Ouroboros Parable

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Ouroboros Parable by Indonesian Gentleman

What is time? It is a serpent which eats its tail.

-Kurt Vonnegut

In which a horse wakes up in a morgue with amnesia.

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'James Baxter'

(1984) The main character. Wakes up in a morgue with amnesia, a copy of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyyat, and a fake ID. (2153) A mercenary going by the codename 'Sledgehammer'. Can hack and use a combat exoskeleton, but kind of addicted to the dream-interface computer, Morpheotron.

Dr. Wu

The coroner.

Officer McDowd

(1984) The police escort. (2153) Baxter's friend and fellow mercenary 'Thespian', uses genemods to alter his body during missions.

Jenna Foxglove

(1984) Librarian of the Beckett Public Library. (2153) Professional freelance liaison. Making connections between those who want and those who can.


An orphan girl who often snuck to the library.


Millie's 'sister' at the orphanage.

Danny Roxton

Punk lizard troublemaker McDowd caught.

Officer Jones

Officer on front desk at the 37th Precinct, at the time McDowd brought Danny to the cells.

Strange Hobo

The first to find Baxter in 1984. Strangely, seen also in 2153.

Dr. James Twelvetree

(1984) Found dead with his wife in the Wychelm neighborhood in the Three Kings district. (2153) Scientist at TITOR Labs from where Baxter is supposed to extract from.


And here you are, forgetting again.


City of New Bataven, 1984


7b Jacard Lane (City District, Downtown)

Dr. Wu's office. It's where James Baxter woke up.

Beckett Library

3 Carmine Road (City District, Downtown)

Public library. Jenna Foxglove's workplace. Also where a book you had was from.

Downtown Police Station (37th Precinct)

6 Graham Street (City District, Downtown)

Officer McDowd's station.

DeLaney's P.I. Office

8 Graham Street (City District, Downtown)

Jenna gave you this address.

James Baxter's body site

Alley near East Bridge (City District)

Where James Baxter was found dead by a hobo.

Seven Sisters Cafe

Seedy part of town (City District)

Mentioned in a bookmark found on you.

"Baxter"'s Apartment

37 Merlon Street (Barrows, North Projects)

The lending address of the library book. Also where you found [REDACTED].

City of New Bataven, 2153

Baxter and McDowd's Safehouse

37 Merlon Street (Barrows, North Projects)

Where Baxter's Morpheotron is.

Seven Sisters Restaurant

(City District)

A fancy restaurant that values discretion and privacy of its customers. That's why Jenna Foxglove invited you for a pre-mission meeting.

Out of Time

The Bar at the End of the World

Do not mistake the map for the territory.


James Baxter has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]



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