Nova Pori Double Tango

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Sometimes quests cover transgressive or traumatic ground, and sometimes people just do things they shouldn't.

Nova Pori Double Tango by SDF

A ceaseless success of sexual molestation, poorly organized mercenary hijinx and snacking.

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"The Agency"

Agent Smeth

The mysterious agent.

Ms Belkresh

Agent Smeth's amiable secretary.


They are reliable, but who or what are they? IT IS A MISTERY!

Team Members

Sergeant Major Skalfak, B.E.

Leader and soldier. Sane. Competent and dangerous. Was grazed in the head during the third incursion. Master of the almighty groinpunch.

Doktor Vergewaltiger, G.D.

Medic. Sane.

Ka, D.A.K.

Mechanic. Not sane.

Lick, M.

Demolitions expert. Sane-ish. Hard of hearing.

Esasmus, B.D.D.

Sniper. Sane-ish. Very prone to distraction by the ladies.

Sister Van Misbruik, M.

Demonologist and sexual deviant.

Thor, A.U., Esquire

Machinegunner, underaged. Does not keep his hands to himself.

Hapless Victims

Prisoner 1

Walked out of the portal wearing a schoolgirl outfit and clutching a butterknife before being slapped stupid by Skalfak. Things went downhill for him from there. Also known as Ka's Personal Toy.

Prisoner 2

The game show contestant. Very telegenic. She is increasingly worried that these aren't just unconventional judges.


Appearances by Prisoner 2 Inside the Quest.

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