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Horny Futa Adventures by Apples

Something something horny and bedicked.

Horny Futa is just your average, everyday girl with functioning male and female genitals. After losing her job at Boobsters due to a misunderstanding involving her stripping naked in front of the whole restaurant and then delivering a crushing German Suplex to her boss, Horny Futa sets of on a path of adventure and discovery.

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Horny Futa

First name "Horny" last name "Futa." She is the earnest yet ditzy protagonist of the story. She suffers from severe horniness, a condition with potentially debilitating consequences that take the form of "horniness penalties;" random, usually embarrassing mutations or hallucinations that manifest if Horny Futa goes without satisfying her desires for more than a few minutes. Most of Horny Futa's life problems come from being too horny. She is a former Murdermal trainer and defeated her rival in an epic Murdermal Stadium battle at the age of thirteen. Recently she was a waitress at a Boobsters restaurant franchise. Horny Futa begins her quest with a measly four-inch penis. She originally had a nine-inch penis, but it shrank due to a particularly big horniness penalty that occurred prior to the beginning of the quest.

Horny Futa's Friends


Violet Boobhound

Lavender Boobhound is a demifur clerk at Horny Futa's favorite sex shop. She is somewhat jumpy and excitable, possibly in part due to her petite stature and canine roots. Horny Futa considers Violet her best friend in the world. Violet reciprocates, but has no compunctions against leveraging their friendship to make a sale. Her Ability stat is glitched when viewed by someone with the "Stat Vision" perk. She is fond of belly rubs.


Lavender Boobhound

Lavender Boobhound is a Hyper Furry Futa. She is Violet's mother and owner of Horny Futa's favorite sex shop. Her physically imposing stature is due to her regular exercise regimen which includes intense cardio, weight training and yoga. She has also been practicing penis enlargement techniques since a young age. As a result, her genitals are tremendously outsized. Fully erect, her penis is larger than an adult man. Thanks to her "Ultra Balls" perk, she is capable of ejaculating hundreds of gallons worth of semen at a time, enough to coat a city block. Lavender's tremendous strength allows her to "Hulk leap" hundreds of yards into the air, but she has not yet perfected landing. She owns a Vespa scooter with the vanity license plate "REDRKT." The scooter was destroyed in the process of giving Horny Futa a lift to work. Lavender sees herself as something of a mentor to Horny Futa and is very fond of her. Unfortunately, her well-intentioned "lessons" often end up causing Horny Futa significant pain or consternation.


Chaste Futa

Chaste is Horny Futa's fraternal twin brother. The two of them share a "psychic twin bond" that allows them to communicate and even see through each others' eyes at a distance. The bond also allows for a certain degree of involuntary sharing between them, and Horny's intense lust is powerful enough to arouse Chaste through the link, much to Chaste's distress. Chaste is the more conservative of the Futa siblings, and a practicing Christian. It is unknown whether he is a hermpahrodite, but he does, at least, have a vagina.


Horny Futa's Penis

Endowed with the power of speech thanks to a Horniness Penalty, Horny Futa's penis can become erect or flaccid at will, as well as move herself around like a tentacle. She is very blunt and aggressive, and primarily focused on getting off. For all intents and purposes she is the voice of Horny Futa's libido.

Horny Futa's Antagonists



Keith is the long-suffering manager at the Boobsters where Horny Futa used to work. He's put up with a lot of misbehavior from Horny Futa and finally had enough when she jerked off in front of the whole restaurant, then took off her top and promised free drinks to every customer. He fired her after she flipped him over his desk with a German suplex.


Officer Gazongas

Officer Lucy Gazongas is a police officer who chases Horny and Lavender during their crazy, out-of control scooter ride through the city. She loses them after her car is deluged in a flood of Lavender's cum.


Sporty Futa

Horny Futa's self-proclaimed "rival." She has beef with Horny Futa for unknown reasons. Horny Futa considers her less of a "rival" and more of a "jerk with roughly equivalent abilities who follows her around and tries to do better than her at everything." She wears her large penis wrapped partway around her waist while it's flaccid. Though the two of them share the same surname, Sporty Futa is not related to Horny. Horny Futa and Sporty Futa attend the same gym.


Fartface Turdburglar

Horny Futa's cousin and "real" rival. The two of them were fierce competitors as children, but Horny Futa considers their rivalry to have ended after Fartface's bitter defeat in an epic Murdermals tournament when the two of them were thirteen. His fate is currently unknown. The Turdburglars are related to Horny though an aunt on her father's side.


Horny Futa has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]

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