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This sub-article deals with the chronology of events within AsteroidQuest.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.


A selection of significant events and character births in the Asteroidverse.


Part 1 takes place an unspecified length of time into the future, 185 years after the invention of warp drive (AW).
The Intermission takes place 50 years prior to the events in Part 1, in 135 AW.
Part 2 picks up the morning after the end of Part 1.
Part 3 begins several weeks prior to the events of Parts 1 and 2.
Part 4 picks up where Part 3 leaves off, quickly catches up to events at the end of part 2, and progresses onward.
Polo Quest starts several months after the end of the Intermission.
Three Stripes Intermission begins sometime after the conclusion of the first Intermission, but prior to the start of Polo Quest.
Part 5 picks up several hours after the events of Part 4.
Dating a Murder Neumono picks up immediately where Part 5 left off.

Unnatural Selection

While Unnatural Selection is known to take place within the same universe as AsteroidQuest, the exact year in which it takes place is still unknown. Based on what (potentially unreliable) information we have been able to find, the year is likely at least 82AW.[ref] Further evidence from thread 10 suggests suggests an (hopefully) upper bound in 135AW.[ref][ref]

Thread 15 officially gives the date of April 16th, 131AW for the start of cycle 3119. As of thread 17, the latest documented date in this year is May 22nd.

Thread 17 officially gives the month of February, 135AW for the AsteroidQuest intermission. [TODO: Discussion with Lago is that Feb might be too early in the year for this date to work. Possible retcon pending.]