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Channel Quest follows Naomi, a green catgirl-ish person journeying across the internets to 4chan.

Major Characters



A green ASCII monk girl, Age 18, Born 2/29 and has a Chan decendency from TGchan. Her skills include high martial arts abilities and a healing factor. Naomi does not specialize in Willpower or Technology, as a trade off. She currently possess the Orb of Infinite Psyche. Naomi is on a mission to visit 4chan's /co/ and possibly /k/ boards in an effort to combat the threat of furfags.



A french anon, Jacques quickly became friends with Naomi after he offered to pay for a hotel room on their way to 4chan. Used to be an incubus according to a flashback. Current abilities are unknown.



A citizen of Mikuchan, Achtel quickly took a liking to Naomi so much that she bought her a new outfit. Her singing irritates Naomi, though.


Chapter 1

We meet Naomi and a frenchman, Jacques. They stay at a hotel, Naomi sneaks a peek at Jacques' butt. Jacques has a bar code tattoo. Naomi handcuffs Jacques to the bed.

Chapter 2

We find out Jacques is on the run. Naomi and Jacques are attacked by furries. Poor frenchie is mortally wounded.

Chapter 3: First Class

Jacques the incubus (as we discover) reminisces while injured. Naomi kicks furry ass, and then has a dream about butt wings and Jacques.

Chapter 4: Music in my ears

Naomi disembarks the hyperlink and enters Mikuchan. Perturbed by all the singing, Naomi runs into Achtel who buys Naomi a cute new outfit. Jacques shows up all better, and they all take flight in a Pelican (the bird). Naomi grabs Jacques' butt.

Chapter 5: Next Stop

The Pelican stops to rest (for two weeks). Our heroes manage to punch a velociraptor in the snout to establish superiority and ride it to /weed/. However, they first stop at a house to help a boy. Darker forces become apparent in the house, but a shotacat attempts to kidnap the boy. The kidnapping is foiled when Naomi delivers a Rider Kick to the cat.


Naomi's appearances Inside the Quest.

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