Pixel Adventure 2

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Pixel Adventure 2 by Kaktus

The sequel to Pixel Adventure. With better graphics and bigger sprites, naturally! (Don't worry, everything else is probably just as bad as ever).

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Clkrlgb “Claire” Clíodhna
Level 3 Mantis Lich
HP: 50
Equip: Cl’k scythes
Magic Items: 3 slots

Bolster Undead antenna decoration [Infuse Life Opposite]
Resist Necro iron ring [Protect Life Opposite]
+Str scythes [Strengthen Infusion]
+Steel clothing [Steel Protect]


Energy Drain (touch)
Raise Dead (touch)
Drain Life (touch)
Detection Protection (passive)
Analyze Magical Creature (line of sight)

Enchanting: Adept

Tier 1: Fire, Ice, Earth, Life, Steel, Strengthen, Protect, Infusion, Opposite
Tier 2: Invisibility, Anti, Shield, Physical, Combat, Magic, Ranged, Learn
Maximum rune count per item: 4, Minimum: 1


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