Age of Shadows

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Age of Shadows by Aizuchi

After waiting years for her chance, a being of great evil returns to wreak havoc.


Dionaea FelaedriLinkToBoard.gif

Dionaea Felaedri

A creature born out of the collective fears of mankind. Dionaea is effectively immortal, unable to die though it is possible for her to be banished, removed from the realm of the living in any meaningful manner until a proper time shows itself. She is capable of and intends to grow more powerful by devouring the souls of humans, using them to develop more abilities and presence in the world.

Being a magical creature, Dionaea is not actually capable of being harmed by mundane means. Fists would sink through her, as do weapons of any normal build, no matter how heavy or sharp. However, magical equipment--weapons forged from cold iron, spells, or enchanted weaponry--are all very much capable of harming and even banishing her, should she take too great a blow.

Niklaus IrontailLinkToBoard.gif

Niklaus Irontail

Ratfolk noble, last of his lineage and heir to a fortune he's wasted, to the point of facing insurmountable debt at the hands of Duke Furthing and his subordinates. After encountering Dionaea, he's agreed to let her stay at his manor in the town of Kelorus, while she tries to find a way to make his troubles disappear, and gain a reputation with the town's criminal underbelly.

Matthew FurthingLinkToBoard.gif

Duke Matthew Furthing

Lord of nearby Gulradein, uses his position and skills as the Emperor's financial advisor and taxman to wring money out of others, notably Niklaus.

Hans MinamiLinkToBoard.gif

Sir Hans Minami

Ruthless knight, henchman of Duke Furthing. Lost his left eye early in life, and its magic-imbued replacement is rumored to let him see others' "true nature".

Jakob SoftpawLinkToBoard.gif

Jakob Softpaw

Merchant by day and criminal by night, a fat brown-furred Ratfolk in charge of Kelorus' illicit trade.



A red-furred gnoll serving as Jakob's right-hand man, in command of Kelorus' criminal scene and known as the 'muscle' between the two, given his larger size and inclination for cruelty.



A reserved, shy goblin who also goes by "Sosa". Works for Niklaus as a servant. Appears to be controlled by or connected to an unknown force.


Age of Shadows takes place in a medieval-level fantasy world with demonic creatures and magic both available in the land. The sentient creatures are anthropomorphic animals, humans, and elves, and there exist both mages and templars in the setting. Various religions and cults exist throughout the land, some worshiping gods and others worshiping demons not unlike Dionaea.


Dionaea has so far gained the following abilities:

  • Feed: Dionaea can consume the soul of a victim and use it to grow in power. Dionaea must have physical contact with the victim when they die.
  • Shadowblend: Dionaea can turn invisible so long as the observer is not looking for anything out of the ordinary.
  • Permeable: Dionaea is a being of shadow, rather than flesh. Normal weaponry and attacks will sink into her harmlessly.
  • Impersonate: Dionaea can take the form of anyone whose soul she has consumed. Note that this will only assume their naked form, and physical contact will break the illusion.
  • Feral Claws: Dionaea gains sharpened claws capable of injuring and maiming.
  • Spectral Senses: Dionaea can observe the traces of things beyond mortal senses.
  • Speed: Dionaea can move very quickly.
  • Animate Skeleton: Dionaea can animate the fragile skeleton of someone she has slain, causing it to climb out of its meaty shell and serve her.
  • Leap: Dionaea can jump high and far.



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Dionaea has made appearances Inside the Quest. [1] [2] [3]