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Vapor Quest by Typo

░▒▓Vapor Quest▓▒░, henceforth referred to as Vapor Quest, is a quest featuring a grey, kobold-lookin' guy named Ruzke. Ruzke woke up one morning to find his head full of voices that were stupid, nonsensical, and lacking any sort of knowledge about the world.

Vapor Quest is currently active so far as anyone can call Typo's update speed 'activity'.


Currently somewhat few in number.

Ruzke the Tolkavi


Ruzke appears to be the protagonist of Vapor Quest. It is acceptable to shorten his name to Ruz. He's a gray, dog or catlike looking humanoid. He calls himself a Tolkavi, and lives in a wooden shack apparently lit by something called 'fire oak' in a brazier suspended from the ceiling. He awakes in the beginning of the quest with unexplainable voices (spirits?) in his head.


Little information is known about the Vapor Quest world as of yet. Tolkavi have 'always' existed, according to Ruzke. Sauzers are another race that exist, and have since the 'First Empire', whatever that was.

Magic exists, as do mages, who sometimes have ancestral spirits in their heads to guide them. A pantheon of gods presumably exist given Ruzke's oath of "Gods, I don't want to deal with this today" in reference to the spirit voices in his head.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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