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Alien Quest by Numbers
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Alien Quest by Numbers follows the adventure of Sul. Noteworthy for its imitation of early computer adventure games, its interface, and crotchbulge.

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Sul a Duran biochemist, awakes finding himself lost in an unknown cave with his belongings missing and multiple voices in his head. His last memory is of trying to rescue his brother Ro from drowning. Sul eventually comes across a small settlement, the inhabitants of which reveal that he is in the Upper Stratum, and more importantly, that his brother is alive and passed through the area recently heading for the surface. Sul is unable to follow his brothers trail however, as a recent conflict has lead to the Worm Tunnel being destroyed. Sul must instead barter with various locals to try and buy passage to the next Stratum...


Sul (Player Character)


Male Duran biochemist hailing from the the surface city of Twilight. Currently suffering from hearing voices in his head and a MIA brother. His sexual orientation is ambiguous to say the least.

Ivan Kalin It (I.K.IT)

Totally honest Ratman trader from the Nyalopethen Stratum. His loud obnoxious personality is just a cover for his actual shrewd, creepy gay personality.


A blue coloured Sheek from the 21st Sapper Regiment. He was one of the soldiers who collapsed the worm tunnel but unfortunately ended up trapped on the wrong side. To make matters worse his tracking device (and uniform) were stolen meaning his comrades have assumed he is KIA. Like Sul he is trying to find a way to the other side of the worm tunnel.


Relaxed Shigan male who stopped by to try and sell some wares, but after discovering the Kengas and Sheek are fighting again, he decided to soon head for home. He kindly offered to give Sul a lift through underwater tunnels to the other side of the Worm tunnel, though rather creepily only agreed to wait around if Sul gave him a massage.

Advisor Croix

A female Kengas trying to care for her sick colleague. She seems to really distressed by the whole situation but copes by spraying menstrual blood all over Sul as he's not as concerned as she thinks he should be.

Plot Summary

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Part 1 bulge

Part 2 dicks


Set in the world of Gava (unconfirmed)



Lizard-looking dwellers of the surface. Sul is one of them. They seem to posses a good respiratory system but are very vunerable to skin diseases. They wear skin tight rubber-like outfits for protection of their delicate skin.

Apparently recovering from some conflict and still in fear of a major epidemic.

(Females pin-up confirms tits.)

Left: Sheek/Sillas Right: ShiganLinkToBoard.gif


A brightly coloured race of four armed insectoids. They're average height is around 5'6''to 6' though the females tend to be bigger and can reach up to 6'3". Their colour is gene determined with shades of blue, brown, green and amber being common, and red being rare.

Shigans (and IKIT) refer to them as Sillias.

The Sheek and Kengas apparently have a long standing feud.

(Also the females don't have tits)


Pale blue skinned race similar in height and appearance to the Duran but with a shorter wiry tail and wider jaw. Due to the recent fighting with the Sheek, and an outbreak of disease, the Kengas Sul encountered are understandably nervous of outsiders.

(Females confirmed for tits.)



Up to 7' tall, the angler-fish people are generally the gentle giants of the cave ecosystem, often engaging in catching cave shrimp and cave fish. Their skin tends to be a mixture of white, blue and green.

(They of course have tits. Just the two of them.)

Units of Measure

Length 1 Ethan = 10 Dethans = 100 Cethans = 1000 Mnethans (for reference Sul is 9 ethans high)

Time 24 Cycles = 1 Day


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

ITQ: [1] [2] [3] [4]





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