Tiny Cat People

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Tiny Cat People by mortis et al.
  1. Act 1
  2. Wretch
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  4. Spit
  5. Act 3
  6. Hark

A quest involving the suggesters (Referred to as "The Void") creating a world and its inhabitants.

Written and illustrated by mortis, with support by the rest of the Homebrew Deviants team.

Part of the Morbit setting.

As of Act 4, Tiny Cat People is now hosted on the Homebrew Deviants forums. There was a brief period during the Hark intermission in which the quest was hosted on both sites.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

The world

The Void has the ability to create things as they please, unless there's an Adventure active. This exception is to allow Adventures to be completed without wasting too much time.

Tiny Cat People

Often referred to in shorthand as TCPs, the Tiny Cat People are the main characters of the quest. The Void can only have a limited number of living TCPs at any given time, but can normally issue whatever orders they want. TCP are created with a single noun to determine what they are made of. They prefer having names that are two syllables long.

There are different types of TCP that can be created, the following is a list of what they can do.


A storage TCP is capable of holding items, creatures, or TCPs within itself, granting it an internal inventory without the need of pouches and packs. Whatever the TCP is determines what they store. A box type could store anything, a fridge would store food. Their storage capabilities are limited to what they can physically hold. Abilities vary all over the map.


A weapon TCP is born with lower maximum health, and can sacrifice some health in order to add to the weapon count on their body. Weapon types experience chronic pain due to the weapons sticking out of their body. Not only actual weapons fall under this type, but things like certain tools, and even toys.


A creature TCP is very powerful, but unable to control their ability usage; it is passive. Whether or not this means it's constant is currently unknown. Based off of any sort of living creature OR something resembling one, like a plush toy or statue. Their abilities vary wildly.


Food types are usually healers or support. You can take a chunk of one and have another TCP consume it for buffs and possibly bonus effects. Food types ingesting other food types can change what they do. Not all food types are good for your cats to consume. Food covers anything that's typically consumed- including drugs, poisons, and other nasty chemicals.


Abstract types are the most powerful TCPs, generally. For a health cost, they are able to enter an elevated form where they can warp both the world around them and even TCPs and players. An abstract type is the only thing that can kill a player from within the game, though depending on their type, their abilities can drain them down to critical in a single use.


A machine type turns an input into an output, much like actual machines. For example: you talk into a phone type, a recipient talks back; you push down on a lever, the other side goes up. Useful for fulfilling a niche goal.


Nature types are based off of things considered parts of the environment. Weather, biomes, plants (probably other organisms that don't fall under creature type as well, such as fungi), and geographic features. They have the ability to create and control their type. Like form and body types, they need to be physically touching whatever it is they want to change or create.


Form types are based on materials, shapes, and other a number of other things yet to be determined. Their abilities involve changing the materials and shapes of other objects and creatures. They work on TCPs sometimes, but that requires a lot more exertion and health cost.


Body types are based on parts of the body, sicknesses, and injuries. They are large and monstrous in appearance, with long limbs, canine legs, and a frequent lack of eye-spots. They have excellent strength and good durability. At close range they can: create things like extra limbs, sicken cats, or even spontaneously create cuts. The downside to these types is mainly in their size and speed- they're easy to spot and most other TCPs can zip around them with ease.


Primus floating in the void


The first TCP created, Primus is a male ("he") Storage TCP, subtype TENT. Being a tent TCP, Primus is large for a Tiny Cat Person, and may even pass as a Medium Cat Person if he were brought into a world where they existed. His head has a vertical zipper going down it, which has the handle at the bottom when zipped up; he can open it up to store items inside of his head. His stomach has a flap which can be opened to hold a TCP that is smaller than himself, granting them health regeneration. He has two small black eyes, and the position of the zipper handle makes it look like a tongue.

Buddy shambling out of the spawning pool


The second TCP created, Buddy is a genderless ("it") Weapon TCP, subtype KNIFE. Being a knife TCP, Buddy is of medium size and has knives jutting out of it. Its right arm was missing from its creation, instead being replaced by two blades, one higher and larger than the other. A third blade juts out of the top of its head; all three blades leave a red substance leaking out, similar to blood. It has permanently closed, sad looking eyes, the bottom of which dip into red blush-like circles on its cheeks. It has no mouth, though it does have a long neck.

Dad, freshly spawned and striking a pose


The third TCP created, Dad is a female ("she") Creature TCP, subtype DAD. Being a dad TCP, Dad is of small size, with a commanding aura that allows her to override The Void's commands. Her name was given before suggesters confirmed her gender, hence being referred to as Dad instead of Mom, and by suggesters who had forgotten that TCP prefer two syllable names, which is why it isn't Father or Mother. She was spawned to be a responsible TCP who could take care of a Plushie Corpse that was spawned. Dad has a green face and green feet, with slanted eyes that point down to where her nose would be if she had one. Her belly has a white tie-shaped mark on it.

A fresh, locally sourced, organic Marnet


The fourth TCP created by the Void, Marnet is a female ("she") Creature TCP, subtype LOBSTER. Being a lobster TCP, Marnet has a large health pool and shell armor, in addition to her four arms, great strength, and pincers. Her armor has a weakness, in that it is compulsively shed regularly and without warning, giving her a vulnerable period while the new armor grows in. The shed armor doesn't disappear, and we may find a use for it.

Mint condition Jasper


The fifth TCP created by the Void, Jasper is a genderless ("they") Creature TCP, subtype PHANTOM. Being a phantom TCP, Jasper is invisible while moving at high speeds and is able to pass through walls. Jasper was made to serve as a spy and saboteur, their intangibility allowing them to easily circumvent obstacles and hide in solid objects.

Our Favorite™


Wretch is a greater deity of chaos and space, with a motif of sludge. Her counterpart is Grind, and her demon is Eastwood. She is self-described as a "sleazy crude fuckbitch" and took very well to Void's flirtations, quickly befriending them. She has nicknamed Void "Voidsy". Wretch has insecurities relating to how Eastwood and Grind consistently underestimate and act condescending towards her. She has a jelly TCP named Crunk.

Grumpy fuckboy


Eastwood is a lesser deity of impulse and depression, with motifs of crystals and smoke. He is Wretch's demon, and feels very protective towards her. He doesn't trust Void, and thinks they're bad for Wretch. He is an alcoholic with a drug addiction. He has a tendency to fuck mortals, and he made the mistake of giving his body the ability to bear children, so he has a lot of kids. He has a gun TCP named Whipp.

qt zealot


Miller is a lesser deity of beaches and nostalgia, with motifs of flowers and breezes. She is Rein's demon, and trusts it unconditionally. Miller is sweet-natured, excitable, and friendly. She is currently a part of Void, Eastwood, and Wretch's alliance. She has a shell TCP named Seaspray.



Spit is a greater deity of violence and vices, with motifs of smoke and flesh. Her counterpart is Rein, Who is able to keep her somewhat in check. She is a remorseless psychopath, sadist, cannibal, and serial-killer. She is generally unflappable, though mentioning her relationship with Rein or treating her like a petulant child may be ways to get under her skin. She is known to be crafty and ruthless, winning games in spite of her failure to make alliances and her mistreatment of her TCPs. She killed both the greater deity Velvet and the high god Wane.

one lousy kitty face motherfucker


Void (A.K.A. Voidsy) is the player character and a lesser deity collective of identity and discord, with motifs of masks and space(unconfirmed). Being a newborn collective, Voidsy's personality is somewhat erratic, but so they've far they've shown a heavy tendency towards lewdness and compassion.

Primus sitting in the middle of a Marimo herd


Marimo are a peaceful non-tcp species, who are basically a soft ball of moss or algae, though their creation granted them the ability to move around on their own in herds. Buddy sneakily adopted one as a pet.

Bee flying out of the spawning pool


A non-TCP creature that was spawned shortly after Primus and became his pet. Bee is a horizontally-elliptical yellow creature with a vertical black band across its midsection, and short insect wings jutting out of that black band and two black eyes upon its front. Other than the wings and eyes, it lacks any other appendages, legs and stinger included.


Wretch has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]

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