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Battle of the Cosmic Champions! by Apples

In a distant realm of time and space, the most powerful warriors in the cosmos are summoned to do battle in a contest that spans the stars! In the balance hangs the fate of an entire galaxy, as well as control of the legendary Power Stones. Mighty heroes and deadly villains clash in The Battle of the Cosmic Champions!

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Princess Uvee Photon / Battle Babe

The crown princess of the Royal House of Luminasia. Uvee Photon bears the magical Heartstone, a mysterious artifact of great power that, when activated, transforms her into her alter ego: Battle Babe. Battle Babe is a twelve foot tall, muscular giantess whose tremendous strength is unmatched on all Luminasia. As Battle Babe, she protects the kingdom from the machinations of her brother, the evil Prince Nightheart and his army of monsters.

Princess Photon is an amicable, if somewhat spoiled young woman with a strong sense of right and wrong and an unusually phat badonkadonk.



Princess Photon's pet, a Pouchling from the Island of Makpoolo. Although he can be something of a scaredy cat at times, he is a loyal (if clingy) friend to the Princess. Like all Pouchlings, he possesses a magical pouch that acts as a lesser Bag of Holding, allowing him to carry items larger than the exterior volume of his pouch would suggest. Uvee uses him to carry her makeup.


Science Mind

The Royal Scientist of the House of Luminasia. Science Mind is easily the smartest and most brilliant individual on the planet. His cybernetic brain is a creation of his own design.


Valkyrea Charm

Princess Photon's older cousin. She is a fierce warrior and a Knight of the Realm. With her magic wings, she soars over the battlefield, providing long-range fire support with her enchanted bow and crystal-tipped arrows. Hotheaded and arrogant at times, she was a candidate to become the next bearer of the Heartstone after the death of her grandfather, King Bright Photon XIX.



A twelve foot tall, dinosaur-like monster. Gorgol is the only one of Nightheart's lieutenants to defect and survive. His survival is in no small part to his unfathomable strength and nearly indestructible body. His is notable for having taken the full brunt of Battle Babe's strength without permanent injury.

He defected to the Luminasian side after Battle Babe rescued his younger brother and sister from Nightheart's dungeon. He has been eternally grateful to Battle Babe ever since, though most other Luminasians don't trust him. He is also a Knight of the Realm.



An Alphrex from the planet Elgys and a Knight of the Realm. Whisper is a trained and deadly ninja assassin, but does not get along with Princess Photon. The dislike is mutual.


Spencer the Magnificent

The court magician and Knight of the Realm. Spencer is a powerful mage, enchanter and sorcerer. Though extremely accomplished in the magical arts, his pursuit of arcane knowledge has left him more than a little unhinged and he is addicted to several powerful drugs.


Science Mindette

Science Mind's brilliant young daughter. As intelligent as her father at least. What she lacks in experience she makes up for in raw brainpower. Her brain is augmented by the Mark II version of Science Mind's own cybernetic brain.



Tripod Monster

A mysterious, cybernetic monster of unknown origin. After nearly killing Battle Babe in the fight of her life, he was killed when Battle Babe used the Forbidden Technique to send his own energy beam back at him. Upon his death it was discovered that his cyclopean eye was, in fact a Power Stone nearly identical to the Princess's Heartstone.


Prince Nightheart

Once the Crown Prince of the Royal House of Luminasia, he was driven mad with envy when his younger sister was chosen to be the next Stonebearer instead of him. In his rage, he attempted to duplicate the powers of the stone with Dark Magic. His efforts were a success, he was endowed with a twisted strength to rival that of Battle Babe, but the process left him a twisted, hulking monstrosity. He has sworn to possess the Heartstone for himself and has recruited several monsters to aid him in a rebellion against the Kingdom of Luminasia.

Other Champions


Horned Toad Knight

A knight from the Kingdom of Blugdarch in the Aigrobanth Nebula. Horned Toad Knight was Blugdarch's legendary Chosen One, blessed by the sacred Oracle of Blugdarch to bear the enchanted blade, Chonurg the Darkslayer. With Chornurg in his hand, Horned Toad Knight was an unstoppable warrior, and slew many monsters in defense of his kingdom. Despite his many victories, he always knew he was destined for something greater. When he discovered he was to participate in the Battle of the Cosmic Champions with the fate of the Galaxy at stake, he knew that destiny had called him at last. He bade goodbye to his betrothed, the beautiful Lady Phrynosoma, and set out at once in Blugdarch's grandest starship with thirteen of the kingdom's greatest knights to do battle with the greatest warriors in the galaxy.

Horned Toad Knight and all his knights were killed in battle with Khlar of Zarn. His Destiny, for the time being, remains unfulfilled.


Khlar of Zarn

The "Last and Greatest" warrior of the Planet Zarn. Khlar is the sole survivor of the Zarn Crucible, a ritual gladiatorial match whereby the entire population of Zarn did battle to the death until only a single victor remained. The victor was to travel out into the galaxy and challenge the most powerful warriors they could find until they encountered one strong enough to defeat them in combat. Nominally, they would mate with the victorious warrior and reproduce as much as possible. The new Zarn race would be invigorated by the victor's superior genes and emerge stronger and more powerful than ever.

Khlar herself is a fierce warrior with few compunctions about killing unsuspecting foes, and, at the time of her introduction, had already killed three Champions prior to Horned Toad Knight using the same method. She can breathe in space unaided and travel at faster than light speeds without the need of a spaceship. Like all Zarn, she is capable of perceiving stimuli far beyond the audio and visual spectrum of unaugmented humans.

After defeating Horned Toad Knight in combat, she was forced to take on his destiny in order to escape the self-destruction of Chonurg the Darkslayer. She is now destined to slay a terrible evil, rescue a princess and find true love.



The Referee

A mysterious, giant floating head with cybernetic octopus tentacles. Apparently capable of unaided FTL spaceflight. The Referee represents parties unknown but claims to select Champions on behalf of the organizers behind the Battle of the Cosmic Champions tournament.



Planet of Origin: Shelter, Shelter System, Balkanized Sector TC789

Alphrex are a hominid species resembling erect walking simians with vulpine facial features. Alphrex have foxlike tails. Their species evolved on the Planet Shelter, though an ecological disaster forced them to evacuate their entire population to Elgys, a planet in the same solar system. There they developed a symbiotic relationship with the magical creatures there that is the foundation of their entire society. Alphrex possess FTL technology and some contact with the wider galaxy, but do not usually travel extensively away from their home planet.

Alphrex souls persist after the physical death of their body and occupy the standard hominid spectrum. They are thus are capable of becoming ghosts, transitioning to the afterlife appropriate to their mortal demeanor or reincarnation into bodies of other species on the SHS. Souls that have lived mortal lives as Alphrex are significantly more likely to remain on the astral plane as ghosts. As a result, ancestor worship is a central feature of Alphrex culture.

Notable Alphrex: Whisper, Knight of Luminasia. Beata, Angel Whisperer.


Planet of Origin: Blugdarch, Klupork system, Star Kingdom of Blugdarch, Aigrobanth Nebula.

A race of bipedal reptilian hominids resembling horned toads. Capable of squirting blood from their eyes unless their tear ducts have frozen (e.g. in the vacuum of space). The Blugdarch occupy the Star Kingdom of Blugdarch, a feudal, space faring society that exercises political and military control over much of the Aigrobanth Nebula.

Blugdarch Cannot breathe in space.

Blugdarch souls persist after the physical death of their body and occupy the standard hominid spectrum. They are thus are capable of becoming ghosts, transitioning to the afterlife appropriate to their mortal demeanor or reincarnation into bodies of other species on the SHS. Souls that have lived lives as Blugdarch typically transition to the appropriate afterlife immediately upon physical death.

Notable Blugdarch: none.


Planet of Origin: Various

Dragons are magical beasts that seem to evolve or appear spontaneously on any sufficiently magical planet. They vary too much in size, appearance and demeanor to be firmly categorized, but generally appear as reptilian or saurian beasts of great size and strength. Stereotypically possess a proclivity for gold and kidnapping the children of royalty. They are also notorious for their ability to breathe fire.

Dragon souls persist after the death of their physical body and are capable of moving freely through the afterlife at will, but cannot reincarnate.

Notable Dragons: According to legend, Luminasia was ruled by a dragon prior to its liberation by the first Stonebearer in ~GSY 13920


Planet of Origin: Humania, Icarus System, Prometheus Cluster

Humans are a hominid species resembling hairless, erect walking simians with neotenous facial features. While not the strongest, smartest or most populous species in the galaxy, they are among the most widespread. This is due largely to their extensive utilization as a slave race during the First through Third ages of the Great Pan Galactic Empire (Approx BGSY 198-GSY 11900) where they were prized as slave labor owing to their unusually high stamina and capacity for pain. Slave populations of humans were bred in huge numbers by the Empire and exported to the farthest corners of the galaxy. After the collapse of the Empire, most of the human slaves were freed and dispersed across the galaxy, blending in with the native populations of planets or founding colonies of their own. Due to the Empire's genetic tinkering to create slaves suitable to a variety of environments, innumerable human subspecies exist and what appears at first glance to be a unique hominid species may just be a genetically altered human.

Human souls persist after the physical death of their body and occupy the standard hominid spectrum. They are thus are capable of becoming ghosts, transitioning to the afterlife appropriate to their mortal demeanor or reincarnation into bodies of other species on the SHS. Owing to the wide genetic variation among humans, there is no dominating trend in post-death behavior of human souls.

Notable Humans: The House of Photon, Royal Family of Luminasia.


Planet of Origin: Luminasia, Lumen System, Star Kingdom of Luminasia

Pouchlings are small, rabbit like quadrupeds. A magical race of more or less standard intelligence, Pouchlings are playful, tribalistic primitives that dwell in small communities on the island of Makpoolo in the southern hemisphere of Luminasia. They are highly prized as pets by the Luminasian human population owing to their magical ability to store large objects in their pouches.

Pouchlings possess a nonmaterial soul, but its structure dissipates upon the death of their physical body. As such, they are classified as "monsters" as opposed to "persons" and the terminology for a Pouchling owned by another sapient is thus classified a "pet" as opposed to a "slave."

Notable Pouchlings: Furgo, Princess Uvee Photon's pet (though she considers him more of a friend).


Planet of Origin: Zarn, Sade System, Zarn Quarantine Sector Q001

Zarns are a hominid species resembling blue, hairless, erect walking simians with predatory carnivorous features. An apex warrior race, Zarn society is focused on warfare and combat prowess to the exclusion of most of the practices of a functioning technological civilization. All Zarn are warriors and are expected to be combat ready at all times.

After millennia of selective breeding, Zarn have forged their bodies into terrifying weapons of war. The average Zarn is capable of lifting many hundreds of thousands of times its own weight, moving at supersonic speeds, unaided exoatmospheric flight, firing powerful energy blasts, secreting a variety of lethal poisons and diseases and heightened perception. Zarn powers are further enhanced by the Kandrithium lenses in the armor they wear, which magnifies their combat abilities and enables them to travel at faster than light speeds.

The Zarn have trained their minds to exert voluntary control over their "Kandrithium Portals," a chakra-like spiritual organ capable of a much more significant energy output. Kandrithium Energy is the source of the bulk of the Zarns' more phenomenal powers.

Most Zarn are mercenaries or pirates, and the planets within striking distance of Zarn are raided on a regular basis for resources, goods or glory.

As of GSY 14920, the Zarn race is extremely endangered, with only one recorded Zarn in the entire galaxy. Prior to The Crucible, the galactic Zarn population was estimated to be approximately 650 million.

Zarn souls persist after the death of the physical body and consistently reincarnate into the bodies of new Zarn. Owing to the unique anatomy of the Zarn soul, Zarn are exclusively capable of reincarnating into the bodies of other Zarn.

Notable Zarn: Khlar of Zarn, the last surviving Zarn Warrior.


Battle Babe has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]

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