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HWC by Farmer

Adventures of a linguistically limited rescue robot and his wingman.

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Andrews' Word List

These are the parameters I use when rewriting what he says. Have fun!

  • Single numbers. ("Two-zero-mike" instead of "twenty million")
  • Single letters. He can't combine them though ('Naomi' would come as "En-Ay-Oh-Em-Yi) so he just avoids them.
  • The NATO phonetic alphabet (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO_phonetic_alphabet ). Interestingly enough, he can't use those words for anything else (cant say 'golf' to refer the game). Except when they are in the other word lists.
  • The Basic English word list, as found in http://ogden.basic-english.org/words.html
    • He can verb any word, but not tense them
    • -s plurals allowed
    • 'Agenting' (-r and -er suffix) not allowed.
  • Military / Air Force jargon
    • If a word can be replaced with one from the Basic Word List, he uses the Basic one ('state' instead of 'status'; I slipped in No Animals Were Harmed)
    • If a word is too useful outside military meaning, its not jargon.
    • If a word has a meaning specific enough / is too useful / is too much part of the Air Force culture, he knows it ('Wingman')
    • He can say every military rank, but not every military position (an officer at Logistics would probably come out as 'Transport Lieutenant')
    • He can say air force slang. So far, he just chose not to.
    • 'Sir' and 'Ma'am'.

For the record, these are some of his known words. I'll add more as the list grows.

Wingman, Flank, Sat (from satellite), Acknowledged (ACK, radio)

Andrews has assembled a vocab of concepts he needed words for. Feel free to let this list grow.

  • Fire-death Gun; The firehose.
  • Fire Authority: The Firemen Corps. The Authority by itself usually means The Police.
  • The Beautiful Game: Soccer. Don't take it as him being a soccer fan; I added here mostly to show possibilities, as its an actual term for the game he can use (even if its rarely used).

It IS of note...

  • ... that Andrews is a native English speaker, and can understand perfectly anything that is said to him.
  • ... that he knows he's working with a limited set of words, and works around it.
  • ... that he speaks brokenly on purpose. The why is left to speculation.
  • ... that he can use any word he knows with any meaning he can think of, except for the NATO phonetic alphabet thing.


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