Rescue Quest

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Rescue Quest by Curt and Apollo

The story of a wizard apprentice out to save a kidnapped princess, by Curt. Only then it died.

Then Apollo hijacked the remains and did whatever he wanted with it.

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Character Sheet

Party: Hey Kid, Gunther

Name: Hey Kid

Class: Lv. 1 Apprentice

Mana: 7/10 Earth, 7/10 Water, 5/10 Fire, 4/10 Air, 5/5 Order, 4/5 Chaos.

Traits: + Endurance

Perks: None

Gold: 57

Equipped: Apprentice's Robe, Homemade Staff, Enchanted Dagger. Inventory:


Rope (20ft)

Map, World

Map, East

Guidebook, East


Name: Gunther

Class: Monk

Relationship: Hired (Cost: Food)

Traits: +++Bigness, +Strength, +Agility.

Perks: N/A

Equipped: Robe.

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