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Trap Quest by bg
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Trap Quest revolves around a magic tower said to hold infinite treasures and powerful magic, but no one that entered it has ever escaped...


Alan The paladin => Alaniss the Cutebold Paladin
Pedro El Monk Fenix Luchador => Paula the Cutebold Assassin
WindLeaf the Elf Archer => WindLeaf the Gnoll Archer
Simon the Vampire Hunter => Simmy the Naga Vampire Hunter
Golem => Bunny the ex-golem (Free)
Greystone the Thinker => Greymane the Centaur Wizard
Sugar the Goblin Thief => Sugar the Gobling Thief/Mimic/Elemental of Darkness (Free)
Dunkan the Viking => Elenna the Elf
Ix the Polebearing Thief => ixxy the Cutebold Thief
Lonk the Hero of somewhere => Lonk the Hero (Free)
Fred => Fred (Free)
Izzy, Fred's Familiar => Izzy The Harpy (Free)
Lyra the Catfolk =>Lyra The Harpy
Ji the kobold => Ji the Mirror Wizard (Free)





Sugar The Goblin Thief/Mimic

oMg: ※※
dMg: ※※※

Sugar got Transformed by one of the tower's Traps into a mimic
she is also melded with a Elemental of Shadow (lvl4)




Lonk The Hero

Atk: ※※※※
Def: ※※※
oMg: ※※※※
dMg: ※※※※

Lonk was corrupted by one of the tower evil spirits, after being saved by Ji, lonk has recovered the use of his holy blade, the Sword of tome(lvl3), but has decided not to use it in attonement of his previous actions.

Part of the evil power is still in his posesion




Ji the Cutebold Mirror Wizard

Atk: ※※※
dMg: ※※※※

Ji is in love with lonk, her reflective magic is greatly amplified by her sword.

Ji lost half her left ear saving lonk from the posession.

The Reflector Blade(lvl3) its her sword, it was made from the spirit of a dying Doppleganger, the magical mirror wand and Blood from the benign Dragon known as the Father. The Sword has full magic reflective capabilities and reduced ability to change shapes.




Immy the Imp

Atk: ※※※※※
Def: ※※
oMg: ※※※※※
dMg: ※※※

Immy is a Imp Demon Summoned by the pact the master made with the lower planes to take care of the dungeon in the tower


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