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Not Moms Fault by PowderedLight

Not to be confused with Mom's Fault.

Something something talking to my self until I answer.

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A list of powers and/or abilities that Jasper has already used, or is aware of. This list is presumed to be incomplete.

Stuff she could do before falling:

  • She can turn into a giant monster. (Ball of fire).
    • With a lot of time and work she can turn back into a human form after turning into a ball of nuclear fire.
  • She can turn her eyes silver, pulling up her father's nature in her mind.
  • She can suffuse a scene with her nature. (Adding the region property "There is a reason for hope.")
    • If she suffuses a scene while her eyes are silver, the property is instead: "The ending has already been written."
  • She is Immortal, unkillable except from sustained, massive, miraculous overkill by beings that can cheat.

Stuff she can do now:

  • She can emote with the sun/sky.
  • She can search through sunlight, would take about an hour to search through all of Fortitude that is directly lit by sunlight.
  • She can eat things that would hurt a human, and feels like she could eat gods.
  • Binding: By listening to someone's hopes for the future, Jasper can create a token that gives her an ability related to the person/hopes.

Mundane skills:

  • Court Etiquette.
  • Fighting.
  • Being cute.


Regions have intrinsic properties and genres. Together these tell you how to live in tune with the world.

Properties are things that are true, at least if you use them. While Genre reflects what kind of stories the Universe wants to tell there.

Some shrines and places within regions have additional properties.


Genre: Pastoral

  • Honest work will be rewarded, in time.
  • There is a home here for you.
  • Your life will stagnate if you don't reach for your dreams.

Maple Hill

  • Cats go where they please


Genre: Gothic

  • You have something to worry about.
  • Teachers must be delusional obsessive or wicked.
  • Monsters walk among us.
  • Three things must happen then time passes, experienced only in boredom.
  • You must be part of a clique.

Little Island

Genre: Pastoral

  • Things change when they are good and ready, not before.
  • You can never experience the dark.
  • There is blue clear sky, with a sun that shines brightly, the island is well lit.
  • Things show what they are.
  • Lies are left behind.

Temple of Jade Irinka

  • You must keep things in good order.

Big Lake



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