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Pixel Adventure by Kaktus

See also: Pixel Quest (Disambiguation).

Something something lizard wizard.

Now with sequel!

Spell/Ability list (as of thread 5 end)

Level 1:

- Arcane Punch(cost: 1):Fire a body of pure arcane energy that deals physical damage to everything it hits.
- Telekinesis (cost:special): Manipulate items from afar. Mana cost depends on the weight of the item. Light items(coin, pillow) cost no mana to manipulate.
- Mage “Chicken” armor(self only)(cost: 3): Absorbs 2 Damage before breaking. Cannot be cast again for five rounds after breaking.

Level 2:

- Blink (Cost: 1): Short range teleport
- Illusion (cost: 1): create a simple illusion that cannot move. Cannot be bigger the yourself.
- Levitate – float a few centimeters above the ground for a short while

Level 3:

- Levitate – float a few centimeters above the ground for a short while
- Ghost sound – Make an fake sound that you have previously heard up to 25 meters away. You cannot imitate more advance sound like something talking.
- Moving Illusion (Illusion Upgrade) – Create an Illusion that can move in simple patterns. Cannot be bigger than yourself.
- Magic missile (Arcane punch upgrade) – more damage, better accuracy, longer range and just plain cooler.
- Solid Illusion – Create an Illusion which fools both the eyes and touch. You can make Illusion have any property of a solid material that you have seen before. You cannot create any kind of advance chemical reactions, like fire or functioning organic life, or create anything that moves on its own. The Illusion cannot be bigger than yourself.
- Haste (upkeep: 4): Increase run/battle/cast speed.

Level 4:

- Knowledge (Illusion) – You can see through others illusions easier.
- Improved Ghost sound – Make any kind of fake sound that you can imagine up to 25 meters away, no matter how complex.
- Grand Illusion (Illusion Upgrade) – All Illusions can now be as big as a room.
- Animate Homunculus – Create a familiar from any kind nonliving object. The familiar stats depend on the object animated. The familiar cannot be bigger than yourself.
- Control Construct – You can try to mentally control any kind of construct.
- Knowledge (self) – You can reconstruct any part of yourself given that you have the necessary parts. You can also rearrange your own appearance as long you have the necessary parts to do so. Any part removed from you can be reused as long it is in working condition.
- Knowledge (Precursor) – You have access to the vast precursor archive inside your head.

Level 5:

- Read mind – No thought are going to escape you!
- Overcharge mind – Causes a random mind related debuff on the target. (ex. Fear, Confusion, Sleep)
- Better Illusions – You’re Illusions are harder to disbelieve.
- Master Hacker - Higher chance to successfully hack into someone.

Level 6:

- Permanent Illusion (cost: 1 soul)
- True Illusion (cost: 10 souls)
- Create Masterwork Golem (cost: 1 soul)
- Time sphere (slow, fast, stop)
- Rewind (10 seconds max)

Familiar: Timmy the piggy bank

+10% all gold gained
+Feat: Will of the pig (Immune against mind control).
+Skill: Rule lawyer (just because the rules says it illegal doesn’t mean it’s illegal).


The cast made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]


The Lizard Wizard casts Blizzard
By Trout
By Pudding
By Kaktus

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