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SpookQuest by Spookzone

See also: Mansion Quest (Disambiguation), Spook Quest (Disambiguation).

In a dark dark forest there was a dark dark hill.

On the dark dark hill there was a dark dark house.

In the dark dark house there were some dark dark stairs.

At the end of the dark dark stairs there was a dark dark room.

In the dark dark room there was... Lavender, a purple drider who comes into being at a haunted house full of friendly and dateable fellow monsters who occasionally have to deal with human intruders to their lovely home.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.




Default Abilities

LEAP - Move a great distance in a single bound! It allows for sudden bursts of movement that would otherwise be dodgeable.

FLUFFY - Covered in a soft set of fuzz, she is soft to the touch. This also acts as an insulator, keeping her temperature regulated.

POISON - 3 different types of toxins are present in her fangs! Aphrodisiac, Paralyzing, and Hypnotizing. Formerly, Lavender also had a neurotoxin venom, but this ability has been lost with the Rancho evolution.

WEAVER - Lavender has the ability to create nonsticky silk, ideal for clothing, bedding, and the like, and can sense vibrations through the silk. Formerly, Lavender could also produce sticky silk, but this ability has been lost with the Rancho evolution.

Rancho Abilities

SOFT BODY - Lavender is large and soft. She is no longer weak to blunt weaponry, but is now instead weak to sharp weaponry.

DRONES - Lavender is constantly full of unfertilized eggs. They can hatch into a drone within 3 hours of being laid. Drones live about 1 day.

MOTHERMIND - Drones can be controlled to do Lavender's bidding.

Additionally, if fertilized, Lavender can tailor an egg to be something more than a drone, but it will also be influenced by the genes of the fertilizing parent. There are no restrictions on who can fertilize an egg



Dateability: 9/10

Jazz: 10/10

Pizzazz: 10/10

Spaz: 5/10

[TOBLERONE] is the hyperactive HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD here at the haunted manor, and is a MENTAL type monster. They are one of the monsters with the unique ability to see METADATA, which means they can also see SUGGESTIONS, and THIS DESCRIPTION BOX. They are incredibly CHARISMATIC, and a very effective TALK SHOW HOST. They have a burning rivalry with the deceased DR. PHIL, and have one or two SPONSORSHIPS. Drink COCA-COLA.



Dateability: 3/10

Snuff: 7/10

Snoot: 10/10

Short: 10/10

[PEABODY] is a Plague Doctor, a HORROR type monster. They really enjoy WEIRD POTIONS, and having a metric SHIT TON of RATS around them at all times. They're self conscious about their HEIGHT and probably have a lot of INFECTIOUS DISEASES. They spend most of their time looking up BAD SCIENCE and trying to find cures for FAKE ILLNESSES. They're quite close to finding a cure for THE BEES KNEES



Dateability: 8/10

Ferns: 8/10

Furls: 5/10

Flies: 0/10

[ODDRIE] is a Carnivorous Plant Monster, and classifies as, just like Audrey, a VISCERAL type monster. He's quite the GOURMAND, and thoroughly enjoys WELL PREPARED FOODS. He's a master of HYPNOTISM, as both his PHEROMONES and his SIREN LIKE VOICE lure people in close so he can attack. He's surprisingly fond of most INVERTEBRATES, except for FLIES, which he has an ODD CRAVING for. it is his not so secret SHAME. He spends most of his time in, and being a PART OF, the GARDEN, since he is entirely IMMOBILE.



Dateability: 4/10

Stiffness: 9/10

Swiftness: 3/10

Spiffness: 5/10

[SAINT JOHN] is a creaky old HORROR type monster that's been around the manor for AGES. He possesses the UNIQUE ability to make INANIMATE OBJECTS MOVE how he wishes them to. It's sort of like being a POLTERGEIST, only with less HEAD SPINNING. He is very PROPER and slightly UPTIGHT, and his definition of MANNERS is very strict. He is, however, blunt about telling you WHEN YOU'VE UPSET HIM.



Dateability: 6/10

Swim: 8/10

Swish: 5/10

Sway: 1/10

[AMELIE] is an aquatic HORROR type monster that specializes in STEALTH. This unfortunately means that a lot of people FORGET SHE'S THERE. She's a little CLAMMY to the touch, and can MOVE BETWEEN DIFFERENT WATER SOURCES at will. She almost seems to ENJOY BEING SAD, and will decline attempts to CHEER HER UP. She is so set in her way of thinking that even HIGH END PRESCRIPTION DRUGS have no effect on her. She smells like FISH STICKS



Dateability: 10/10

Squash: 4/10

Stretch: 9/10

Swallow: 10/10

[TELESTE] is a MENTAL type monster with the INABILITY to see METADATA. They're incredibly STRETCHY, and one could argue their FLEXIBILITY is unmatched. Their presence cause the area around them to become GRAINY, like an OLD TV SHOW. They don't have any TEETH, so they tend to swallow things WHOLE. she's completely SILENT at all times, but despite this very FRIENDLY and OUTGOING. They're mostly comprised of an INKY SUBSTANCE.



Dateability: 1/10

Snobbery: 10/10

Slippery: 7/10

Snoozery: 1/10

[REGINALD] is a HORROR type monster with quite the taste for THEATER. They're quite the ELITIST when it comes to their tastes, but despite this can NEVER GET ANYTHING RIGHT. He has a bad habit of NEVER REALLY SLEEPING, and has a tendency to FUMBLE HIS WORDS when nervous. He doesn't exactly EAT and has an odd fascination with most CORPSES.



Dateability: 7/10

Prim: 8/10

Prose: 5/10

Pints: 2/10

[VICTORIA] is a HORROR type monster that has slight VISCERAL tendencies, placing her in a HYBRID class. She's very fond of BLOOD, naturally, and is very good at GETTING it. She also has a fondness for REALLY BIG FROGS, especially ones full of PRIZES, and VALUE, and QUITE A LOT OF HATRED. She's supposed to be very PRIM and PROPER, as she grew up in the RENAISSANCE , but she's actually quite fascinated with MODERN CULTURE.



Dateability: 4/10

Fear: 0/10

Face: 0/10

Fuck: 10/10

[DAISY] is a VISCERAL type monster strongly associated with such horror games as SILENT HILL or RESIDENT EVIL, an odd looking ENTITY that serves only as baseless, MINDLESS FODDER. DAISY however is very sound of mind and actually is INSECURE about how she's portrayed. She has EMOTIONS, just has a hard time EXPRESSING THEM. You would too if you had NO FACIAL FEATURES



Dateability: 9/10

Sight: 2/10

Height: 9/10

Fright: 7/10

[MATILDA] is a massively tall MENTAL type monster that is all about the LATEST GOSSIP. She can READ PEOPLE'S MINDS, as well as cause CREEPY HALLUCINATIONS and REVEAL SECRETS. She's the SOFTEST TO THE TOUCH of anyone present, but also CONSTANTLY SURROUNDED BY CORPSES. DESSERTS is the easiest way to win her HEART.



Dateability: 10/10

Bits: 8/10

Bots: 10/10

Bytes: 7/10

[8BIT] Is a VISCERAL type monster that is obsessed with FAKE MONSTERS on the INTERNET. He enjoys making ELABORATE DEATH TRAPS that USUALLY DON'T WORK. He's the HEAD MODERATOR of a VERY OBSCURE CREEPYPASTA SITE and RULES WITH AN IRON FIST. He's actually very SHY IN PERSON, and has some really WEIRD ASS KINKS. He's always willing to HELP OUT though.



Dateability: 2/10

Static: 5/10

Stoic: 6/10

Sick Tricks: 0/10

[CRACKLE] is a HORROR type monster that excels in affecting people's trust in their own SANITY in very SUBTLE WAYS. They usually take a LONG TIME to finish their victim and REVEL IN TORMENT. Hypocritically, they DISLIKE IT when people CHANGE THINGS WITHOUT TELLING THEM. They prefer to feel IN CONTROL, and probably should not be given ANY POWER lest it GO TO THEIR HEAD. They tend to ASK FOR THINGS THEY DON'T NEED.



Dateability: 4/10

Brooding: 9/10

Bruising: 6/10

Booties: 2/10

[JERRY] is a HORROR type monster that specializes in BODY HORROR. Underneath his cloak is a BUNCH OF REALLY GROSS STUFF that he can MANIPULATE THE APPEARANCE OF. He really likes TAXIDERMY and kind of wanted to be a PAWN SHOP OWNER before he was MONSTERFIED. [JERRY] is the ONLY POSTHUMAN in the entire house, and as a result has DIFFICULTY GETTING ALONG WITH OTHERS. He has a NO KILL POLICY.



Cameo from Housequest.



Dateability: 9/10

Sweets: 10/10

Treats: 9/10

Eats: 10/10

[VANILLA] is a particularly GLUTTONOUS VISCERAL type monster that specializes in turning her targets into CONFECTIONS to be eaten by others. She uses this to TRICK OTHERS into EATING THEIR FRIENDS and then revealing it only later for the EXTRA BIT OF HORROR. She's an ACE BAKER and SURPRISINGLY FRIENDLY, but has ODD HABITS OF SHOWING AFFECTION. She may or may not enjoy TURNING HUMANS INTO MONSTERS by KISSING THEM. She can NULLIFY PAIN RECEPTORS with the right baking mix, which is why Toblerone SENDS INNOCENT HUMANS to her.



Dateability: 8/10

Skulls: 6/10

Skills: 8/10

Skins: 0/10

[XERXES] is a MENTAL type monster that exceeds in CONVINCING OTHERS THEY'RE DEAD. He's also very good at POKER and is technically an EXCEPTIONAL DOCTOR. He usually feeds from INFECTED SUBJECTS, simultaneously attempting to cure and feeding off his PATIENTS. He has a BIG HEART, and CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY for those that end up turning under his care. This has earned him the nickname DEATH'S DAD.



Dateability: 1/10

Bright: 9/10

Flight: 5/10

Sight: 10/10

[EZIKEAL] Is a HORROR type monster that seems to believe they're a LITERAL ANGEL. They seem to be NOT QUITE TOGETHER in terms of MENTAL FACULTIES but are nonetheless QUITE EFFECTIVE. They are ALL BUT SILENT when they aren't making noise, and if you didn't know better, you'd GENUINELY BELIEVE THEM TO BE AN ANGEL. Ezikael IS NOT INTERESTED IN DATING but is a GENUINELY SUPPORTIVE FRIEND.



Dateability: 9/10

Dust : 8/10

Bust : 2/10

Thrust : 9/10

[LUNA] is a MENTAL type monster whose WINGS emit a fine dust that can CAUSE HALLUCINATIONS. She's fairly BOTTOMHEAVY and apparently is QUITE RECEPTIVE. She apparently enjoys SKIRTING DEATH a little bit but at the same time enjoys CUDDLING. She can apparently PREDICT NEGATIVE EVENTS and MAY BE ATTRACTED TO LIGHT.



Cameo from Nautverse. Metadata not collected due to regrettable rudeness.



A former human being turned monster who smells of slightly rotted flesh and has a surprisingly eloquent voice.

Monster Types


HORROR monsters' fear factor relies on the inherent scariness of their very nature. Gore, swarms of rats, slimy skin, pallid complexion, etc. They are most effective against those who are resistant to VISCERAL type monsters, because someone confident in their brawn can easily have their confidence brought low through repeated scaring.


MENTAL monsters can change how a person perceives the surrounding area to mess with their mind. They could make someone experience endless hallways, looping rooms, walking horrors, etc. Mental monsters are most effective against those who's firm belief in reality makes them resistant to HORROR type monsters.


VISCERAL type monsters rip, tear, maim, and mangle. They are most effective against those resistant to MENTAL type monsters, because willpower doesn't do shit if your arm's off.



Singing Stone

> Find some method of communicating with Daisy! Maybe someone else knows how.

> Matilda says someone in the secret area could help.

> Xerxes in the painting has a singing stone, but he needs it for one of his patients. If Lavender can find something to mimic the sound, like an ocarina, he'd be willing to part with the stone.

> Jerry said Amelie may have an ocarina.

Make Matilda's Meat Pie

> [RECIPE: Matilda's Meat Pie]

> [Requires: 1x Entrails, 1x Unknown Flesh, 1x Pie Crust, 2x Unusual Spice]

Eden's Final Gift

> Bring Oddrie a Fruit of Eden from deep in the forest.

Another Truth

> Bring the Wendigo a Sliver Of Humanity to learn another truth.

Stage 2 Evolutions


Trapdoor- Not yet reached, requires 'Hidden Hunter'

Rosy- Not yet reached, requires 'Sweetheart'

Redknee - Not yet reached, requires 'Blood Festival'

Goliath - Not yet reached, requires 'Full to Burst'

Bring (The Rest Of) Us Together

Lavender has decided to make a second attempt at throwing a big feast for the house.


Fetch Teleste's Invisible Bat

> Get Teleste's invisible bat from crackle, who definitely didn't lose it. He just left it with Jerry.

> Jerry reveals that, spoiler, there is no bat.

> Lavender completed the quest by handing Teleste an imaginary bat.

Get To The Secret Area

> Toblerone told of a secret area that's difficult to get to. 8bit spoiled that its in the painting in the lounge.

> Peabody had the note with the secret to getting in the painting, but wanted Miracle Extract from Reginald for it.

> Reginald handed over the Miracle Extract, but only because it was Toblerone's orders.

> Once given the Extract, Peabody gave Lavender the UNIQUE NOTE that should be the key to getting into the painting.

> Lavender asked 8Bit for help with the note, but Toblerone eventually revealed how to use it, and the painting was entered.


> Toblerone informed Lavender she is not obligated to stay at the house if she did not want to. Lavender was presented with two options.

[leave] : More Environments, More characters, Less consistent character interactions. Lavender goes out on her own, and you meet more monsters of more varied types.

[stay] : Less Environments, Less Monsters, More Interaction. The characters you've met you get to know better, and the plot becomes more of a 'dating sim'.

> Lavender chose to stay at the house. Special Evolutions were unlocked!

Set Up Dwelling

> Lavender decided to set up her space in the foyer! She laid some eggs for good measure.

Draculian Dressing

> Knit Victoria a dress to her liking! This will require spider silk and some dye, and a bit of knowledge into her fashion choices.

> 8bit told Lavender to ask Oddrie about materials for dye. Oddrie gave Lavender some violets, which Lavender brought to Peabody to make into dye.

> Lavender picked the dye up from Peabody. Now a dress needs to be made!

> Lavender knitted Victoria a lovely keyhole dress. Victoria put it on and evolved, and her datability score increased by 1!


Bring Us Together

> Gather the monsters up for a feast to make them feel less alone.

> Failed when Peabody moved away.

Bring Peabody Potion Ingredients

> Peabody offered to make Lavender a potion. Lavender consulted Toblerone for recipes. Toblerone gave the recipe for a MEMORY OF INSANITY potion.


> [REQUIRES: 1x Memory strand, 1x Parapadsca Bean, 3x Human Eyes, 1x Banana, 1x Foul Ichor] All ingredients should be found at the garden.

> [MADE AT: Potion Brewery] Bring 'em to Peabody.

> Failed when Peabody moved away.



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