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The Herd by Buckwheat

A quest that takes place a few years after Blind Quest. Reading Blind Quest shouldn't be required to understand The Herd.

Stars a sheep named Candy Cane who moves in with her older sister to help out with her businesses.

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Main Characters

Candy Cane

The protagonist of The Herd!

Sugar Cane

Candy's shady older sister. Runs a sketchy bar and candy store.


Wolf that runs Sugar's bar and does all the paperwork for the two businesses.


Sleepy sheep that works at the candy store with Candy. Has a jerk of a roommate.


Sugar's delivery girl and dealer. Drives around everywhere on an electric scooter.


A fox that works for the local church. She's got the special ability to connect and communicate with spirits.

Thread Summaries

Volume 1

Candy arrives into to town and meets up with her sister, Sugar. She hauls Candy around the town and introduces her to the businesses she owns along with her new co-workers, Marsh and Sharcole. Later on in the night, something happens at park. Candy, Marsh, and Sharcole rush off to investigate.

Volume 2

Candy starts off her first day working at the candy store with Sharcole. The day goes smoothly until closing time. Candy, Marsh, and Sharcole help out a stranger in need escape from mysterious attackers outside. Afterwards, they go out for coffee and bring Sharcole home. Candy and Marsh do some last minute shopping at a tool store before heading home. Late in the night, Sugar comes home and passes out in the main hallway. Candy gets stuck on clean up duty and finds a letter on the floor for Marsh.

Volume 3

Roxie and Candy's little sister Pepper come to take care of Candy while she's sick. The group also tries to figure out why Marsh has been gone for the past few days. A snowstorm blows into town, but it doesn't stop Marsh from coming home later that night. The next day, Candy preps for getting an enchantment license by visiting the police station. She finds out the only way to get one is to join the force as an undercover cop.

Volume 4

Candy heads out with Officer Nibbles and Officer Freeze to practice magic. Later on, her and Marsh run into the cult again at the mall and take down another one of their members.

Candy makes it to work afterwards and finds Sharcole's passed out on the floor. Marsh takes her to the hospital and they find they cause is from insomnia. Later when they go to pick up her prescription, they run into a hyena who claims he's a friend of Sugar's from out of town.

Giving Sharcole her pills, they took her home and Candy goes to work with Marsh at the bar. The two end up chatting with a group of customers and end off the volume with a game of cards.

Volume 5

Candy and Marsh are back at Sharcole's apartment to make sure she's able to get a full nights rest for once. When asked what might be keeping her up all night, she mentions a band upstairs. Candy heads up to investigate and finds they're willing to practice else where if she can find them a spot.

After sharing the news with Sharcole, the power goes out. Candy and Marsh head back upstairs after hearing music playing upstairs. They end up running into a potential member of the cult after another power outage.

Candy and Marsh manage to talk Sharcole into staying at their place for the night and head home.

Instead of calling it a night, Candy decides to snoop around the mansion a bit. She heads up into the upper floors and manages to dig out an enchantment stone from a fire place. After hiding it in her room, she goes deliver the letter she got at the mall to Sugar.

Volume 6

Candy works at the candy store with Sharcole. Not long into their day someone tries to rob a customer and the store with a supposedly cursed knife. With the help of a customer the manage to subdue him and kick him to the curb. Later on Candy gets roped into fighting a group of cultists with the help of someone from the church. Together they kill the one of the cultists and free the person they were holding hostage.

After that, Roxie gets a holy necklace from her church friend, stealing the spotlight from Candy. She heads off towards an abandoned warehouse. There she runs into a small thief impersonating her client. After dis-arming him, they find the person she was supposed to meet was murdered! Shortly after the sliding door slams shut, locking them both out.

Roxie forces the small imposter to help her find a way out and discovers the cult is here!

Volume 7

After escaping the warehouse and a chat with her boss, Roxie heads for the church for protection. However, she winds up getting roped into volunteering instead. With the help of Relina, Roxie learns a little bit more about enchantments and the two have a sparring match.

After some practice, Roxie and Relina are sent out to kill a chimera at a bar. They find out after finishing the job, that the bar's run by mafia. For helping him out, the bartender puts in a good word to Slick for Roxie.

The thread ends with Roxie meeting up with Slick and getting thrown into another risky job.

Volume 8

Candy works with Officer Nibbles and the church in a sting operation on the cult in a the sewers. Candy's goal is to catch someone buying enchantment stones for the cult! Candy dons the disguise of a street punk named Lemon and meets up with their target, Berry. The group manages to apprehend Berry and bring him in for questioning. However, as they leave the sewers. Candy and co learn the cult is holding some kind of tournament down here tonight. Candy and the others job changes to stop the tournament. Along the way, they recruit a puma named Pierce. Pierce has the power to see and communicate with the spirits of chimeras. Together the group takes out several members of the cult, and the thread ends with Candy, Roxie, and Pierce going in to fight the cult boss running this tournament.

Volume 9

Candy, Roxie, and Pierce fight the cultist boss that's in charge of the sewers. The group manages kill the boss, but get stuck in the now burning room. Roxie uses her polearm to smash the smoke detector and unlock the door. After escaping the sewers after a long and painful night, everyone re-groups up at the church to rest up and get some first aid. Later, Candy gets a call from Nibbles to meet up at the cafe in the mall. Marsh drives Candy over to the cafe and Nibbles explains that her and Freeze are now on off duty. The two off duty officers share their concerns that something shady is going on in the police force, and ask Candy to help investigate. The thread ends with Candy and Marsh heading for Sharcole's place for a nice relaxing shower.

Volume 10

Candy and Marsh visit Sharcole's place to shower up. When Candy finishes her shower, she hears something break. Followed by Marsh and Kyle yelling. Marsh accuses Kyle of putting drugs in her drink, and Kyle denies it. After pressing it more, Kyle admits to putting laxatives in Marsh's drink. After showering up, the two head back home and start getting ready to call it night. Candy tells her sister it's time she pays up and give her the enchantment stone she owed her earlier, and gets a fire shield enchantment. The next day, Sugar tells Marsh she needs to take Candy and Pepper and get out of town. She explains the mafia isn't exactly on her good side right now, and wants to make sure they're aren't in town in case anything happens. Candy spends most of the day hanging out with her younger sister, Pepper. The two hang out at the mall and go shopping and play some arcade games. The thread ends with Marsh taking Candy and Pepper with her out of town. The group stays at a small hotel and calls it a night after a long ride.

Volume 11: The Pack

Marsh gears up and heads out early to a trade ship, where she's challenged to a duel for her enchanted sword by the ship's captain.



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