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Story Time by bluewine


This tale is about a GREATER BEAST of the SOUTH.
The Quest stars the sand Wyrm named Mirage of the Sandstorm, and his servants Baod and Aeora.

Story Time is by bluewine


Major Characters


Not self-conscious about his roar

Mirage of the Sandstorm, a newly adult sand Wyrm. "From a young age, he has used his superior CAMOUFLAGE and FLIGHT to carve out a somewhat vast territory of the SOUTH. He uses the somewhat common sandstorms to his advantage, blending his scales with the flying sand to disguise his approach, and stunning anyone who saw through his trick. Now, he is an adult, and he must tend to his territory like a proper BEAST."


Not interested in roaring lessons

Baod is a male Reshishi Beastspeaker that volunteered to be Mirage's servant. His head markings are not natural, they are painted on Reshishi to indicate profession.

"[The Reshishi] are your pretty standard race-with-two-things-sticking-out-of-head, design-wise. Big camel-like soft feet for travel over sand, feathered crests. They are the most abundant race in the South.

They're also one of the more advanced races, possessing magic and technology in equal parts. They value the arts and like to dress in as many layers as they allow, with royalty regularly wrapping up in up to ten or twenty layers of clothing. This is of course sometimes life-threatening during heatwaves, but it's just so fashionable."


Aeora is on the left

Aeora is a Tumyu girl that was sent as part of Mirage's first tribute. She is now a chamberlain for Mirage, in charge of managing his servants.

"The Tumyu live mostly in the East, gradually spreading North and South. Design-wise they're fairly human except for deer-like ears and horns on the males of the race. They have large, dark eyes with natural dark lining.

Tumyu are mostly religious, using magic rather than technology to get by, especially in Tumyu-only colonies. Their religion holds praise and awe for greater beasts, whom they believe were made by the gods to protect the Tumyu. For this reason, they are often Servants, or atleast within Beast territory. Tumyu males are rarely seen outside of colonies, and some people believe they're actually monsters."

Minor Characters

Summer Snow

The unfortunate Greater Beast

Lady of Dreams

A figure not to be screwed with

Steel Fangs

Apparently, age translates to size in Beast world


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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