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Planetfall by Farmer

See also: Mine Quest.

A bunch of operators are guiding a cute engineer girl (#6172-531-541, callsign "Weasel") dropshipped on an inhabited yet not colonized world. Her objectives are vague at best. Armed with nothing more than a plankpack, a shovel and wisdom of her orbital supervisors, she begins her exploration. Also, she has an A-cup.

The new world, Parsson-4, holds its own secrets, and bad things start happening almost right off the bat. A team of operators back at HQ tries to give her a leg up and send down some tools, but instead have to struggle with bureaucracy, coverups, and the fact that the whole scenario is looking more and more like a game of Minecraft gone horribly wrong right.

Quest was ended by Farmer prematurely due to time concerns.

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The quest begins to become more convoluted when the organization begins to insist that Weasel's spaceship crashed, and that she died in the impact, meaning that they're trying to hide something, or prevent us from helping her. Or perhaps this Weasel isn't actually real.


Weasel's appearances Inside the Quest.

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