Legends of Tharsia Quest

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Legends of Tharsia Quest by Indonesian Gentleman

It started in a tavern. Then the guy you've been waiting for arrived, dropped dead, and spontaneously combusts with a magical dagger embedded on his back. One that uses forbidden magic no less. Things won't get any worse, right?

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In order of appearance in the quest.


An Airfen from Manaan-13, his destination is the kingdom of Abstergo.


Local drunk Llyskan from the port city-state of Corazon. Looks for her lost fiancee, Keeran.


A wandering Ksselyr mage, tags along to find the source of the dagger.


Tharsian smuggler. Is the charred-out husk in the bar.


A rather cowardly Gato of the Dock Cats gang in Corazon.


Piedro's boss, another Gato. Definitely one of the higher-ups of the Dock Cats. Has a nobility-related past?


Tharsian captain of the Monsoon Cutter, a smuggler ship headed to Abstergo.


Caena's Quartermaster, a strict Hozith.

Broken-Face Samo

A Tharsian mercenary, leader of the Greywolf Company mercenary squad. They're going with Caena as passengers.


Unknown-race assassin, owner of the flame dagger. Belongs to a group called the Faceless. Apparently really hard to kill.


Anaximander's 'friend' from the Faceless. Apparently can shapeshift.


First Mate of the Monsoon Cutter, a lively Llyskan.


Tharsian Sea Shaman employed aboard the Monsoon Cutter. His face looks tired.


An Airfen Navigator onboard Monsoon Cutter. Isn't to keen on leaving her post unattended.

Yagi & Yoza Khergy

Also known as the Khergy brothers, these two Gatos serve as crew under Caena.


A Hozith from a tropical island, apparently knows a thing or two about being a shaman.

Nae, Dae, Kae

Llyskan triplets serving as crew under Caena.

Karmen Benghazi

Greywolf Company's resident Airfen. Unusual for Airfens in that she packs muscles.

Nilode the Knife Mage

Greywolf Company's Tharsian mage. Apparently kinda well-known for his knife-based magics.

Deathmark Vaslij

Greywolf Company's Gato sniper. Hails from the same region as Duke. Very good with projectiles.

Mia Resbitt

A traveling entertainer turned oblivious sea-shaman, she's chosen personally by the Ocean. Shipwreck survivor.

Varfija the Beastmaster

Another member of the Faceless, apparently good at necromancy. So good in fact, they broke the Marnaka Convention twice at once, multiple times.


Piedro's appearances Inside the Quest.

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