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File 128392562762.jpg - (107.85KB , 849x1000 , scan0032.jpg )
1076 No. 1076 ID: 44484c
I figured we might want an open "Vidyagaem" drawthread, so I'm setting one up. Can't promise I'll contribute more than scribbles (as per normal, for me), but make any crazy videogame based requests you have here. Afterall, not all videogames are /tg/ related, and we'd have to be KINGS OF SPEED to someone manage a thread on /v/.

Go to town. Old games, new games, SFW, NSFW, whatever. Enough drawfags will filter through that someone probably likes the game you're talking about.

If you don't know the pic is (a work in progress) of Ashlotte from Soul Calibur 4, than I'm sorry you're not familiar with the best character in the game! Though I still love Ivy, of course...
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No. 1078 ID: e31d52
oooooh purdy~!
No. 1079 ID: 5752b6
I can not stand Ivy's retarded outfit designs, personally. Ashlotte is my favorite outfit design I have seen in a long time, though, so yay for this.
No. 1080 ID: f52552
I bleev I'll start things off.
Quote from Cave Story and Vivi from FF9 being amnesiac war-machine bros.
No. 1085 ID: e31d52
Main character from Vanquish rocking out while he rocket-knee-slides.

Go play the demo you'll know what I mean!
No. 1094 ID: 73456a
Sylvanas Windrunner and Infested Kerrigan lezzing it up together.
No. 1095 ID: 5705c9
Katt from breath of fire 2. SFW or NSFW. dont care. and maybe momo from breath of fire 3.
No. 1097 ID: 26bb7a
File 128422729249.jpg - (235.21KB , 600x587 , 1186470297_medium.jpg )
Can you draw her without her armor?
No. 1098 ID: 30545a
What armor?
No. 1099 ID: 26bb7a
What she is wearing.
No. 1100 ID: 754124
She's got some on her forearms and knees. She's also got some sort of pauldrons, but they look largely ornamental.
No. 1104 ID: f4963f
File 128424812081.jpg - (172.09KB , 600x768 , Female_Armor.jpg )
>Draw her without armor.

Okay, done. In fact, it's posted earlier in the thread, lemme refer you to it:

Pic related like the fist of the north star.
No. 1105 ID: 0707fe
File 128426059195.jpg - (140.08KB , 800x690 , comfort copy.jpg )
Guess since no other drawfags have shown up I'll have to show them the tread is "Safe" to use...

You better not think cause you requested her, that's she's YOUR WAIFU!!! Cause she's MY WA... ah, just messing with ya. Now, Lauren... that's MY dead bitch!

To be fair to her, armor in the game is really just for show on everyone, especially in the tournaments. You catch a flak cannon alt shot in the chest or get headshot'd... well, you're happy to have respawners. And you gotta look good the crowds!
No. 1109 ID: fd60f7
Female Shepard and Samus relaxing on a couch, Shep in her undies and Samus in her body suit.
No. 1110 ID: a41aaf
>jumper and pyjamas
No. 1114 ID: 26bb7a
File 128435767230.jpg - (40.40KB , 366x600 , subi-q34slash.jpg )
Slash wearing her bikinis, sun-tanned from the sun.
No. 1119 ID: 10c20a
requesting more Ashlotte please
No. 1174 ID: f52552
File 128514111790.jpg - (40.37KB , 400x450 , eversor.jpg )
Can I get a Minecraft creeper in an eversor outfit?
No. 1217 ID: 6550ad
File 12855089202.png - (227.56KB , 900x750 , quote and vivi.png )

Have a dissapointing shitscribble, on the house.
No. 1222 ID: a41aaf
Default Minecraft Skin Guy climbing a giant creeper, Shadow of the Colossus-style.
No. 1229 ID: 6550ad
File 128568810624.png - (253.75KB , 800x960 , Evercreeper.png )

Sure, why not?
No. 1234 ID: f52552
Many thanks.
No. 1241 ID: f52552
They're not on a house.
I want my nonexistent money back.
No. 1275 ID: 4531bc
You want your nonexistent money back, which implies that you are not in a condition of having nonexistent money at this time, which would mean you have money that exists.

To return to the desired condition of having nonexistent money, you must rid yourself of any money you may possess at this time. Luckily, I offer an easy and convenient avenue for disposing your cumbersome currency, free of charge!
No. 1472 ID: c58a27
How about a Rule 63 Galen Marek/Star Killer? SFW/NSFW is up to you.
No. 1744 ID: 38e619
File 129083984649.png - (544.59KB , 4812x2216 , Dragon Seeds.png )
I made a Dragon Seeds picture. It's all crappy with the stupid clouds. But it's a fight between the two dragons I use most, Evil and Saurian. Took me all of a day and a half to do this. And now that I am done I am left with 2 questions: 1)Did I forget something?
and 2)Why the hell did I make it so goddamn big?
No. 1757 ID: bf1e7e

oh god dragon seeds.

I'm not the only one who played that?
No. 1761 ID: 6a24f3
Provide reference please.
No. 1775 ID: 38e619
Evidently not.
No. 1944 ID: 79c4ad
File 129265290873.jpg - (240.67KB , 2000x2000 , Felicia.jpg )
No. 1983 ID: d080c2
A minecraft creeper, Meat Boy from the flash games, and Domo-kun at a tea party.
The creeper is having trouble with the cup because it has no arms.
No. 2986 ID: 7711c9
File 129979409066.jpg - (93.18KB , 805x959 , scan0010small.jpg )
I haven't been here in a long while, figured I'd come back real quick to celebrate that Catherine is actually going to come to the states. I did this line work a long time ago (around the time the first trailer was shown) and it had that wonderful mix of sexy and retarded that I love drawing. I guess that's probably why I'm not allow to be alone with special needs girls.
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