Moot Point

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Moot Point by Toxoglossa
  1. Chapters 1-2
  2. Chapter 3 (bathhouse)
  3. Chapter 4 (ghost ship)
  4. Chapter 5 (old city ruins)
  5. Chapter 6: Opera
  6. Chapter 7: The Bargast
  7. Chapter 8: The Wild Hunt
  8. Chapter 9: Lost in the Stacks
  9. Chapter 10: Heart of the Mountain
  10. Chapter 11: Old Flames
  11. Chapter 12: The Wedding
  12. Chapter 13: Dream
  13. Chapter 14: The Thief
  14. Chapter 15: Scrying Around
  15. Chapter 16: Three Bi Mice

Something something who ya gonna call?

A lightheaded quest of fun and silly lewds following Casey, Kol and Gabe, a trio of mice and Spirit Guides living in the coastal city of Moot Point.

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Main Cast



Casey is the Binder of the trio, using auramancy to bind and restraint would be hostile spirits. She's also the "brain" of the team, her scholarly inclinations and knowledge about the history of Moot Point, ghosts and Feys having helped the team more than once.



Kol is the medium of the trio, capable of severing his spirit from his body and use the former to host ghosts and others souls. He is pretty much the "muscle" of the team.



This whimsical mouse is the Sender of the team and the "heart" of the trio. His magic allows him to open portals from one place to the other as well as the GHOST ZONE (and he's insistent on the terminology)


Naz, Selma and Geoff of A Little Town Called Coxwette.


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Delilah, Candy and a small kobold
as Skrat and friends
By GraphyGraphie
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