Save Yourself Quest

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Save Yourself Quest by Knit-i-Fine

Save Yourself Quest is the first quest by Knit-i-Fine. It is a horror/urban fantasy quest who's primary goal is to guide the protagonist, a young woman named Ella, from the brink of suicide and out of the traumatizing hell dimension she's found herself in. Save Yourself Quest is written mostly in second person.


Save Yourself Quest's main interactive mechanic after the input associated with all quests are four humour meters, inspired by an earlier understanding of medicine called humourism. When these humours are out of an individual character's balancing point the character has a tendency to act erratic, and whenever a humour maxes out a character enters a crisis where their actions are highly unpredictable. It's been speculated that crisis can obscure some of a characters normal traits.


Save Yourself Quest uses a simple and arbitrary inventory system of "what can this character carry?" with the original inventory screen showing items held in the right and left hands, and kept in the right or left pocket. However the inventory screen seems to adapt often due to repeated changes to character sheet design.

Main Characters

Ella Ipslore - Ella is the main character of Save Yourself Quest. She represents the Leukine temperament due to being a vessel for player suggestions. Her point of view doesn't immediately call attention to other persons race or gender.
Sam - Sam is a prominent secondary character, Ella best friend. They represent the Idealist personality type. (A combination of the Melancholic and Phlegmatic temperaments.)
Taylor Labelle - Taylor is a secondary character, whose connection to the other characters is a mystery. She represents the Guardian personality type. (A combination of the Sanguine and Phlegmatic temperaments.)
Jordan Soto- Jordan is a secondary character, whose connection to the other characters is revealed throughout the story. He represents the Rational personality type. (A combination of the Choleric and Melancholic temperaments.)
Alex - A young child who is the main source of conflict between Taylor and Jordan. Alex represents the Artisan personality type. (A combination of Choleric and Sanguine).

Other Characters

Father - A strange skeletal bird monster who demands obedience from those who reside in his home.
The Beast - A creature spoken about in a book Ella picks up early in the adventure. The creature has a spider like nature and kidnaps humans, replacing them with strange empty husks.


Save Yourself Quest draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Notably influences from World of Darkness (Promethean: The Created, Hunter: The Vigil and Changeling: The Lost) are especially evident as the narrative progresses. Naturally it also takes inspiration from Ruby Quest.

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