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Knight Improvement by Moremetals

Something something silver knight.

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Silver Knight

Occupation: Hero
Age: 22
Species: Farix.
Real Name: ???

Linked with the Outsiders, /quest/, Silver Knight takes to action what they suggest often believing it to be his best bet at becoming a better knight.

Silver Knight has no bonus Trait.



Occupation: Traveling Paladin
Age: 31
Species: Lesser Giant.
Real Name: Garry Garshnood.

Silver Knights' old knight school buddy Garry help him out when he's in need and does whatever he can to make things easier on the world.

Mercenary in Tera.png


Occupation: Hired gun.
Age: 41
Species: Human.
Real Name: John Woodword.

Hired to kill the king. He takes pride in his aim and overall skill. He's never met Silver Knight though.



Occupation: Corrupted knight.
Age: 92
Species: Corrupted Human.
Real Name: Valideen Hartout.

100% dead now.



The underground kingdom. It spans over a vast area and is marked by a city above ground where only the higher ups of society live.
The Plagued Lands
Land of the world corrupted by the naturally occurring magic of the world. The magic here is so common and unpredictable it corrupts everything it touches. Any who enter here are twisted and malformed when they leave. Their minds changed and their bodies made to move against their will.
A newly forged kingdom rising from the ashes of it's predecessors. This kingdom is home to the Farix and does not welcome other species because of the fragile nature of the kingdom as it stands.
Merely a pile of rubble now. This kingdom was once great but feel to The Plagued Lands like many before it. No one knows the names of the other fallen kingdoms before this one.


Humans. A familiar face in a strange other world. They mysteriously showed up one day without explanation.
Bipedal fox like creatures. Subjected to a life of slavery they were artificially made by a warlord. Now they are free and live in the kingdom of Lirieal.
Need I explain? They live in the mountains mostly. Some travel down to Terra to trade or live there. They stand guard over the high ground looking out for surges in the corrupt magic of The Plagued Lands.
Bunny people
The name is placeholder for now. Original inhabitants of the planet. They know the most about the native plants and herbs. Great doctors frankly.
Monsters of the world. They can be any species in appearance but they are all the same. Malformed beings with one goal, to kill. The creatures whose minds are trapped in these things beg for an end and sometimes can be heard in the heads of warriors who battle them.


Soul Rank
How powerful your soul is. This is essentially the 'Level' system of Knight Improvement. It determines how powerful you can be and how much you can take before you fall like the many before you.
The stat that determines how far you can go in the face of certain doom and still win. The higher this stat the better chance you have of surviving the impossible.
Your physical strength. This is how hard you can hit and how much you can carry.
Your overall health. Affects how likely you are to catch a disease or bleed out.
Only affect how many spells your character can learn and how powerful they are. Each point is one spell.
Crits. That's all this does. It makes you have a random chance to do more damage.