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Rust by Kaktus

When gods are away, the computers will play~ Wait, what? "Rust" is a series of, at the moment, three differently named quests, each taking place in a different period of time. Popular theory has it that there's a fourth, which would go between two of them, separating them all by three months each. THe first is Rust, the earliest of the time periods. The second is Unbroken, which takes place nine months after Rust, though in a completely different location with a different cast of characters. Finally, there's Numb, which takes place a mere three months after Rust, six before Unbroken.

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The arcs titled Rust take place in the Serathian desert, where there are the Serath (who own the water and wealth) and the Tribals.

Chapter 1



Jericho is a tribesman who was rather poor--even moreso than the standard tribesmen. Has giant markings.


Some guy wearing a dark, hooded robe. Acts brave, but isn't really.


An old dude who can read and write, but he can't do much fighting. Mostly uses his wits.


Tera is some blind chick with white eyes... Though from the view of The Many, she looks incredulously walleyed due to her eyelashes looking like her pupils. She's a priestess of Serath, as well as a Holy Necromancer. Yeah, that's apparently a thing.


Some dude who's a priest alongside Tera. Very serious, but also not at all serious. Seriously.


Pebble is a mummy. He was brought to life, or RElife by Tera. Yeah, Relife, because Tera's a Holy Necromancer, remember? Plus, he's retained his memories and stuff. He's also a lizard, with sensitive horns. Which is odd, because Reliving are supposed to lose that sensetivity.


A dwarf! Well, he's actually a human, but he's got Dwarfitis, so that counts, right? He doesn't have a beard, but at least we got the dwarf we asked for! He's also a bookworm. Literally. He eats books.


Some soldier who isn't cut out to be a soldier, but does it anyways because he can speak tribal. He doesn't like fighting, but will slit a throat for a pretty copp-I mean, to impress his superiors.


Some schitzo who has two minds despite having one body and one brain. Although it's hard to tell through her hood, she lacks the markings of a male lizard, meaning she's female.


The princess. Has a crush on Pebble, despite him being a mummy and her an normal, living lizard. Totally not somebody else we've met, nope.


HE'S A BLOODY SEVEN FOOT DWARF! Just look at that bloody beard! This bloody man is a bloody human blacksmith with a beard that could bloody well give dwarves envy, and he's also got bloody red eyes. Oh, he also likes to say Bloody a lot.


Wait, a male Mantis is in charge of a group of mercenaries? That's quite the surprise! Thaark has a crush on Tera, despite her being a completely different species, blind, and a Necromancer. Of course, Serathian Necromancers are holy and highly respected, so there is that... And maybe he looks ugly under the mask, and that's why he likes a blind chick?

Larvate Brotherhood A group of white-masked mercenaries in black, for only three doves a day! But, does Gaia even have doves? Members include: Thaark (Mantis), Thuul (Human), and Theen (Lizard).


The Prince. Used to be a girl, and still has feminine hips, but now definitely a man. Has psychotic episodes during which he loses all status--the guards are even ordered to detain him and take him to the Sultan when they happen.


The undead lord of Serath. She's a lizard skeleton with yellow eyes. She probably had her son and daughter before becomming und--relive. Contrary to relive Tribals, those among the Serath who are reanimated are not servants, and must be very honorable to earn the right to relife anyways.


King THERE IS NO KING THE KING IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING! ...Yeah, the game broke before it even started.
Acolyte Long live the king! The Acolyte is Tera, the Holy Necromancer, she revived the king. Yes, the King is reliving.
Pebble The king is dead! The Pebble is The King, relivified as a mummy. Turns out he's very, VERY awkward. Does he still count as our King piece now that he's been renamed?
Scholar There is no king! The scholar is the advisor to the Sultan of Serath, and is also the beardless dwarf known as Ilbir. True to his name, he's well versed.
Thief THERE IS NO LIVE! At least, not like the life of a thief~ This chick's a pretty big moron. Hey! Shut it! Oh yeah? What're you gonna do? I'm gonna... Give myself a challenge is what I'm going to do! The Thief is Shadow, the psycopath. And no, Elizah is not the Thief, but Eliraz is the other side of her mind... Which is very unique, considering Eliraz is apparently male and Shadow is apparently female.
Warrior The Warrior is a male mantis and lead of the Serath branch of the Larvate Brotherhood.


Teal Player Teal is the audience. Considered an "Insane AI."
Gray Player Gray is "Shadow," the player behind the Thief. They are considered an "Easy AI."

Chapter 2



The pebble, our king, and an all around cool guy. Literally cold, too, since he doesn't have a heart to keep warm anymore!


The shaman of demons.


The son of Durach.


: A giant black lizard like guy. He's also apparently undead, if the icon suffix RUSTED is any indication.


Hey, it's a robot from an age long expired! He's in an awful state though, considering he's been cut in half. Lucky him, he can't feel pain, though he has been trapped in ruins for a long, long time! He also does not like when Player Teal tries to break the game by referring to mechanics that shouldn't be known to NPCs, including his name.


The prince shows up again and gets us into a whole mess of trouble. Poor Prince, we knew ye well. Also: Has a crush on Jericho.

The Masked ManLinkToBoard.gif

This guy seems to help, but does he really? Who is he, and what does he want?


Some pawn for an unknown player. Died quickly, nothing major.


A golem head retrieved from the ruins, refused to be interactive until given a name. Jericho listed off a bunch of names until one stuck, and Artemis was it.


He's back! Although, quite frankly, he's gone batshit insane.


Captain of the royal guard of Serath, she's a female lizard with a damaged right horn and a scar over her right eye--which is blind. A bit gruff, but a good person.


Shaman: A piece controlled by Blue, Durach is one of two major players where the Tribal Horde is concerned.
Thief: Once Gray is defeated, Eliraz joins Teal's party. Turns out he's also got a huge hardon for the undead. And he's also half a she--hermaphrodite, intersex, or whatever other terms you want to use.
Warrior: Turns out, he used to be a she! Necromancy is apparently the solution to everything, for these people.


Teal Gaining a few more viewpoints, checking out more things, still an insane AI that isn't an AI.
Gray Getting a little angry with Teal, Gray's begun taking more active steps as The Thief.
Blue Blue seems to control the Daemon of the Tribes, Morkay, who's body is apparently artificial. Like Gray, Blue can block out Teal from communications.
Pink A very diplomatic player, working behind the scenes with Elizah. Appears to be a pink princess, but otherwise operates similarly to Teal--No direct control, just communications and advice.
Red Red is a terminated player who used to be in control of the Sultan, just as Gray was in control of The Thief. Sultan's pawn name is unknown.


Characters Akena: A very badly scarred Mantis who's missing her right eye. Working with Durach.
Eliros: Missing an eye but somehow still alive, after being exiled from Serath. Also, somehow has weird ice spider legs.
Thaark: Went on a date with Tera. She got drunk and barfed on his mask. Still a mercenary. Post-op male mantis.
Tera: Went on a date with Thaark. She got drunk and barfed on his mask. Still a necromancer. Female human.
Theen: The lizard guy who used to be a mercenary like Thaark, but then he took an arrow to the knee. Too bad the lady who shot him died, since Theen's quite the masochist.
Thuul: The human mercenary. Can be influenced indirectly, since he's an ally who isn't a pawn. He's an incredible tracker, capable of noticing things before others even think to look for them.

Pebble: Pebble has been upgraded to officially be the king piece, meaning his death at this point will guarentee a game over.
Thief: Eliraz, the King captured from Gray, was initially a pawn, but was upgraded to Queen. Amusing, given his status as a hermaphrodite.



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Quests by Kaktus

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