Dungeon Game: The Quest

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Dungeon Game: The Quest by Farmer

There are multiple quests with a similar name. For other uses, see Dungeon Quest.

The story of a typical adventurer named Player, delving into a typical World's Largest Dungeon.


Round 1: The hero, the town, and the maniacal crystal ball

Round 2: Skinny dipping in shallow waters

Interlude: In the dark of the night, its easier to see / all the falling stars, and the omens they bring

Round 3: Preflight checkup

Round 4: Without taking a deep breath

Round 5: A mile in my lack of shoes

Round 5 Thread 2

Round 5 Thread 3

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No seriously, his name is 'Player'. Our protagonist, a low level adventurer. Seeks fame and fortune, ale and whores. And also saving the world.

The village of Byron

File:Father McLaughin.png
Father McLaughin

Father McLaughin

A wise priest at the local temple. His wisdom involves messing with people's heads.


A friendly priest at the local temple.

Miss K

A tinker who lives outside the dungeon. A member of an ancient conspiracy involving the knowledge of guns among other things.


A priestess in the village. She has some psychic abilities, but is ashamed of them and keeps them secret. She is also a part of the ancient conspiracy.

World as a Whole

Religion: Kitty Goddesses

Religion: Angels

Major Characters


The dungeon of Byron


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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