Disappointment Quest

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Disappointment Quest by Psithief

There are multiple quests by this name. For other uses, see Bad End Quest.

A quest by Psithief. Known as Bad End Quest for the first two threads, before it was reinvented to focus less on the main characters' actions and emotional problems. Its new iteration focuses more on directing the characters' actions step by step through the mechanical morass that is D&D 3.5.


Graced with a clear initial goal of achieving the most spectacular bad end possible for the main character, this quest took a slightly surreal turn as the main character proved increasingly violent, immoral, and desperate yet completely failed to get himself rapidly killed. With that goal basically completely discarded, the quest rapidly evolved into the Adventures of Abed the Killer Slut Adventurer, who developed a thin veneer of emotional justification for her actions and eventually teamed up with Versparki, an undead elf who originally wanted to sacrifice her, so that the pair of them could destroy the world together in some kind of twisted pseudo-romantic bonding activity. General activities involved adventuring, pretending not to be horribly evil, and sleeping with gullible elven psionicists.

Presumably because writing that no longer appealed to the author, shortly after the recruitment of a third party member the quest was abruptly reinvented as the mechanics-heavy Disappointment Quest, likely named for the fact that everyone who still read Bad End Quest was shocked and disappointed by the sudden dearth of pornography and need to worry about directing individual actions in combat instead of just getting results. It sputtered along for a while trying to focus on a more standard D&D plotline of solving the mystery of a plague, then stalled out and was put on hiatus.

Player Characters


Name Abed Decimus
Archetypes Warrior (Warblade), Psionicist (Egoist)
Sex ...currently Female
Race Human
Templates Half-Vampire
Alignment Chaotic Evil


Name Versparki Arisha
Archetypes Arcanist (Dread Necromancer), Soulshaper (Incarnate)
Sex Female
Race Wood Elf
Templates Necropolitan, Evolved Undead
Alignment Neutral Evil


Name Boose
Archetypes Warrior (Ranger), Thief (Psychic Rogue)
Sex Male
Race Human
Templates Dark
Alignment Neutral


Name Bazerl
Archetypes Priest (Druid), Soulshaper (Totemist)
Sex Male
Race Mountain Dwarf
Templates Woodling
Alignment Neutral

Non-player Characters

  • Thaae
  • Maldrimir
  • A dragon


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  • Sandbox-type exploration (plundering), with occasional stumbling over plots.

Update Schedule

  • Often once per day.
  • Does not update on Sundays.

Character Ability Scores and Skills

Ability Scores

Ability \ Character Abed Versparki Boose Bazerl
Strength 16 16 14 12
Dexterity 16 12 17 12
Constitution 14 12 18
Intelligence 16 10 16 12
Wisdom 10 16 10 17
Charisma 12 22 8 6


Skill \ Character Abed Versparki Boose Bazerl
Movement Skills
Balance +10 +1 +3 +1
Climb +3 +3 +2 +1
Hide +5 +1 +17 +7
Jump +3 +3 +2 +1
Move Silently +2 +1 +17 +7
Swim +3 +3 +2 +1
Tumble +10 +5
Knowledge Skills
Appraise +3 +0 +6 +1
Spellcraft +2 +4
Psicraft +12
Decipher Script
Arcana +4 +2
Dungeoneering +4 +5
Geography +4 +5
Religion +4 +2
Local +4 +5
Nature +4 +5 +8
The Planes +4
Psionics +10 +5
Perception Skills
Listen +2 +5 +9 +7
Search +3 +2 +12 +1
Spot +2 +5 +9 +7
Social Skills
Bluff +3 +7 -1 -2
Diplomacy +8 +6 -1 -2
Intimidate +1 +6 -1 -2
Sense Motive +0 +3 +2 +3
Miscellaneous Skills
Concentration +11 +13 +10 +11