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Herbert vs. Happiness by Herbert

Herbert vs. Happiness is a quest about what seems to be a man named Herbert who is locked inside some kind of ragdoll-like bodysuit. He is trapped in a facility for unknown reasons, with no memory from his life before it, though he seems to fantasize that he's the deposed king of France. He was treated well by the staff until one day they vanished and left him behind to die, so he breaks out of his room. But this soon turns out to be something far different from an asylum or a prison, as the monsters and machinery reveal.

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What appears to be a man trapped in a tight-fitting suit, he's a bit short to be a French monarch. He's somewhat unreliable in his recollections, but is rather friendly. As the story progresses, however, evidence begins to mount that he's not what he initially appears when he accidentally cuts himself and starts bleeding black fluid.

At the end of chapter three, Herbert sustains critical injuries, and Isabel unlocks his suit to reveal the secret of who he really is: (Major spoiler)

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The quest begins with Herbert receiving a doll in his dropchute, who he decides to name friend. Friend is the embodiment of Quest, and is able to talk directly to Herbert when they're touching. In chapter 4, Herbert is incapacitated, and it is revealed that Friend is able to have an influence over Isabel as well, though more indirectly by giving her urges to do the requested actions. Friend is also likely more than it seems, because a monster was injured when it grabbed us.

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Isabel is some kind of dog person Herbert finds locked in a cage in chapter 1. Though she is initially scared of him, she comes to trust him as a close friend. Though it is implied by the facility having been run by humans that whatever she is isn't a normal thing, she is of a different nature than most of the entities here, and was made deathly sick by a chemical that both Herbert and Happiness were unaffected by. Other than being a dog, she seems to be the most normal person in the quest.

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The primary antagonist of chapters 1-3, referred to by suggesters as Happiness because of the quest title, although considering that the logo on everything also says Happiness, this is likely a misnomer. Happiness is some kind of shadow monster that eats heads, and seems to be vulnerable to bright light. After fighting it in chapter 3 it is presumed to be dead, although this is not confirmed.


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