Dead Dust/Inventory

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Inventory for Dead Dust.

Limits on what you can carry are based on believability and common sense, rather than on a strict size/weight system. Because of this, the system may be slightly biased in favor of carrying more items.

Currently Equipped

  • Hoodie and Jeans - Just some casual clothing.

In Pockets

  • Nothing - Your pockets are empty.

In Penny's Room

  • Jumpsuit – The jumpsuit has two fairly deep front pockets. It may be possible to carry things inside the jumpsuit, albeit at the expense of mobility and comfort.
  • Bronze metal sphere – It rattles when you shake it, but you don't see a way to pry it open easily. There are two thin openings on the top half, and three identical panels on the bottom; their purpose is unclear.
  • Vial with faded label – An empty vial you found in your pocket after waking up with amnesia. The text on the label reads:


PROPER____F T______________NAMICS
UNAUTHOR___D US_________________ITED

  • Flashlight – An ordinary flashlight.
  • Bottled water - A plastic bottle of water, still sealed.
  • Evidence case – A translucent plastic case, marked with a small label that reads "evidence". It contains twelve empty vials, each smaller than a thimble. It used to contain a sample of blood from the floor of the abandoned ice cream shop, but someone at Vesper cleaned it off.
  • Delaney business card – A hard plastic card with a strange glyph of the same sort as seen on the Vesper advertisement. Looking at this glyph causes a holographic advertisement to appear, and tapping it reveals the contact info for a woman named Moira Elgin:


We offer:
- Cheating spouse investigations
- Corporate fraud, theft, and espionage investigations
- Taffa syndrome background investigation and recovery
- Polygraph and voice stress analysis
- Dust scan analysis
- Surveillance
- Memory acquisition and analysis
- Murder investigations
- Body theft investigations
- VIP protection and body guarding
- Covert camera installation
- Rhythmograph installation
- Employee background checks
- Vehicle tracking systems
- Specialized undercover agents
- Service with a smile :)

Offices located at 306B Ablewild block, Gansett Shelf


Equipment Container (currently in Quincy's possession)

  • Dustbender - A handheld tool that vaguely resembles a power drill. According to someone you met in the Concourse customs waiting room, it's a medical and body-modification tool that can edit someone's dust. When the trigger is pulled, electricity begins arcing inside of the transparent cylinder at the nose of the device.
  • Partially-full glass jar – Identical to the glass jar in your pockets, except this one is partially full of a murky, violet liquid. Quincy says this is "stem" taffa, an inactive form that is harmless compared to raw taffa.