The Island of Onigashima

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The Island of Onigashima by Lucid

The adventures of Kensuyata, a tanuki ninja and Manewis, a ninja robot. Together, they must destroy the Island of Onigashima.




A ninja Tanuki with one goal: the destruction of the Island of Onigashima and all the demons aboard it.



A ninja robot. Has a scarf. Looks like a Gundam.


Ryu Hayabusa

A better ninja with a longer scarf and fancier tricks. Kind of a show-off. Not his real name.



Lantern ghosts

Generic minor cannon fodder demons.


The day manager

The chest is a demonic day manager. The head is just a gofer. Don't ask how it works.



Some kind of secretary-in-a-mirror.


The tiger suit Oni

Megumi's boss, possibly. Carries a big club.



Grouchy web-slinging janitor.



A samurai robot and technological predecessor of Manewis. Currently working for the demons for unknown reasons. She never loses.



Another samurai robot. Takes his duels very seriously.


The Kappa

Ya ain't got clearance ta be in the Kappa's river. K-HAW K-HAW K-HAW.



Loud and obnoxious. Lives in a smoke cloud. Dislikes Tanuki.

Plot Summary

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Part 1

Over a decade after the denizens of Onigashima burned away everything she cared about, Kensuyata arrives at the floating island with the intent of destroying it. Unfortunately, while a skilled ninja, she turns out to have no plan other than breaking stuff. She reveals that she can use MAGIC LEAVES to take the form of anything she's seen, animate or inanimate. Any worthwhile demon can be converted into a magic leaf once it's dead. She is also capable of a WALL JUMP. She makes her way through the air vents and encounters a mysterious eye behind a dark window. The eye's owner introduces himself as Manewis and asks her to free him by restoring power to the wing and replacing a power cell. He also advises her to get a PDA so he can send her a map of the island. Kensuyata moves on, encountering the Day Manager (killed with some effort), a lantern ghost (killed with no effort at all), Megumi (mirror smashed, but apparently still alive), and the tiger suit Oni (as much of him as can be seen through the door). The Oni tells Kensu, disguised as the Day Manager, to fetch Kintaro from the boiler room to replace the mirror. As it turns out, Kintaro can smell through her disguise. He attacks, but she manages to kill him as well. Almost immediately, she receives a text message from a mysterious "fan." The sender's phone number serves as a passcode to the island's power grid. After restoring power to the Factory Wing, Kensuyata returns to Manewis and replaces the power cell. A mechanical arm promptly smashes out of the window and grabs her scarf.

Part 2

Manewis reveals himself to be a large, well-armed, and rather intimidating N.O.B.I. android. He was a member of Momotaro Unit, which attempted to infiltrate and destroy the island 100 years ago; he depleted his power during the fighting, leaving him trapped and his three human squad mates dead. Kensuyata manages to convince him that they share the same goal: the island's destruction. He decides to join her instead of killing her, and suggests that they destroy the island by blowing up its engine room. Manewis proceeds through the Factory, Kensu through the Warehouse, planning to meet in the Castle Garden District. They can communicate by cell phone. Manewis makes his way through the Factory, using his short-range TELEPORTER to bypass obstacles. Someone interrupts an attempt to fully charge his new power cell and leaves behind the sword of Momotaro Sensei, his unit's mentor. Manewis continues to perform minor acts of sabotage, criticize Kensu's typing skills, and avoid several traps. Whoever is leaving the traps leaves a note challenging him to a duel in Waste Disposal. This, predictably enough, leads to another trap. Manewis escapes and proceeds to duel Musashi, a S.A.M.U.R.A.I. - one of two legendary prototypes on which his own model was based. She and her partner, Kojiro, were deployed to Onigashima centuries ago and vanished with the island. Musashi has no memories of the event and now appears to be working for the demons. Manewis uses heat to damage Musashi, and she runs away, though not before she destroys the scarf that prevents his own power cell from overheating during combat. A mysterious masked figure watches the duel before vanishing. Kensu, meanwhile, makes her way through the Water Works. She argues with an obnoxious Kappa before tricking and killing him. Due to her inability to run on water like a proper ninja, she is unable to get any farther before a guy in a scarf appears in a burst of blue flames.

Part 3

The masked figure from Manewis' duel - who turns out to be Kojiro - emerges from the wall a moment later. He seems surprised to find THAT GUY, but fights him nonetheless, as he intends to kill all the intruders anyway. THAT GUY is delighted at the chance to show off all of his awesome moves. Kojiro is too serious to appreciate them. THAT GUY gets bored and creates shadow clones as a distraction, so that he can go talk to Kensu instead. He reveals that he is her mysterious "fan" and introduces himself unconvincingly as Ryu Hayabusa. His ridiculously long scarf is, apparently, a measure of his power as a ninja. His shadow clones fail to delay Kojiro for long, but he gets out of the fight on a technicality, and they reschedule it for an hour later. Ryu tells Kensuyata that he came to the island to train a while ago, but now he's bored and just wants to find a way off. He offers to help her instead. He says that she can destroy the island by destroying the HEART, which is through the CATACOMBS, which are through the CASTLE DISTRICT. Though he knows his way around the island, he seems to have no other knowledge of how anything actually works. He also gives her a new phone. Manewis sends her the island map and mentions the S.A.M.U.R.A.I. model's weakness to heat. Ryu, conveniently, specializes in fire. He can also walk on water and change his weight. Kensuyata, whose ninja training was cut short when demons killed her clan, cannot do any of these things and is not altogether pleased. The two of them proceed through the Water Works and encounter a demon living in a cloud. He yells at them, insulting Tanuki in general and refusing to let them pass unless they fetch him booze. Ryu does something (possibly involving fire) that makes the demon suspiciously cooperative; he refuses to let Kensuyata watch.

Other Appearances

Kensuyata was a participant in Fight Quest.


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