New Horizons

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New Horizons by Kaktus

A reboot of Will We Dream? as a fully illustrated quest.

"Welcome to the orbital habitat platform of New Horizon, the crossroad of all species. Located in neutral space, near the center of the colonized universe, we welcome all species of all backgrounds and experiences. Come to New Horizon for a new, greater future. New Horizon, where anything is possible…"

Spoilerth tiny.png This quest contains material that is not safe for work. You were warned.

Major Characters


Rishi Zsazsa

Protagonist and private investigator. An ovale Serpens, she recently came to New Horizon in search of better job prospects than her overpopulated home planet of Roon. She used to be a police officer on the Serpens homeworld, Roon. She's also a xenophile with multiple biomods, but doesn't like the idea of getting cybernetics.


Lily Skywatcher

A female Varkian, and Rishi's first client. She hired Rishi to find her missing droid, X48Y or "Xaby".



A SAI Peace Keeper with a personal interest in Rishi's first case. Goes by Hal or Haley.


Punk/Ben Cogweald

A male Sakkilian who works at a grocery store. Friends with Julia and Drusa. Full name Benjamin, but goes by Ben.


Leon Strongheart

A male Varkian Peace Keeper investigating Xaby as a suspected terrorist. Full name Leontius, but goes by Leon.



Female Sakkilian working in the scrapyard. Friends with Ben and Drusa.


Tear/Drusa Sunblessed

Female Sakkilian working in the scrapyard. Friends with Ben and Julia.

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