Dorf Quest

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This is a game akin to RubyQuest. However, it will be very very short
-- Gnome, Dorf Quest, first post of thread I, Blatant Lies.

The longest running quest in the history of all questing, Dorf Quest was run weekly by Gnome on 4chan's /tg/ imageboard. It is complete now, and the archives are here.

The Cast

The Crew.png

Dorf Quest characters, from left to right:

  • Top row: Rary, Puppet Mouse, Trilbit, Xom's Previous Champion, Jeeves, Lolth, Krann, Goldmoon, Moonears, Demonsun (Okami below Demonsun), Sunbeard, Sunson.
  • Second row: Presley, Nana, Thod, Mace, Yami, Bigby, Musclebeard, Shiva, Pelor, Ra, Heracles, Thor (Poseidon under those 4).
  • Third row: Furious George, Cheska, Arialla, Mah-Mee, Coco, Fate, Xom, Xanatos, Nemelex, Glittergold.
  • Bottom row: Beardbeard (British above Beardbeard), Garrelf, Aldwin, Driblis (Yog above Driblis), Lily, Cultist of Xom, Mado, Nevada (Kav above Nevada), Finlay, Djinn, Priest of Xom, Satan.


Beardbeard has made two appearances Inside the Quest.

ITQ: [1] [2]

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