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Princess Quest by Project5
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There are multiple quests by this name. For other uses, see Princess Quest (Disambiguation).

A quest authored by Project5.

You are in charge of young MARIA, who is a PRINCESS and a FAIR MAIDEN.

Maria is aware of both you and the NARRATOR.

Maria's mother, the QUEEN, has implied that she should do the LAUNDRY.

Things got worse.

Walter Quest

You are in charge of WALTER -- MARIA's cousin, best friend, and potential suitor. DEMONS ensue. (side story to Princess Quest)

Cory Quest

You are forced to follow CORY -- a young wizard of JEREDA. Quickly seen to be very, very angry with our narrator.



A cute 13-year-old princess with a loopy mother and a confusing and frightening skin condition. Has a bright star on her forehead that is somehow a birthmark. Cannot cast PRINCESS BEAM, and is extremely agitated with the idea such an attack could even exist.


Maria's cousin and best friend. Came to the castle as a suitor. Becomes extremely bitter and jaded after a while, but he gets better.

The Raven

Evil. Likes singing.

The Demon

Later dubbed Tom. The type of demon who eats things that are already dead. Oddly polite. A bit apathetic and has a hard time comforting Maria.


Friend of the brothers. Has Shiny glasses. Raising a young RedEye boychild named Leral.


Mute. Can summon pure darkness. Possibly has a crush on Tom.


Two of Maria's twelve brothers, and twins. While Cain is an asshat with a very vague sense of morals, Abel has a recessive personality and does whatever Cain says.


Maria's 18-year-old Fiancé. Only not really. Extremely charismatic when he wants to be.


A Scorpion Demon with enormous breasts and a mismatched accent that lives in the tunnels underneath Woman Eater Forest.


A Scorpion Demon being raised by Neida. A bit spoiled. His relationship with Neida is unknown.


Apparently some sort of young wizard. Occasionally narrates. Seems to know The Raven quite well (and possibly personally).


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