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File 133369956703.jpg - (137.09KB , 700x963 , rinaporn5.jpg )
12137 No. 12137 ID: 09a2fd
So, uh, I guess I just decided to explore this side of tg for the first time.

This is something I may or may not finish. Approve?
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No. 12139 ID: d7baee
Legs be far too short.
No. 12140 ID: 09a2fd
File 133370184182.jpg - (130.60KB , 700x963 , rinaporn5.jpg )
No. 12141 ID: d7baee
Still looks incorrect to me. I'd recommend simply re-drawing them.
No. 12142 ID: 09a2fd
File 133370647275.jpg - (123.89KB , 700x963 , rinaporn5.jpg )
That's quite vague...

Anyway, moving on! :D
No. 12143 ID: feab56
Where's my fire?
No. 12144 ID: d7baee
File 133370805321.jpg - (29.80KB , 700x963 , 133370647275.jpg )
Sorry, yeah. Not very constructive of me. I looked at it harder, and it's not as bad as I thought, but I think the problem lies mostly with the lower legs.

I think you tried to squeeze the whole character onto the page, because you end up drawing the upper half pretty well, and then it becomes shorter as you approach the bottom. I have admittedly done a lot of this in the past.
No. 12145 ID: 09a2fd
Yeah, now that you mention it, the lower legs do look funky too. Ah well...
No. 12161 ID: 09a2fd
File 133378368683.jpg - (141.34KB , 700x963 , rinaporn5.jpg )
Getting there.
No. 12205 ID: 09a2fd
File 133396072131.jpg - (191.30KB , 700x963 , rinaporn5.jpg )
UGH! I wanted to get this done before work but no dice. Have some progress anyway.
No. 12212 ID: 09a2fd
File 133402419237.jpg - (239.87KB , 700x963 , rinaporn5.jpg )
Well this was worth the effort.
No. 12221 ID: 09a2fd
File 133407661046.jpg - (249.14KB , 700x737 , elisephases.jpg )
Concept art sheet for...a later quest? Don't think too hard about these.
No. 12232 ID: 09a2fd
File 133411903352.jpg - (272.07KB , 800x858 , gladecolors.jpg )
Trying to get Glade new colors.
No. 12257 ID: f72f26
I rather like the new colours here

also I think the simpler colouring style works better for your art

all in all this picture is quite good I think!
No. 12260 ID: cb075f
Man, this is so incredibly rad and I'm not quite sure why.
No. 12263 ID: b85f8c
You're very good at front-facing faces like that. I really like the mangled ones too.
No. 12265 ID: feab56
I like the bottom right, it looks like a true monster and not a disgusting furry. More like that version please.
No. 12266 ID: 09a2fd

That's honestly what I keep asking myself. If I used the simple lineart coloring, would it be more appealing to people? Ah, I don't know. I put a lot of effort into regular painting.
No. 12267 ID: 09a2fd

> it looks like a true monster and not a disgusting furry.

Don't hate.
No. 12268 ID: feab56
I don't hate. 'Contempt' is the right word. But as I said, keep doing it the bottom right version, that's actually cool.
No. 12274 ID: ed57e8
it's rather obviousl a person breakdown. starts as the top left then goes monster mode over time
No. 12283 ID: 09a2fd
File 133428756927.jpg - (258.72KB , 700x700 , elisestakl.jpg )
My next quest will POSSIBLY be in color...so...
No. 12287 ID: b85f8c
Hmmm... I think those tits might be too far up.
No. 12292 ID: 4f0697
Just scrolling by the thread, I saw the color scheme on this and thought Cultist.
No. 12296 ID: 7b8cdb

Me too.
No. 12309 ID: 09a2fd
File 133438665935.jpg - (311.16KB , 700x700 , eliseholly.jpg )
Developing characters and brainstorming on formats and little functions I can use for this quest. I think you guys will enjoy this one.
No. 12343 ID: 09a2fd
File 133448828863.jpg - (190.56KB , 700x700 , monsters.jpg )
Brainstorming for monster ideas.
No. 12411 ID: 09a2fd
File 133468530096.jpg - (328.89KB , 1000x727 , elisesneak.jpg )
Aww hayl naw.
No. 12413 ID: feab56
That hairstyle reminds me of 90+ year old ladies I used to help.
No. 12417 ID: 695c02
Personally, it reminds me of hair I've often seen on real live girls who actually exist.
No. 12421 ID: fecd83
Odd note on that pic, I've never been satisfied with how to make something with a tail sit comfortably.
No. 12554 ID: 09a2fd
File 133518884325.jpg - (237.17KB , 600x1000 , tomsawer.jpg )
No. 13063 ID: 09a2fd
File 133742048312.jpg - (585.73KB , 777x977 , rinastuff.jpg )
Just Rina.
No. 13064 ID: f04e7d
File 133742721011.png - (11.63KB , 400x400 , tip.png )
It may not be completely accurate, but this is what I think of when drawing
No. 13065 ID: 0dfde8
Your anatomy isn't very good, but you clearly have a fairly decent understanding of shading, expression,colour and design. If you worked on your anatomy, you'd do some pretty good works, I think.
No. 13067 ID: 09a2fd

Could you tell me what irks you about the anatomy in this one? Unless your concerns are the same as shown in wyrt's diagram. Thanks for that, by the way. :)
No. 13069 ID: 31015f

I hate this guy.
No. 13073 ID: ee6556
File 133747522933.jpg - (144.32KB , 600x791 , jonson.jpg )

Sure thing. Your upper halves seem pretty good. On the other hand, your lower halves are far too stunted. It makes the characters seem a little malformed or something. Although the colouring is very good, It is quite apparent on >>12554

Am I right in guessing you draw the characters from the head down? I used to do the same, and when you run out of space (for the page expiring, details already drawn below), you distort the proportions to make it fit. I used to do it all the time myself.

Pic is something I did five years ago, and you can see that the legs have been shortened to accommodate the characters already drawn below.

I don't hope to come across as rude or something, I'm just trying to help.
No. 13074 ID: ee6556
File 133747530809.jpg - (303.57KB , 777x977 , 133742048312.jpg )
Here's a redline also, of what I think the proportions on that last image of yours should be.
No. 13076 ID: 09a2fd
I don't think you're being rude at all. In fact, I am quite thankful you're taking the time to write all this down for me. :)

And yes, I do draw from the head down, and I am in full agreement with your saying of how I try to fit the full body in by comprising the proportions. I used to draw characters really small and now I'm having a hard time keeping them fitting the page. :P

Thanks for the red line too. I can see now how short the legs are!
No. 13077 ID: f04e7d
>I used to draw characters really small and now I'm having a hard time keeping them fitting the page.
>I'm having a hard time keeping them fitting the page.
If they're getting too large for the page, you expand the page. This is digital media; you don't have so finite an amount of canvas to work with. If you want the characters to take up a specific amount of room, rough out the general shape of their body before going at it.
No. 13078 ID: 09a2fd

I guess I should've been more specific. I was talking about traditional art. :I
No. 13090 ID: 2563d4
Even if you don't take the time to block out the general body shape, you can help bound the character better by just drawing a couple of lines where the top of the head and the soles of the feet are supposed to be, then a mark halfway for the base of the groin.

(Also helpful as an early check for the character's balance.)
No. 13091 ID: 627448

get A3 papers :3
No. 13098 ID: 09a2fd
File 133753265616.jpg - (198.42KB , 400x940 , elise.jpg )
I drew a quick picture to use the method wryt's drawn out for me. What do you guys think? I think it looks a bit better.
No. 13113 ID: 5c94e7
looks stumpy, like a dwarf.
No. 13114 ID: 09a2fd
File 133759397089.jpg - (195.80KB , 400x1033 , elise.jpg )
Yeah I'm dumb. Let's try that again.
No. 13117 ID: bf1d5d
File 133760311951.jpg - (507.91KB , 1696x1856 , fashion.jpg )

Anthro's still stick to human anatomy and proportions, unless you really want to mod them up with digitigrade legs and other paraphernalia.
No. 13131 ID: 09a2fd

Damn, look at that tiny-ass head!
No. 13132 ID: bf1d5d

If by tiny ass head you mean, "Anatomically correct and proportioned properly" then yes.
No. 13136 ID: 09a2fd

I mean tiny-ass head. I don't understand how you can't see that.
No. 13137 ID: 840177
It is a bit tiny, specially on the guy on the right.
No. 13138 ID: 7acb8e
Actually, it's about right. The clothes make the man... er.. anthro. Here, take a gander at this picture I just googled

Look at that bitch on the right, her head is SUPER TINY.

Bulky angular clothes make the person look bigger than they should. I'll concede that the head is on the smallish side, but it's totally okay.

If you're going for humanish, lengthen those midget legs, if you're going for animalish, then really I guess they would be fine.

I've always secretly wished more anthros would have different shoes... something less human.
No. 13139 ID: 56df8d
File 133764383549.jpg - (181.12KB , 1696x1856 , 133760311951.jpg )

I think it's just a smidgeon too small. Here's what I think looks right. The one on the left seems ok to me.
No. 13140 ID: 09a2fd

Eh, the think the left is still too small, but the right is a definite improvement.
No. 13141 ID: 56df8d
I think you have to actually make an slight increase in 'furry' head size, because the structure of the head is actually very different, but it varies between artists I guess.
No. 13143 ID: 09a2fd

Exactly. If you try to make it the same size as a human head, it's going to look very awkward. But, yeah, as you said, people tend to have their own style. I'm not going to go out and say my style is very realistic either.
No. 13144 ID: 56df8d
File 133764826760.jpg - (53.54KB , 1092x1303 , 133753265616.jpg )
oh yeah, also, here's a thing about that thing you posted.
No. 13160 ID: 654514
Remember that everyone has their own approach, some people tend to exxagerate the fur size, and they lose features by blending them in the actual fur and not latching them properly on the skull structure.

This is to be expected when you are dealing with anthro's , you will have comic-book ish features.
No. 13319 ID: 09a2fd
File 133843698129.jpg - (240.63KB , 400x1037 , januscat.jpg )
janus cat
No. 13356 ID: 09a2fd
File 133866080334.png - (497.36KB , 650x894 , rinasanthropomorphicnightmare.png )
No. 13357 ID: f72f26
I really like this new direction of colouring
No. 13432 ID: b85f8c
Nice shading and coloring and such.
No. 13481 ID: 09a2fd
File 133946888201.png - (560.38KB , 750x750 , kuvadraw.png )
Tried coloring lineart. I think I can get used to this style.
No. 13560 ID: 09a2fd
File 133997425314.png - (392.47KB , 681x963 , poster.png )
No. 13570 ID: 554be6
Hey Fidchell. It's great to see how your coloring and lineart has improved (also noticable in the quest).

However, I would like to mention the figures you draw seem sometimes a little "stiff" or "wooden" and as a result seem not as lively as they could be.

I think this may have something to do with many of your drawings having either a full frontal view of the face or a 90 degree view of the face, regardless of the body, which makes the people seem to be "feeling uneasy".

This might be more of a "arragement" or a "composition" critique than a straight critique of your drawing, since you seem to know where to put your lines or colors (as we can all see).

Anyway, keep up the good work!
No. 13576 ID: 09a2fd

It's all thanks to you guys. :) I wouldn't have improved as much in such a short amount of time if it weren't for pointers I've been given along the way.

As for stiffness, do you mean I should do more pictures where the characters' look in a more 45 degree angle or something? I'm not sure I follow.
No. 13577 ID: 132b99
need full head rotations. start facing left and redraw the head every 5~10 degrees until it's looking right
No. 13585 ID: 09a2fd
File 134007115974.png - (26.41KB , 1500x183 , rinafacing.png )
It was pretty hard!
No. 13586 ID: 132b99
indeed, and far left and far right look kinda different.
No. 13588 ID: 2992d1
"Stiffness" anon here.

Maybe it's just part of your style. Well, do you know the feeling, when you see a drawing and the objects and/or persons seem to "float"? As if they don't have weight. And as such, the arms and legs and the head seem more like part of a doll, instead of being organic.

I can't seem to express it properly, and as such, you should probably ignore what I say. :)

I hopefully do not sound unnecessarily negative or discouraging you in any way (that would be terrible!).
Thumbs up again for you gallery here and your quest.
No. 13746 ID: 09a2fd
File 134068197614.png - (143.93KB , 700x700 , rinabuttbutt.png )
This was a good investment of my time.

Rasha, stop that.
No. 14061 ID: 09a2fd
File 134203519957.png - (348.47KB , 650x894 , leahgun.png )
How I draw gun?
No. 14062 ID: 1444d5
>How I draw gun?
With judicious photographic referencing.
Tips: ejection ports almost always face right (to eject cartridges away from the firer), the mode selector switch is positioned above the grip (where the thumb would be able to easily operate it), the stock should be tucked under the arm (or placed against the shoulder) of the same arm that holds the grip, and fingers should stay out of the trigger guard until you've already aimed and are about to fire.
No. 14063 ID: 09a2fd

BAH! Yeah, hardly used any reference for this if it wasn't already obvious. Hope I haven't offended any gun nuts here.
No. 14067 ID: e563b5
Gun looks fine to me, passable anyhow. But it's how her hands/body are interacting with the gun that seems 'off' here. She needs to be conforming more to the weapon. 'grasping' it... not merely palming it.
No. 14099 ID: c84373
It's also not resting in the same arm it is being held by.
No. 14192 ID: 09a2fd
File 134241788050.png - (29.14KB , 600x600 , spritebolt copy.png )
Cooking up a sprite sheet for a game of mine. :)
No. 14193 ID: 09a2fd
File 134241792355.gif - (4.13KB , 100x75 , boltrun.gif )
And the running sprites animated.
No. 14231 ID: b85f8c
I think you should have the animal's spine flex a lot more during that animation- it looks rather stiff. Try looking at pictures/videos of cats running. Also having slightly uneven movement between the foreground and background legs would make it look better. It's currently rather difficult to even notice that the background legs are there.
No. 14363 ID: 09a2fd
File 134324430181.png - (504.47KB , 700x963 , gladesexy.png )
No. 14364 ID: 09a2fd
File 134335300078.png - (475.76KB , 700x906 , page9.png )
Still going strong with my little comic series. Some may have seen a page I posted on IRC.

If anyone's interested, here's the entire gallery thus far. http://fiidchell.deviantart.com/gallery/36074496
No. 14452 ID: 110d7e
Barney had a kid?
No. 14801 ID: 09a2fd
File 134551117679.png - (322.03KB , 700x856 , elisehollyconcept.png )
No. 14805 ID: 09a2fd
File 134552730237.png - (40.81KB , 588x1020 , spritehank copy.png )
Spriting continues.
No. 14843 ID: 09a2fd
File 134569106278.png - (95.72KB , 700x700 , lbwisourprisoner.png )
No. 14999 ID: 09a2fd
File 134652453908.png - (620.19KB , 1088x800 , rinaintimidate.png )
No. 15005 ID: 76533d
The cloth detail and shading is quite good here, probably the best part of this picture I'd say. I'll also note that I respect just how much trouble goes into drawing a long muzzle with foreshortening (personally I would have added whiskers but I notice a lot of artists tend to drop them, especially for female characters.)

If I may, how exactly do you do you affect your fur patterning. I would guess the smudge tool on a high setting.
No. 15006 ID: 09a2fd

Thanks. :) The thing about the whiskers is that, you are correct, the lack of it somehow gives off a more "clean" and feminine look, so I just went with it in her design.

The fur detail was done simply by brush strokes with a tablet pen, but with a special brush preset under the "Other Dynamics" function that makes the opacity AND size different with pen pressure.
No. 15514 ID: 09a2fd
File 134937976326.png - (312.74KB , 600x777 , posterdavid.png )
Gonna be starting a new comic here sometime soon: http://davidfern.deviantart.com/
No. 15593 ID: 09a2fd
File 134974668389.png - (413.24KB , 800x1083 , aikeecute.png )
No. 16858 ID: 09a2fd
File 135587787416.png - (521.60KB , 700x1680 , 01-007.png )
No. 17551 ID: 25e59d
File 135983445451.png - (610.31KB , 1120x700 , emery.png )
No. 19331 ID: 9f5a86
File 137020021798.png - (377.43KB , 800x1067 , charactersaiden.png )
No. 19332 ID: 9f5a86
File 137020022602.png - (346.79KB , 800x1067 , characterschrisa.png )
No. 19333 ID: 9f5a86
File 137020023593.png - (333.44KB , 800x1067 , charactersyuseta.png )
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