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Hearts Goetia by Marn

A dating quest where the suggesters guide Prince Glasya-Labolas and other demons through Hell's sociopolitical scene, including appearances at court, sending letters to potential love interests, and attending parties he may or may not have been invited to for sinister reasons.

Main Characters


Prince Glasya-Labolas Hethson

The protagonist and player character of Hearts Goetia, one of Princess Eisheth's many children, who hopes to find himself a significant other (or just someone to fool around with). Likes romance novels and getting the dish on Hell's gossip. Dislikes being condescended to or having to throw the weight of his title around when unnecessary. On shaky terms with Jasper due to the events of Chapter 1.


Duke Eligos Bathinson

A prim and proper sort of duke who has a reputation for fooling around with other peoples' servants. Seems bookish until he's not. Definitely not immune to the demonic urge to cause drama in public. Part of Ornias's gossipy tea group, known to be dating Arty's brother Reuben and possibly dating Glas's half-brother Marax. Hates Azza, because they're fighting over the same humans. Insulted Glas at court in Chapter 1, but was quick to send an apology letter.


Lord Jasper Abbadon

A nouveau-riche demon of the court, and one of Glas's and his mother's neighbors. Known chiefly for his exclusive dinner parties in which angel meat is consumed, which is considered a breach of the peace treaty between Heaven and Hell. Probably hasn't been arrested due to conspiring with an angelic diplomat, and snitching on other demons for immunity (per gossip from Camio and Arty). Disliked by Heth. Childhood friend of Ornias.


Duchess Ornias Bathinson

A flighty, dramatic duchess who seems to know all the gossip there is to know. Sweet, with a bit of a sadistic side. Organizer of a weekly tea and gossip group comprised of Eligos, Camio and Murmur, all of whom have been friends since they were young (though Or and Camio seem to be something more than friends). Dating Reuben, possibly fooling around with Satan, and has professed to having a human lover as well. Glas's date in Chapter 2.


Lord Camio Seere

A gruff demon lord who was a servant, then a soldier, before receiving his title. Walks with a cane, and does not like to talk about how either his eye or his leg were injured. A good listener, if not an entirely eloquent conversationalist. Dislikes angels, potentially because of his time spent fighting in the second war with Heaven. Part of Or's gossip group, also known to have a human lover. Begrudgingly tolerates Satan, who has taken an interest in him. Sent Glas his calling card.


Arariel "Arty" St. Cloud

A fun-loving angel bounty hunter who kills demonic war criminals with his brother, Reuben. Disarmingly jovial, with a mechanical eye that appears to be able to zoom in and out, and carries a knife with him (not standard for angels). Knows Ornias's social group by virtue of Reuben dating them, and seems to dislike Jasper immensely. Gave Glas a feather from his wings, which can be used to summon an angel any time, any place.


Duke Murmur Leraje

A cynical, snide sort of demon. Engaged to Glas's half-sibling Marax, before being left at the altar so Marax could go and live as a housecat on Earth. Apparently unendingly bitter about being ditched, and more than willing to take it out on the rest of the Hethsons. Part of Ornias's gossip group. Dated Marax's twin brother Shax for a while, before Shax ran off with Murmur's head servant Andras (who Murmur had also used as a rebound). Apparently close with Azza, or just being seen with him publicly to annoy Eligos.


His Highness King Satan

The king of all demons, a former angel who initiated the first war with Heaven and defected to Hell, along with a handful of other angels who came around to his cause. Generally tolerated by most, by virtue of being the king. Apparently likes wordplay and jokes. Has a tense relationship with the Hethsons due to Heth's brother Tamar (Glas's uncle) attempting to assassinate him once. Possibly fooling around with Ornias, definitely wants to fool around with Camio.


Marquis Shax

Marax's twin, and Glas's half-brother. A chipper demon whose lack of shapeshifting talent has left him with a humanoid form that constantly manifests mouths (all of which have teeth, some of which have tongues). Dating Andras, Murmur's former head servant, who he ran off with after dating Murmur for some time. Lives with his half-sister Xezbeth, and always seems to be at or near the center of some ongoing scandal.


Princess Xezbeth

Shax and Glas's half-sister, an apparently cool-headed demon who seems to have her shit together, for the most part. Doesn't get out much, and keeps a low profile when she does. Has a self-professed "complex" dating situation. Sometimes attends events as Shax's plus one to ensure he doesn't get into any trouble.

Minor Characters


Princess "Heth" Eisheth

Glas's mother, well known in Hell for her many affairs and many, many children. Seems not to bother properly parenting most of them.


Duchess Foxglove

A kitchen servant who married the late Duke Vepar, and came into an impressive amount of money and property when he fell ill and died. Suspected of poisoning him, or otherwise having a hand in his murder.



An angel seen with Murmur in court, who no one seems to notice or remember being in the room (including Glas). Possibly Arty's brother Reuben, who has a glamour that stops people from noticing him (per Arty). Seems to be able to erase memories as well.


Lord Azza

A noble fighting with Eligos over the same pair of humans. Murmur's date in Chapter 2. Old money. Has a sibling.



Murmur's former head servant and post-wedding disaster rebound hookup, now dating Shax. Adept at social climbing (per Camio), and apparently an acquired taste.



A mysterious, shy angel who seems to have it out for Jasper (or perhaps just demons in general).

Rima and FenLinkToBoard.gif

Lady Rima and Marquis Fen

A pair of girlfriends who give Glas directions in Satan's estate, and later appear in the hedge maze at Jasper's party. Rima (on the left) doesn't seem to like angels at all, and is a half-sibling of Glas's.


Prince Marax Hethson

Shax's twin brother, and Murmur's disgraced ex-fiancee, who left Hell to be a housecat on Earth. Glas and Xezbeth's half-sibling. Eligos's date in Chapter 2. Protagonist of Ouija Quest.



An angel who appears at Jasper's party in Chapter 2. Rumored to be either Jasper's head servant, his lover, or possibly an undercover spy Jasper is blackmailing to act as his bodyguard. Invited Glas to the party, for suspicious reasons.

Princess Lotus

Glas's aunt and favorite relative, who helped him move into and organize his own estate. More available than Heth, and very sweet.

Prince Tamar

Glas's uncle. Tried to assassinate Satan once, and is now on magical house arrest. Sends Glas hand-written manifestos in the mail about infiltrating the court and assassinating Satan, who he refers to as the False King. Mails Glas a knife in Chapter 2.


Jasper's mother. Apparently a bit of a recluse. Possibly friends with Heth.

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