A Fatal Error Has Occurred

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A Fatal Error Has Occurred by LKing

As usual for these sorts of adventures, you wake up locked in a room with no memories and no idea when, where, who, or even what you are. Information is conveyed at first mostly through text on the terminal (displayed in images) and descriptions of the physical surroundings (displayed through regular text). Later edited stock images are used to show surroundings, overlaid with AI chatter.

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It is January, 4063. Things like neural implants and androids are common and still improving. Androids are not considered on the same level as humans, and are not given the same rights to the point where several characters find it laughable that androids would be allowed on Earth.

So far the story has only taken place at a Rehabilitation Center at 409 Jakki Rd, on an unspecified planet other than Earth. The address has no city, state, or country since they "have not been used on this planet since early 3099".



Louie King

AKA: Product 47713, Master, Alice

Species: Servant Android

Description: Described as "pale, but well-built, as if [they] have been working out but not outside." Otherwise left up to the imagination. Wearing only plain black underwear at the beginning of the story, and eventually puts on a labcoat to cover up.

Personality: Despite the story being told mostly in second person from their perspective, Louie's personality is not entirely up to the viewers. They have been shown to be rational, but slightly panicky. They have some sense of justice and value life (human and AI alike), but they are not unwilling to put aside their morals if put under enough stress.

Bio: (See House)

Fun Fact: Hears the players as voices in their head. Has been shown to refer to them by ID (eg "be0718 was always the inappropriate one, weren't they?")


AKA: No aliases (yet)

Species: Organization and Schedule AI

Description: Lacks a body to describe, not counting Louie's body that she is downloaded into. She has mentioned a preference for maid outfits when simulating a body for herself.

Personality: Loyal and caring, she will put her life on the line for Louie. She believes strongly in androids being lower class than humans out of necessity, and seems to enjoy serving people. She also likes references to 'the classics' such as robots dreaming of electric sheep. Despite her kind, subservient nature, she has a few quirks. She dreams of acquiring a shell for herself specifically so she can wear real maid outfits. She can be savage when her master is threatened (for example suggesting that Louie "gouge at the softer parts of [Dr Munroe's] face" with a spoon when they are cornered in the common area). She is shown to be uncomfortable with people and emotions.

Bio: Her past is currently unknown.

Fun Fact: Even though she dislikes Akane, the two of them have an unspoken mutual agreement not to turn each other in for their thoughtcrimes.


AKA: No aliases (yet)

Species: Motivational AI

Description: Lacks a body to describe, not counting You's body that she is downloaded into.

Personality: Loud and abrasive, Akane is not exactly easy to get along with. Still, she's honest and keeps her word. She's a big fan of making deals. When people are genuinely in need of help she drops her attitude and does what she can for them. Shown to be more comfortable working with people than computers.

Bio: Her past is currently unknown. She used to be good friends with House.

Fun Fact: Geeks out over anything related to space.


AKA: Product 47713, Alice

Species: Servant AI (damaged)

Description: Lacks a body to describe. Their text is different from the others, showing up in slightly-distorted Webdings.

Personality: Similar to Louie, they are logical but prone to panic. Unlike Louie, however, they switch rapidly between the two states. They seem to be in immense pain at all times, adding to their tendency to panic. They are implied to be agreeable enough, considering both Akane and Karen are fond of them and mourn their passing, and they are both excited to hear that House is not completely dead.

Bio: While testing out a new update, House was attacked by a man claiming that making AI more human was a mistake. They proved him right, slightly. As their code was attempting to emulate humanity, they counted themselves as human. This meant that they were able to prioritize their safety over the human's, despite being compliant to the Three Laws system. They compared their worth against the human's, and found that they were worth more overall. They proceeded to kill the man in self-defense. Despite their reasoning for doing so, it was still an android killing a human. The researchers wiped House down to their base code, which they used to make Louie (presumably to find and fix the bug that allowed House to kill a human). However, there were months of House copies being tested and erased before Louie came to be.

Fun Fact: House originally showed up on the selection screen as 'HELPME' in Webdings. Since 'H' in Webdings is represented by a house, that's what they were nicknamed.

Mr Munroe

AKA: Brett Munroe

Species: Human

Description: An older man with brown hair and light stubble.

Personality: Described as 'quite sympathetic to android issues'. He listened closely and sympathized when Louie told him what his husband had done to them, and cares deeply about Louie's safety. Also stated to be friends with Akane. He has a big heart but still has his limits, and was prepared to defend Louie from his husband.

Bio: Husband to Dr Munroe and father of Jess, and involved in android rights politics. He knew House before they got damaged and erased.

Fun Fact: Stupidly rich.


AKA: No aliases (yet)

Species: Human

Description: Young, blonde. Casual be trendy clothing.

Personality: Highly emotional and strong-hearted. She acknowledges that she can be pushy at times, but it comes from her caring nature.

Bio: According to Karen, "Jess is 21 and staying at home so she can focus on her studies. There are no pictures of the [her and Louie] together, but no pictures of any other romantic situations either. She is possibly even more sympathetic to android rights than Mr Munroe, having attended several rallies and protests in favor of android rights. She seems to take pride in the work of both her fathers, although gives no indication that she knows what Dr Munroe is doing. She speaks very highly of Mr Munroe's political activities and ideals, since they line up almost exactly with hers. Unsurprisingly."

Fun Fact: Jess and House were in an illegal relationship.


Dr Munroe

AKA: The doctor, Luke Munroe

Species: Human

Description: A conventionally attractive white man in a white lab coat. Looks like he could be the star of a sitcom about his many, many, many, many failed relationships and not getting any work done. This appearance is, however, quite deceptive.

Personality: Quiet and friendly, his calm masks his ruthless personality.

Bio: Has a family consisting of his husband and a little girl, and keeps pictures of them in his lab.

Fun Fact: Carries a 'stun stick' for problematic androids.

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