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Hat Quest by How do I shot Trip
  1. Of Hats and Heists
  2. Of Dragons and Spiders
  3. Of Gods and Churches
  4. Of Law and Chaos
  5. Of Fate and Fury
  6. Of Life and Love
  7. Eon 1

There are multiple quests by this name. For other uses, see Hat Quest (Disambiguation).

The first of the three quests that take place in Arcadia, or the Hatverse.



The trickster god of lazy machinations and magical items, Anansi prefers to trick others into doing his work for him. He's known as the father of every magical item ever made. Prayers to him are usually in the form of small, annoying tasks that are done so Anansi doesn't have to. As a person, he is quick to anger, but slow to action, and moderately intelligent.


The trickster god of tricks for the sake of one's own entertainment, and luck. Coyote is known as the least liked of the three gods, mainly because his tricks never seem to fall on the deserving: It is always heroes and kind people who find themselves losing all their belongings to the smiling face of this monster. As a person, he is almost certainly insane, evil to the core, and only cares about himself.


The trickster god of long-term planning and calculated thought, and intellect. Raven prefers to trick those who believe themselves to be the smartest or the most intellectual, oddly as a sign of respect. Those who fall victim to Raven's tricks usually end out the better for it. As a person, she is humble, polite, and careful with her words.


Dame Martial of Rivermeet, a woman who believes in Law to make life good and simple.


A middle aged man who wears heavy plate mail everywhere he goes, and fights with a large warhammer. Erhgal is the first Self-sworn that Hattori encounters, sworn to Strength. Everything about him is self-made. His armor and weapon were forged himself from metal he mined himself, he taught himself how to fight, and only works for his own glory.


One of the last generation of the Seeran people, a rodent-like people of the North. Well-known for their magical nulling powers, they are respected throughout the land as lancers and dragoons without par. Ella herself is a masterful Dragoon, who specialize in using gravity to enhance their strikes from above. She is brash and sharp in battle, but socially is shy and soft-spoken unless angered.

Hattori Delarosa

The main character of the story, Hattori is medical lich who was given a prophecy that a specific magical item would spell his end: namely, the Hat. However, after recovering the hat, he found it so useful, he decided to keep it, discovering its power through experimentation and deals with Anansi. It was one such deal that embroiled him in the struggle between the gods that shakes the world.


Ella's brother. A lancer who specializes in wide, sweeping blows. He is mostly silent, but very, very strong. Sworn to the Raven, he is known to show bursts of incredible knowledge.


A green dragon that stole a singing sword from Anansi, Hattori met him when sent to retrieve it. However, he was assaulted by one of Ella's brethren. He is strong and... Boisterous, preferring to rely on his fire and jaws to defend himself. He is easily enraged at the prospect of losing his money.

Jeremiah Anteres

A ghostly servant of Entropy who exists to assist those who hole the Watch.


A rugged dwarf that gave Hattori the Cufflinks. He died at the hands of Coyote, defending Jax. Buried in Raven's Loft.


A young woman that was once Sworn to Anansi, which caused any and all sound she generated to be muted entirely. She enjoys playing with the hearts of others in small ways, placing the egotistical in their place, and having fun first and foremost. She betrayed both Anansi and Hattori by attempting to steal all of Hattori's money. She also attempted to kill Raven. As punishment for her crimes, she is now trapped within the body of a 10-year-old. She ran off with the cufflinks.


A small kobold from a warren that lies under the Magicwall range of mountains, Trik is sworn to no god and has no magical items, preferring to run off luck, skill, strength, and awesome.


A powerful ogre who lives in service to Jerasp and a friend of Hattori.


Death's Watch

A simple-seeming clockwork masterpiece. In order to open it, one must speak a command word. The Watch keeps absolutely perfect time with the world at large, for the place you are standing, using a traditional 24 hour day, 60 minute hour time. The Watch can tell when there is prolapsed and slowed time areas, by heating and cooling alternatively. When pointed at someone deliberately, it lists potential times of death. It allows the holder to see ghosts.

Dragon Cane

cane abilities, lore, description, summary go here

Hands of Darian

These gloves eliminate any anti-magic field.

Magical Cuff Links

Magical Hat

The magical hat was obtained in a large mansion, where it was guarded by about ten people. It was placed on a teleportation rune. If anyone touched the hat, they would have been transported to the other rune by the front door, which was lowered and hidden by a regular stone.

  • The Hat may be used as a storage device for anything that could fit into the brim. The storage is infinite, and when reaching inside, you will always find what you are looking for, unless your terms are vague, like 'what I need to solve this'.
    • As a corollary to this power, turning the hat inside out will dump all the contents of its storage. You can will the items to be expelled at normal speed or very, very high speed when committing to the action.
    • Things placed inside the hat are frozen in time, so living creatures, food, time-sensitive objects, and the like will last indefinitely.
  • You may reach through the hat, and out into real space wherever you can see. This is only limited by the acuity of your own sight, but only one such bridge may be made. In other words, you may not put both arms into the hat and have them pop up in different locations.
    • Velocity is maintained between points using this power. Speedy thing goes in hat, speedy thing comes out hat.
    • Objects pulled back out may either be placed into storage or retrieved immediately. Living tissue is locked in place if this power is used on, say, an arm. The same goes for anything pulled partially through.
  • When you place the hat on the head of another creature, whether alive, dead, or in between, besides yourself, you may choose to teleport it forcefully as far as you like within sight.
    • You may, at the expense of a great deal of your own energy, decide to only teleport the head.
    • Creatures that do not have heads are not affected by this power.
    • You must be holding the hat for this to work. The hat does not teleport along with the target.
  • When wearing the hat, if you tip the hat in a direction, you will instantly teleport a distance relative to the distance the hat was tipped. This power may be deactivated and reactivated with an application of will.
    • Be forewarned, this is the only power that you can use that can target outside of your range of vision! It is also the only power of the hat that can kill you!
    • Looking up allows you to teleport up, looking down allows you to teleport down. You do not teleport where you are looking, however.

Hat Tricks

Hat tricks are combat applications of the Magical hat.

Arcane Slam
This is executed by using the "slam" command of the cuff links through the magic hat.

Cunning Assassination
This can be used to kill an enemy with precise assault through the hat.

Cunning Blockade
This can be used to block an attack with the hat, forcing the enemy to disarm themselves.

Cunning Disarmament
This can be used to steal an enemy's weapon through the hat. This can be done in very rapid succession. This can also be used to store items in the hat.

Dimensional Lock
This can be used to pull a limb through the hat. This causes both the hat and the victim to be trapped in there respective positions

Show Stopper
By placing the hat on the victim's head, it can be used to tear an enemy's head off.

Sneak Attack
This can be used to attack an enemy through the hat.

Magical Lockpick

  • It molds to the correct form of a lock by testing the various pins within.

Monocle of True Sight

  • It reveals things meant to be hidden.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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