Tory's Tower

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Tory's Tower by Rand
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Evil genius Tory attempts to be evil. Quest by Rand. This quest was finished on 22.7.11.


Tory's creations

Minor Characters

Name Description
TS_SYS-OS An AI with extraordinarily bad humour.
Ezekiel A flatface, one of Helena's crew.
Vance An adam, one of Helena's crew.
Champion of Alothor Flipped the fuck out of Tory's megatank.
Lie-Detector Annoying fucker who insisted that Tory was evil. What a bunch of nonsense.
Ceisyoli An annoying dragon. Tried to get Tory off her mountain, ended up working for him. Got decapitated by bunch of adventurers.
Chmobae Owned a mine. Rich fucker, made contract with Tory and got killed by MEGADRILL.
Evelyn High-priest of Anvil-God. Got drilled.
Kebr Bodyguard of Evelyn. Got killed in an explosion.
Wiregolem RIP dreamhat ;_;
Saphs A Ta bookworm. Annoying little twerp.
Emperor of Ragno A dragon. Organist snapped him in a half and took his form.
Emperor of Asuan A Ta. She spends all of her time in her flying palace. Got annihilated by nuclear weapon.

Four Ageless Heroes

Name Description
Aloi A Ta, got C4 as a gift. She couldn't handle it.
Dien A flatface, bhuiwsbh did make appearance in few frames.
Zozin A human, kicked some missiles in half. Got burned by doing this.
Bhuugon Too busy being dead.

Other Appearances

Dr. Tory's Ultra Interesting and Awesome Non-Canon Super-Shenanigans (One-shots)

Dr. Tory Matheus Sinclair faces serious problems such as green-skinned one-eyed individuals, his long-lost totally non-canon brother and out-of-control transmogrification-ray!

  1. Dr. Tory and Mystery of Green-Skinned Individual!
  2. Dr. Tory and Serious Perils of Transmogrification-Ray!
  3. Dr. Tory and Brother of Doom!
  4. Dr. Tory (?) and Awesome Non-Canon Convenience Store-Shenanigans!
  5. Dr. Tory and the Strange Case of Some Sort of Overgrown Bird and Supersofa! and Dr. Tory and His Very Best Friend's Advanced Bag of Major Splicing!
  6. Dr. Tory and serious ultra matter-transmover malfunction!
  7. Dr. Tory and the 40 clone duplicationator disruption!
  8. Dr. Tory becomes a god and fucks things up!
  9. Dr. Tory pretends to be Caesar!
  10. Meanwhile, in Dr. Tory's lair in some peculiar realm (the realm is /tg/)


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Tory August Rynh


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