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File 133694762846.png - (77.92KB , 1300x948 , asura.png )
12975 No. 12975 ID: 2ae337

But seriously I make non quest related shit and I'm too lazy to make an account on some art sharing site. So I'll dump that shit here so I can re-download it in the unlikely event I need to nuke my hard drive or some such crisis.

First pic. My obsession with GW2 goes too far.
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No. 12976 ID: 5029d1
haha those ear guards
No. 17287 ID: 2ae337
File 135829776721.png - (42.58KB , 800x900 , maliwan heavy.png )
Huh forgot I had this.

Well then, dumpan some shiit.

From my time playing Borderlands 2. I was interested in seeing other companies' private military forces. Thought Maliwan would look like this.
No. 17288 ID: 2ae337
File 135829784669.png - (40.92KB , 1000x1400 , maliwan mech.png )
And their robots. Posted on their forums but it quickly got buried by numerous threads regarding dozens of fans' OCs.
No. 17289 ID: a68605
oh yeah, maliwan stuff would be totaly High tech and flashy.
to methe design of that robot looked like its the same chest plate that they would give a soldier, but with high tech stuff rammed inside, like they were building it as armor but then decided it was to cool for humans :)
No. 17290 ID: 2ae337
File 135829852373.png - (59.11KB , 1000x1400 , Torgue commando.png )
Hadn't thought of it that way.

All I thought was that they'd probably make it excessively polite even as it murdered everyone.

"Maliwan values your input and invites you to go have intimate relations with your excretion tube."

And Torgue commando. Back before the Torgue dlc, so I'm really noncanon now.
No. 17749 ID: 2ae337
File 136108422779.gif - (62.35KB , 186x248 , babesia mahak test.gif )
my first attempt at making an animated gif.
No. 18379 ID: af9733
File 136395190609.png - (90.38KB , 1390x1000 , gapka .png )
Can't sleep, and I skimmed through a couple of them change over time pics other artists have made on various sites, so I figured 'why the hell not' and made one meself.

So yeah, Gapka from Spess Pyratz! Now with more doodads and dongle!
No. 18380 ID: af9733
Can't believe I was once so shitty with a mouse. Now I'm less shitty with a mouse!
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