First Hand

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First Hand by Allotter

A classical Call of Cthuhlu themed quest set in Nevada during the Great Depression. Notable for most of the first thread being somewhat grubby scan art, as well as having frequent (sometimes hidden) animations.

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Dr. Eric White: An Anglican 'clergyman' with a history he would rather avoid. His interest in the mysteries of this town are primarily those of self-preservation as his predecessor's unexplained and bizarre death my have dark implications as to his own fate.

Claire 'Clara' Parker: A carpenter who's brother Sheriff Parker has disappeared into the local mine in search of answerer. She isn't just going to let him stay down there.

Silus Fields: A frustrated Swiss 'archeologist' who seems quite interested in looting the treasures and power of the city for his own gain.

The Colors: Strange individuals from beyond, color-coded for our convenience. These curious beings seem to manipulate events in the world occurring to the main characters. Are they playing the game or has the game played them?


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