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Castaway Quest by castaways

There are multiple quests by this name. For other uses, see Castaway Quest (Disambiguation).

The story of people swept up by a mysterious event known simply as the Wave. It follows a group of one hundred(er...ninety-nine) people of varying skills, nations and races. Their one common link being they all remember talking with an entity collectively called the 'angel'. What awaits these survivors? What was the angel? Where the hell are they? These are just a few questions being asked.


Charles Bronson

(as played by New guy0o) A philosophy student now turned camp leader. Charles or 'Charlie' has become something a of a mediator and planner amongst the 99. He seems to be a kind hearted soul that looks out for the group. His talk with the angel consisted of a long discussion over morality and matters of philosophical significance and why humanity was put through an even like the wave.

The Farmer

(unclaimed) A sixty something year old man that seems more with it than most. One of three Farmers that are part of the 99. Hes a salt of the earth type fellow that is filled with knowledge from a bygone age that might prove vital to the survival of the group. No one is entirely sure what his talk with the angel was like.

The Teacher

(unclaimed) A man who seems to have been broken by the wave and the loss of his wife. Charles has managed to convince him into getting back on his feet and to be productive again. How long this will last is anyone's guess.

Andrew Warner

(unclaimed) A former Army Corporal now turned into the groups military man. He managed to kill a hostile wolf-like creature that the group encountered on their first day at the cost of the lives of one of the members of a scouting party.

Franklin Zensy

(Unclaimed) Franklin(Franky) Zensy was an accountant from Boston. A man of few words he's currently in charge of keeping track of the various supplies that the 99 collectively has as well the skill sets available. Though his short snappy sentences may make him seem rather brusque and shallow Franky is a man of deep contemplation and a gentle giant that looks out for his friends.


The group has a collection of goods the managed to bring with them. This collection of assorted materials may very well be the seeds of a new civilization we will have to wait see though...

The main inventory

-Seven good axes

-Several knives of varying sizes and qualities.

-Five hunting riles, one shotgun and Andrew's M-16 each has a box of ammo(fifty rounds)

-Several tarps of varying sizes though, these have mostly been put to water collection use.

-two shovels and a fiberglass handled Hoe

-A dozen or so buckets that can be used to carry water.

-Dozens of sleeping bags and blankets of varying qualities and sizes.

-Books covering a dozen topics including a Koran,Bible(Hebrew and Christian), New age texts, a few on philosophy, A biology textbook and Calculus textbook and several fictional pieces including Twain and Poe.

-Clothes for all seasons most of which is now not all that useful given the rather balmy climate.

-A gallon or so of sunscreen.

-Food and water for everyone for up to two days(three if strictly rationed)

-Sixty or so tents ranging from singles to ones designed for parties. All of these are in use right now.

-Three machetes

-A deck of cards