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BeforeQuest by How do I shot Trip


BeforeQuest is the story of Achilles, an evil, bigoted son of a bitch. Sealed away from Sol and hurtled through time, He seeks nothing more than the total and complete dominion of the current planet, so he may turn it into his vessel from which to launch his invasion of Human-occupied Mars, and, soon after, Earth. He quickly breaks free of his confining box and magical circle of binding, finding the Orb of Infinite Psyche in it with him.

It does not take long for Achilles to conquer the small dungeon he is held in, take the minds of some local adventurers, and then destroy a whole nation in religious strife while he watches from his tentacled monstrosity of a castle.

As of the most recent chapter, Achilles had traveled the sea to a nearby tribal land, in hopes of taking over the land tribe by tribe. Instead, he encountered Tucker Kobolds, which almost killed him.

He is currently fashioning the mountain into a huge fortress that will annoy, mutilate, and convert the biomass of anyone who dares enter.

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