournful howl, which is morbidly beautiful in concert with one another. This cremation practice also makes it very hard to obtain a skeleton for study. I had to seek out a Hat’kal for the skull samples used for these sketches. He refused to divulge where he obtained them though.

In addition to the obvious physical differences between the races, each one appears to possess a unique physical quality unseen in the others of the species. For instance, the River Lazurek, in addition to being adept swimmers, secrete an oil from their skin that lets them glide swiftly through the water and prevents liquids form sticking to their fur. Additionally, it can allow one to quickly slide across the ground on their belly, or even back as I observed some children enjoying sliding down a hill. Jungle Lazureks possess the peculiar trait that any hole large enough for their skull to fit through, the rest of their body can follow. I would love to get a hold of one of their skeletons to see just how this feat is possible, but alas, I remain out of luck. Mountain Lazureks have what they call a “pit organ” located along their snouts which allows them to detect heat, in addition to their echolocation. In addition to that, the have a fully prehensile tail that is almost entirely muscle as far as I can tell, the tail of a Mountain Lazurek is capable of grasping objects, holding weapons and can constrict with enough force to crush a Per’che melon! For those not familiar with a Per’che melon, they are a gourd roughly one and a half to three feet long, on average, and anywhere between one and three feet around, that’s a big melon!
No. 31539 ID: 1f8505

It is never too late to tell a story. True facts.
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