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File 128339642610.jpg - (278.20KB , 1287x800 , slowprogress copy.jpg )
1020 No. 1020 ID: 44484c

I was thinking about how there isn't really a basic help or advice thread here, and that the only other options most people mess with are asking in drawthreads (where honestly it's not nice to nitpick unless asked) or 4chan's /ic/ (which from what I've seen is a cesspool of hate). So, for those who want the opinions of others on a specific work, ask here. For simplicity sake, if you want advice on something you posted in another thread here, just post the link to it instead of changing it to post again, or whatever.

I'm no pro, but I'll try to offer what help I can, and I hope others will do the same. Stay civil of course, and try to be specific and constructive with your advice. If you can't say it in words, I think we should all be fine with you drawing atop the image to make yourself clear. If anyone is shy about going first, tear into this thing I posted. I'm sure I could have used one more pass to sure up anatomy!
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No. 2181 ID: 2563d4
File 129458142112.png - (35.15KB , 413x427 , Hand3.png )

No. 2182 ID: 2563d4
File 12945814457.png - (55.76KB , 437x516 , Hand4.png )

The fifth part is just some lacklustre examples so I'll omit it.
No. 2290 ID: 2563d4
File 129536189669.jpg - (1.71MB , 1200x4870 , 1295341707.jpg )

Tracy Butler is good at expressions: http://lackadaisy.foxprints.com/exhibit.php?exhibitid=333

...unfortunately not so great at not breaking links in site re-orgs so uploadan as well.
No. 2294 ID: d50288
File 129536386052.png - (282.54KB , 500x465 , 1295295324180.png )

So gentlemen, where do 'you' fall on the scale?
No. 2298 ID: 7a69ce

What. The scale has like a single slightly normal looking one and then eight anime styles.

I refuse to participate.
No. 2299 ID: 15b51b

I really like how it says 'practice. a lot.' and then, for emphasis, eighty kitty sketches!
No. 2301 ID: 2563d4

This is the sound of a man who has realised he doesn't fit in #1 and is properly embaressed about the situation.
No. 2302 ID: 7a69ce

This is the sound of herpa-derpa-derp...
No. 2305 ID: a41aaf

Now we need a scale from 1 in the opposite direction, leading towards the "pile of in fighting muscles with a head on top" look (e.g. Liefeld).
No. 2306 ID: 7a69ce

Great find, expressions are so important.
A few years ago, my failing grasp of the english language lead me to google the internet for "facials" instead of expressions. I was suprised at the results, but at that age, I didn't really care. In earnest, I don't really care today.
No. 2376 ID: 2563d4

Phrix/MiB appear to have found the rest:
No. 3410 ID: 2563d4

This set of videos is pretty good for understanding the motions of martial arts-y moves, even for static images, since she goes through them slowly at first and points out key body positions and weight distribution.
No. 4036 ID: 2563d4
File 130428081696.png - (269.01KB , 1280x1265 , 1304278026034.png )

No. 4234 ID: eab1be

Just looking over this thread has actually made me decide to pick up the tablet again and see what I can shake out of my brain.

Thanks, strangers.
No. 4890 ID: 3e7ff3

Found something interesting.


No. 5196 ID: d0d439
File 130937341524.jpg - (1.27MB , 720x4949 , 1309122847.jpg )


She did a thing again.
No. 6271 ID: f950bc

Somebody knows why, when you draw something (e.g. a face) and it actually looks okay, but when you mirror it, it turns into an abomination?
No. 6288 ID: bd5a64

Uhh...not sure if I'm actually explaining this all that well, but bear with me: You know how if you say a word over and over, it eventually sounds WEIRD AS FUCK to you, because the repetition has deconstructed and alienated the word to your language-comprehending mind? Likewise, if you've been staring at something for god knows how long, you begin to get used to it (the word pre-repetition) on a subconscious level. However, when you flip it (repeat the word), you alienate it to your mind in such a way it's like you left the work for weeks and came back with fresh eyes. And now you see all the horrible, unforgivable mistakes that slipped right under your nose!
No. 6298 ID: b8ec65

Thank you for your answer. It helped me to understand this (also, slipping a picture seems to be a very common technique for checking for perpective errors, which I didn't know).
No. 6303 ID: 24bbf7

Sure thing!

And now for something completely different: Wat do if it seems I can only draw animu eyes, even if drawing from life? I normally like to consider myself in the "not bad" category of drawing from life, but the ONE PERSISTENT MOTHERFUCKER is always animu eyes, constantly following me around. (In terms of the 1-9 picture, even when I'm deliberately trying not to animu, it usually ends up as a 0.5 or 1.)

Tl;dr has anyone gotten rid of their animu eyes and/or is there a general awesome eye tutorial floating around

In b4 "but that's your styyylllle cherish it always"
As someone who simply doesn't like the aesthetic, no.
No. 6315 ID: 9f4787
File 131403560681.jpg - (70.83KB , 549x768 , 149.jpg )

Don't worry, eyes are a bitch.

What helped me were
a)drawing smaller eyes (so small, in fact, they looked too small for the face)
b)hexagons. Forget the organic structure. The eyes begins on one side with a corner, widens in the middle and then another corner. Then an arc aboth that for the second eyelid.
From these non-organic "robot" eyes, work your way to smoother and rounder lines.
c)I'm sorry to sound like a bitch, but by googling "drawing an eye" I found a lot of helpful stuff (simply because eyes are a concern for many drawers).
No. 6324 ID: 0bd3dc

Ah, that's actually a reference picture I was looking for, thank you!

And I get you, but I haven't been able to find anything which specifically tells you how to suck the animu out of your eyes (which, out of the searching I've done (and I may have passed right over something I didn't see, don't get me wrong), I haven't been able to find). Thank you very much anyway!
No. 7653 ID: 0448b9
File 131828827407.jpg - (241.49KB , 577x901 , img013zzz.jpg )

I am here with a bump of some sort.

This is a cool video that pertains to this thread - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqZAxLqJkzA .
No. 7670 ID: b0581a


Wowowowow check this guy and his tutorials out, for real
No. 7673 ID: 503d9e
File 131837170125.jpg - (1.93MB , 800x3667 , 1290095724396.jpg )


also I was browsin some guy's tumblr and found this
No. 7679 ID: 0448b9
File 131838026249.gif - (4.09KB , 112x150 , john_avatar.gif )


Anyway some tip above told me to draw the torso first (but not detailed yet!) and then draw the rest, by habit I usually end up accidentally detailing it or drawing the head first, but it seems to actually help a bit.. now to get used to it.
No. 7680 ID: a42a1d


No. 7986 ID: 0448b9


QUITE INTERESTING http://chiseledrocks.com/main/musings/topics/how_to_hold_the_pencil
No. 8096 ID: 2d6d07
File 131993400985.jpg - (19.32KB , 363x350 , armedcutebold.jpg )

I feel like I conflated four or five different actions for this guy while drawing it- peeking around a corner, a "fencer" back-hand-up pose, a "come on guys all-clear" wave , and running away. Obviously, this creates a very confused pose.

Is there a nice quick method to avoid the SBaHJ effect (antialiased borders causing color-fill/select to leave edge artifacts)?
[used mouse and GIMP]
No. 8110 ID: 35bcde

Holy shit, I never even knew that I needed to know this. This helps enormously.
No. 8243 ID: 1a1fd5
File 132057525513.png - (60.70KB , 665x348 , aco.png )

Following a single line of action will generally help you avoid the flyswatted look.

The red lines in my shitty diagram represent different lines of action-- how the eye travels through the pose, I guess. Your original pose looks awkward because of the numerous curves that all go in opposing directions, which makes it difficult for the viewer to know where to look. Using fewer curves going toward a common point will help guide the viewer's eye through the pose in a smooth movement.

If you're having trouble expressing multiple things in a single pose then just split what you want to express into multiple panels. It's a clunky solution but it will avoid viewer confusion.

BLAH BLAH BLAH just keep in mind of where you want the viewer to look. decide what the most important thing in the drawing is and make sure that everything else in the drawing points the viewer's eye towards that thing.

http://i.imgur.com/Gxgck.jpg <- This explains the line of action thing more aptly than I ever could so give it a look.
No. 8245 ID: 1a1fd5
File 132057607156.png - (66.51KB , 1121x695 , turtorialforscrubs.png )

Also a way to avoid the white pixeley edge poop that comes from using the bucket tool on antialiased lineart is to not use the bucket tool on antialiased lineart.

Make a separate layer in gimp just for the colours and scoot it under your lines. Bam no more pixel poop.

If you want to avoid a bunch of cleanup while colouring just follow my handy tutorial.
No. 8291 ID: 0307f0

Would this work for very complex outlines? Usually what I do if I'm on a time budget is copy the outline layer, pull it under the real one, then bucket it with alternating colors until all that's left are some little dots and bits here and there. Those aren't terrible to hand-color, but all this is just my personal preference, etc.
No. 8295 ID: de31b1

Hmm, what about turning the magic wand tool's tolerance up pretty high, selecting the outside-outline bit, inverting the selection, using the increase/decrease selection thing by 1 pixel? That might work for you.
No. 8297 ID: 383006

I think it's honestly faster just to color it by hand.
No. 8302 ID: 2563d4

>How to hold the stylus
>All text, no illustrations
>Even though this is a blog post about illustrating
I cannot quite figure out what the "violin" grip is supposed to be.
No. 8303 ID: 2563d4

Also, yeah. The answer to filling within antialised lines is to not do it. It's a question like "how do I change the shading after I've flattened all my layers"---antialiasing is fundamentally a destructive, output process. Work at a higher resolution with sharp lines then resize down (i.e. supersample) on export rather than trying to work on something that is already half-blended. (If you want, zoom out while you work by the same factor you enlarged the canvas. A decent graphics program should even supersample for zoom so it will look antialiased to work on but the underlying data still maintains crisp line boundaries.)

(What I actually do is use Flash, because delicious vectors. Again, the information on where line boundaries lie is retained, and antialiasing is just a derived effect that only gets irrevocably baked into the image when I hit export.)
No. 8313 ID: 1444d5

>Best solution
Use a program other than Photoshop that ouputs lines as vectors
>Good solution
Draw your lines as vectors in photoshop/illustrator. May be a pain in the ass with a tablet?
>OK solution
- Keep outlines as a separate layer(s).
- Duplicate this layer (merge together if needed)
- set to greyscale (if outlines are coloured)
- Use Magic wand with high tolerance (~90%) to select all lines
- Shrink selection (by whatever amount is appropriate depending on the resolution you;re working at)
- Invert selection
- Delete
Fill between now thinner, aliased, lines with original outlines on layer(s) above.
No. 8315 ID: 3bd8ec

Knowing how one actually holds a violin bow, I am not really sure why you'd want to hold a pen this way.
No. 9469 ID: 453e62
File 132440739398.jpg - (72.30KB , 528x768 , 1324337869601.jpg )

No. 9470 ID: 453e62
File 132440741248.jpg - (323.67KB , 900x1200 , 1324338074395.jpg )

No. 9471 ID: 453e62
File 132440758831.png - (139.69KB , 1139x1400 , 1324351179044.png )

i know a uncensored version is around, if you find it post it and i'll take down this one
No. 9475 ID: 2563d4

What the fuck is the point of a reference drawn by someone who didn't use a reference or correct the mistakes?
No. 9487 ID: b738b4

The original: http://balak01.deviantart.com/art/How-To-Draw-Boobs-15685540
No. 9490 ID: b91dd3

I am not sure if this has been posted before, but this little book has been very useful to me. It approaches anatomy less like "Learn every single muscle and bone name ever" and more like "Here, these are some basics you need to know so the people you draw actually look like people"

No. 9491 ID: 0448b9

Iiiinteresting, thank ye.
Now that I have some idea what I'm doing, this should be helpful!
No. 9493 ID: 9f75ce

Seconding this book. The anatomy part is where it really shines, but the sections prior on gesture and construction are some of the best I've seen in recent times. It really is an excellent resource.
No. 9505 ID: 8dbd8a

So, this was already posted (I think?), but it's such a nice compilation it deserves to be mentioned again (many things already in this thread).


(take a look at the available books at the end, if some links are down, feel fee to request)
No. 10092 ID: 1854db
File 132652067099.jpg - (273.10KB , 1200x1200 , dicks.jpg )

It is actually really hard to find tutorials for drawing dicks. Here's one.
No. 21460 ID: 4a20fa

Interesting action-pose reference material time: video footage of people walking (or trying to) in extreme winds:

(You may think that police hi-vis vests in Europe actually double as powered exosuits. You would be mistaken. They are able to withstand the storm due to their MIGHTY BEARDS.)
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